Quitting Is For Losers

Everyone has thought about giving up,

Winners propel above the expectations, they don’t depend on luck.

Losers won’t commit to an idea they think deeply about;

Why ask for attention and then get aired out?

Principles are meant to be followed strictly,

Swimming in deep waters makes the land fishy.

Implement, execute and represent reputable causes,

Don’t get caught in the deception of mirages.

The layers of lies most people are trapped in is blinding,

When they look back, their life isn’t worth rewinding.

I have a lot of love for my enemies, but love my family much more,

Unlock your wings, stabilize your core and get ready to sore.

Accountability is a crucial element to the recipe of success,

Actions don’t require a reaction, give the negativity a rest.

Opinions don’t change the world or make an impact,

It’s just a discussion going in circles; we must end that.

The flow of ideas that have plans and actions behind them,

This is what the world perceives as perfect timing.

Many individuals have lost their patience and concentration,

They attend events and parties without receiving an invitation.

Real men don’t depend on a woman for their daily bread,

They only depend on themselves to get fed.

Respect those who respect themselves, who cares about everybody else,

All they care about is disrespect and focus on what’s hazardous to their health.

Acceptance and denial, fine lines between a truthful document and corrupted file,

Distinguish the difference between a genuine expression and a fake smile.

I’m never worried, I stopped rushing and started devouring the finest curry,

Queens possess longevity, these other girls are always in a hurry.

Pulmonary vein and the jugular vein is how I attack,

Attracting the attention like fast cars on a racetrack.

The situation doesn’t matter because I’ll survive any occurrence,

I can keep your life intact like the payment on insurance.


Boss Up

Men are worried about what other men do,

Queens watch your back more than your crew.

I never trust anyone completely,

God is the only entity who can defeat me.

Never do things for money, only to personify a feeling,

Wheeling and dealing before my natural life hits the ceiling.

The grind is for survival, the hustle is for generational wealth,

Something I can give to my kids to empower their health.

Sleeplessness becomes a way of life in the beginning stages,

After the lift off, you can wake up when you please, the energy is contagious.

Peace and love isn’t earned without the presence of chaos,

Most people become engulfed in evil and get lost.

I don’t believe anything people tell me about others,

Because they’re really exposing themselves undercover.

If I can’t build with you then don’t try to come around,

I swear to God if you disrespect me I’ll put you underground.

Living with losses isn’t for bosses,

We embrace the victory no matter what the cost is.

Sometimes I don’t think straight unless I get high;

Medicated off Mary Jane until I die.

I won’t reveal what people choose to tell me,

I don’t sell stories, I’m focused on selling me.

I love the children, prepared to build a better tomorrow,

Too many individuals have no originality, they imitate a style that’s borrowed.

Words have no meaning, unless their action is brought into existence;

That’s why you feel my passion and understand the difference.

I’m getting my weight up, laughing at the hate,

A lot of actors in my face with no pay rate.

If you do something for attention your insecure,

Stop sleepwalking through life, by administrating a blurr.

Whenever I act on a circumstance I’m sure,

I’m one of the baddest men on the planet, the public concurs.

Living To Win

Challenge yourself to empower your health,

Stop getting locked up like a belt.

Invigorating the destitute, setting new writing precedence,

I do my due diligence, to keep my publishing relevant.

The genuine will always say how underrated you are,

Staying underground traveling through tunnels like a car.

Mapping out my entire life on the blank page,

Only three pages of planning for a business to grow and age.

Keep a concise record of how you implement ideas,

Sleep is optimal, but I neglect it to plant seeds like chia.

Six figures is nice but it means nothing to me,

I worked hard to earn my stunting degree.

Most of my acquaintances are praying on my downfall,

I could face any kind of adversity and stand tall.

My book tour will add serious enlightenment to my dome,

But there’s only one place that I can call home.

Message so flexible that it hits every decibel,

I feed you healthy words like green vegetables.

People are comfortable with being lazy,

Put your soul into driving ambition further, and get called crazy.

You’ll never see what I deal with behind the scenes,

Nobody can track me or stop me from completing my dreams.

Entrepreneurial endeavors can be volatile like the weather,

My footsteps break up the ground, but I move lighter than a feather.

Stopping is only meant to be executed in traffic,

I need to keep going to get this cabbage.

I live in the underworld and cherish the underground,

The mainstream stirs up controversy and worships the sound.

I inspire minds, refine time, facilitate my grind;

Decimate swine, age like wine, persevere through any bind.

Most people love the convenience of fast food,

But their marketing teaches you to deceive and be rude.

The Explosion

I let my pen move towards the notion of God’s storm,

Producing words that will keep your heart warm.

Babies are born, lives are murdered as I write this,

Hitting the jugular vein of the spiritless and and lifeless.

Life is what you plan and design to refine time,

I won’t stop for anybody, I only know how to stay on my grind.

Supernatural, superhero tactics, worldly vibrations like a space station;

Orbiting above the visions of the past, present, and future of the entire nation.

International moves only improves the mood I exude,

I have a lot to prove; only know about exceptional manners, screw being rude.

It doesn’t matter what you want for me, because I will accomplish more,

Even if you expect the best for me, I open unseen doors.

All of the hatred, jealousy, and envy only inspires me to work like a slave,

I’m putting my heart into every word until I meet the grave.

Speaking solemnly, creating monopolies, fulfilling my prophecy,

Most people are soft cowards, caught up in the realm of monotony.

People smile in my face with the intentions of trying to finish me,

Worst case scenario: I’m robbing you of your energy.

I’m not acclimated with the fears of being murdered,

I shine brightly, and watch my style explode, I’m a brilliant inserter.

When the world decided to turn their back towards me,

I created stories with deeper meanings of allegory.

Giving up isn’t part of my DNA like the drama king Kay Slay,

I’m only interested in philosophies that lead to a bigger pay.

The hustle cannot be taught, you need to be born with the multiplication of a plot,

I see what you thought, and then tie your body up in a knot.

You can only seize an opportunity that you love and create,

Don’t mistake the genuine nature of others for hate.

I wear out all of my enemies like old clothes and sneakers,

Every day I aspire to dig deeper into the essence of my features.

Living in the fast lane, taking every business transaction seriously,

But I have a sense of humour that makes you think I’m positioned precariously.


She moves gracefully like a ballet dancer,

You have a question; she’ll supply the answer.

The center of attention without making an attempt,

The fiery gates of hell, she’s exempt.

Burned a hole in the equator from the flames she ignites,

If a script needs polishing, they call her for a rewrite.

Adventurous and ready to go on an excursion,

She’s not caught up in senseless diversions.

An aptitude for languages like immersion,

Amputation on the sick like a surgeon.

She enables intelligence, comedy, and confidence,

She lets the sermon commence, understands the value of recompense.

Preparing the world for a bountiful eternity,

School isn’t always about learning, but you earn a degree.

She feels like life is a series of dreams completed,

Gets up and goes harder after being defeated.

I just explained a woman who doesn’t get enough credit,

I speak my mind, I don’t care if you get offended when I said it.

Fakeness isn’t something I promote, I only elevate my clout,

The mainstream hears me, but only the underground knows what I’m about.

Beauty doesn’t signify the centre of goodness like ethics and morality,

Most people are working to earn a salary.

I’d rather design my life, instead of accepting the rules,

Being bad needs balance to be cool.

The best things in life aren’t what’s free,

It’s the beauty of creating what you need to be.

Nothing worth having will stay without working hard,

I’ve been grinding hard and playing my cards.

The deck gets shuffled, but it doesn’t impede my hustle,

Benefiting profusely from my mind that’s supple.

Everyone deserves purified water, food, and shelter,

Sometimes you won’t realize what you’ve had until you felt her.

Here, There, Everywhere

Leaving footprints in the sand by God’s command,

Making a mark on the world that the future will demand.

Completed all of my dreams and made the world a better place,

Exposed societies lies, improved the advancement of the human race.

There’s nothing left on my list of goals,

Awakened the greatness in some of the finest souls.

Taught others to strive for what seemed unreachable,

Showed them they could grab and hold onto what’s reachable.

Most people wake up and run around asleep,

Just because your eyes are open, doesn’t mean you’re on fleek.

I won’t be forgotten, I will be remembered like the coldest month in December,

They will celebrate my born day like a ritual in November.

Changing the beats of people’s hearts into vitality,

They didn’t want me to shine, but I made the spotlight my reality.

Even when I tried my best, I asked myself for more,

I pushed myself back up, depended on the strength of my core.

A sense of purpose is only found in your deepest passion,

It will open up other doors to unsullied actions.

Belief is only the first step up the mountain of truth,

Actions are consistent, positive habits that provide the proof.

Asking for forgiveness every day, trying to improve every second,

Showing less than what I have, even when I’m flexing.

There’s nothing that I can’t go out and get,

And believe me: you can do it too if you unwrap your gift.

Pass through the fire to see the beauty of heaven,

I feel like I’m an hour away from the following day like eleven.

Being accountable for your own actions is how to thrive;

Plunge into the deepest water’s, take the dive.

Challenges present more obstacles, and they build integrity,

Money means more options to leave an indelible legacy.

I’m a proud Canadian who has a presence from Japan to Germany,

Satan knocks on my door, but he isn’t burning me.


Winning doesn’t require luck, it takes discipline,

Resting for a brief period, then I’m at it again.

All night sessions on the blank page creating brilliance,

Secure and sure of myself, the highest form of resilience.

Independence is an attribute that dominates,

Stop falling for myths the media propagates.

I put my heart and soul into every word, but I ask for more;

Working hard doesn’t seem like enough to soar.

Planning a dynasty that my persistence is built for,

The repetitions don’t stop, sweat is dripping from my pores.

Forever focused, my devotion to writing is unwavering,

Breaking through the unseen like water with flavoring.

Showing up early to appointments, trying to invest,

I treat hours like the minutes are about to be compressed.

Waking up before the sun rises, admiring the moon;

A butterfly whose waiting to burst out of its cocoon.

I’m surpassing those who are at the top of the food chain,

I don’t care about the credit, money or fame.

Do what you love to help other’s succeed,

Reconcile disagreements between believers and intercede.

Taking no for an answer is giving up before you started,

Set sail on a destination or leave your ship departed.

No sleep is what I’m aware of every week,

Working around the clock is the only way to reach my peak.

Pushing myself harder everyday like I won’t win,

But I’m guaranteed success like the Japanese yen.

My eyelids are heavy like the weight of the world,

I won’t let them shut, I’m
doing it all for my babygirl.

The spark is activated, making the miserable exasperated,

I have the entire planet captivated like the evidence to an affidavit.

The chill button doesn’t exist,

Blessings are sometimes disguised in the mist.

Almost There

Less than a mile away from my destination,

Obstacles get thrown in the way, but can’t handle my penetration.

Travelling through the sojourn of life is a tough road,

But don’t give up on your dreams, I stick to the street code.

You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for,

When it rains it pours, I’m concentrated on opening new doors.

No time for negativity, gossip, chilling or back biting,

I treat the pen like a sword and keep on slicing.

Higher than the stars, moving faster than luxury car’s,

I’m colder than Pluto and out of this world like Mars.

The universe keeps calling my name; telling me to rise up,

Working out like it’s my last session to get my size up.

Men and women playing games should be ashamed,

Truthfully, they’re lost in the depression of their pain.

I love the rain, grey skies, and clouds that give me energy,

When sunny day’s come, I’m on a flight like an itinerary.

Predisposed precision that has a punctual inner-vision,

Defeating my enemies, conquering the world on my mission.

Revamping my failures, staying true to myself,

Cut from a cloth that only brings in wealth.

I know where to look and find the best connections;

Surpassing the majority, providing the believers direction.

People cut me off when I speak, they aren’t hearing me,

Deeply fearful of the rarity in my words that show clarity.

Wonderful things happen from a positive mindset,

Every book, poem, and short story I write is timeless.

Dictating and dominating the underground, and impacting the mainstream,

I chase hard after everyone of my dreams to get this cream.

Love never dies if it’s a genuine feeling,

Drop the lure in the water, focus on what you’re reeling.

The tongue is the strongest muscle, the mind is the strongest action,

Mathematical with my marketing campaign like a fraction.

Zoned In

Even the cleanest women love a thug’s narrative,

I’m one of the baddest men on the earth, it’s imperative.

I don’t waste a word, sentence, paragraph, or chapter,

Deviating away from all of the common factors.

Life needs to be learned, so you can earn and boss up,

The winning route means you need to get your losses up.

But once you break the threshold, the rain starts to pour,

Grinding hard for more, and I’m not talking about a book tour.

The incarcerated and deceased inspire me to produce,

Pushing buttons, writing, balling, shooting, moving and getting loose.

The connections I have cross boarders and dominate continents,

We are all under the creator’s divine providence.

How could you decide to go against me?

All it accomplishes is your life being pushed back a century.

It’s Beezy Season, which is fresher than spring cleaning,

Scotian Breeze is a lifestyle movement with infinite meaning.

Eating nutritious, going in deep on the calisthenics,

Improving my aesthetic, thriving off energy that’s kinetic.

You can hear, feel, see, and smell the essence of fitness health,

Majority of these women are out here killing themselves.

I’m here to change the destruction into formidable production,

The rarity of my breed is like a volcanic eruption.

I don’t fall for sexual seduction, I know how to function,

Hitting the high way, you won’t catch me in the junction.

Once the traffic comes I ponder the greatest story ideas,

I leave you with an aftertaste of sweetness like sangria.

Third eye is locked on the prize until my demise,

I don’t care about the past, have no need to despise.

Ridicule only makes you look like a fool,

I’m fresh like the cleanest pool, carrying the province on my back like a mule.

Are you going to stay shallow or jump in the deep end?

A leap of faith will cause you to lose most of your family and friends.

Perpetual Hunger

I used to have people around that were trying to hold me back,

I write gold, God has my back, I distribute words like crack.

Losing friends and family members told me I was doing what’s right,

I give the blind sight, unreachable being whose catching a flight.

Passion takes courage, charisma, patience, and consistency,

I took a different path from a wondrous epiphany.

Molding my writing into the most inspiring words,

Every day I grind harder, the world thinks it’s absurd.

I’m told to slowdown, take a rest and get comfortable,

Hunger has an appetite that’s insatiable.

Moving fast, born to last like the transactions of cash;

Exposing the fraudulent and breaking you out like a rash.

One look in your eye’s tells me that your trash,

Only the true hustlers will understand my path.

Losing sleep just to eat and push out stories,

I owe everything to God and his powerful glory.

Faith is what makes dreams come true,

I’m higher than the sky that’s blue.

Looking down on the competition, arrogance and haters,

You might be great, but I’m greater.

Rectify the worst situations, create innumerable innovations,

Start something and go hard like the downfall of precipitation.

Learn how to barter, understand the charter,

Live like a saint with the heart of a martyr.

The largest simplicity is the eloquence of speech,

The complexity is the purpose you teach.

I’m much different than the average, the other side of me is a savage,

You need to comprehend and sacrifice a lot to live lavish.

Peace is what I worship and live under,

My footsteps are crashing down on the earth like thunder.

Security guards aren’t needed, the creation of my future is superseded,

I work until my energy levels are depleted, making other authors look egregious.