Top Commander

Success is only measured by happiness and bliss,

Captivated and smitten by your luscious kiss.

Sometimes we argue over silly incidents,

I never set out to hurt your temperament.

Transcendence is deep within the triumph of the human spirit,

Special genetic coding rest in the retina; visions are apparent.

My destiny excites me, taking over the publishing industry by storm,

I’m up at 3:00AM writing the next bestselling novel, you have been warned.

The devil whispers passages of evil, they are eradicated and ignored,

Always look ahead, don’t revert back to what you did before.

The present preserves the brilliance of your enlightened future,

Consistently swerving through all of the non-sense, I won’t be stopped by a trooper.

Verbally murdering authors every single time words are written,

The bodies are disposed in the dark, they are completely missing.

I’ve been homeless from sleeping in apartment lobbies to park benches,

Straight to the top is my prerogative, I’m rising directly out of the trenches.

When the stress hits my mental, I amalgamate all of my problems into goodness,

The flow I create has a heavenly appeal; it’s the antithesis of hood rich.

These novels are pure magic, they leave the women’s panties soaked,

Always believed in myself, I never possessed a single doubt.

The False Reality Of Martin will hold the number one spot for 17 consecutive weeks,

The stream-of-consciousness is captivating, compelling and utterly unique.

Millions of copies sold digitally is the first step in the direct direction,

Then they will proliferate when the paperback is released and promoted to perfection.

These prophecies are clear images stored in my subconscious,

The most high has instilled me with a holy spirit that’s responsive.

Research consumes the majority of my time, the grind has me exhausted,

Knowledge is applied, the wisdom provides a transformation like a prophet.

Happy people execute visions for the cause, instead of the effect,

Influence the network you create, aim to genuinely connect.

Self-control is a mastery that breeds discipline and determination,

The only path I’m on is the purity of devoted elevation.






The power we posess is an eternal wave,

A tough road to pave, energy that will exist after the grave.

Stand up and stand out is the only motive,

This literary grind is certainly explosive.

The False Reality Of Martin will sell millions of copies on a digital scale,

The paperbacks will proliferate and be translated; no time to fail.

Securing the number one spot for months is guaranteed,

Ladies Prism will follow, sick with the pen, come catch my disease.

Underlying resistance only empowers the state of my existence;

Comparisons are for the insecure, just appreciate the difference.

Two novels competing with each other for the top spot,

The race will make history; addictive characters and plot.

Treasure Words Publishing will disrupt the industry by storm,

Covers captivating, books distributed in the finest form.

There’s no reason to follow trends, go and create them,

Be what nobody expects of you, never debate sins.

Shine brighter than the prior day and expect setbacks,

Elevate higher, clear visions navigate on the best maps.

Strike with the sword in battle, hit your target,

The goals you set an hour ago, aim to enlarge it.

Unprecedented ground is only touched by a dreamer,

Close your eyes, invest in yourself, be certain of your demeanor.

Accept mistakes, move forward, apply pressure and laugh,

Surefire tactics to consistently keep your foot on the gas.

Flawless drive, monstrous ambition and insurmountable determination,

Black, Indigenous and Hispanic communities don’t deserve gentrification.

Verbally murdering authors, this is the process of elimination,

My Nubian Queen and I are on the plane to international destinations.

Time travel is a daily occurrence; a Godly demonstration,

Praying and working hard towards capturing eternal salvation.

These words nourish the soul; divine penetration,

Only writing for the height of the world’s edification. 

Back On My Horse

The grind has been accelerated, the hustle is celebrated,

Always thinking about the future, most tasks are delegated.

Impeccable sales funnel, launching my books off like a rocket,

The sales will skyrocket out of this world, nobody can stop it.

Work hard or lie down to a world full of missed opportunities,

Focused on strengthening relationships in entrenched communities.

We need to stick together, the essence of credibility,

Consistency is the key to gain traction and financial stability.

Decisions can be controlled, pride is much weaker than humility,

Happiness is a profound ability to attract great minds in any facility.

When the lights dissipate, the spirit and mind must integrate,

Direct with every response, cowards love to insinuate.

Character speaks volumes, but most fall for a pretty face,

Appearances aren’t the truth, manipulation is a disgrace.

The cyclical notion of this vicious system is an ill tradition,

Go out and get what you deserve, stop asking for permission.

Domination over the nation is granted by Jesus Christ,

Only wishing the best for others; more success and life.

Power is defined by love given and received,

Purchasing power creates options, it teaches people to believe.

Land and property are investments for a brighter future,

If I please, I can lay a beat down like a producer.

Taking my respect, capitalizing off every prospect,

Stand tall under any circumstances, I’ve been a promise and a threat.

My Nubian Queen motivates and inspires me to work smarter,

She’s my muse when I’m down and out, I grow larger.

She’s the one for me and nothing will change that,

I will always believe in us; that’s a fact.

Promises won’t be broken, but the mold will,

Independence is the motive, time to kill.

The bottom is too crowded, the top has a nicer view,

Read in-between the lines, listen to what I’m telling you.

Brand Identity

Every brand has an identity, some stand out more than others, and I will explain why.

The logo is only regarded as the skin of your brand. What truly defines brand identity is the slogan that explains the essence of your brand.

Nike has a slogan that isn’t only known globally, but it’s a catchy phrase anyone can apply to their life: “Just Do It”.

Elegance is the backbone of a slogan.

Enrapture the consumer with words they can either relate to or apply. Anything that causes them to take action.

The most successful slogans are ones that embrace change, since change is our only constant in life.

Those who know you will purchase a product or service because they like you. But what will you do with those consumers who know nothing about?

How do you reel them in to become existing customers?

The answer isn’t as simplistic as it sounds: create an identity that builds an infrastructure for a solidified action that will change the consumers lifestyle in a positive manner.

The first sentence of your about page must be engaging. This is the only opportunity you conceive to turn a person into an existing customer.

Every word after the first sentence must build upon the entity you have created.

Show the consumer what sets you apart from other brands in your niche. Give them a definitive “why” they should invest their time and money with you, as opposed to another brand.

Creative copy can easily be the death of your brand. Write something that a seven year old could easily comprehend.

Allow someone who knows nothing about your brand, to enter into a world they feel like they are welcomed in, and can express themselves freely.

Brand identity is what leads to purchases and referral marketing, which is the most effective form of marketing on the planet.



Target The Consumer

The world wide web, has given us access to a plethora of methods to target the consumer. We have platforms such as: social media, message boards, blogs, and webinars.

There’s no reason to hire someone to reach consumers.

We have all of the resources to facilitate sales. Simply understanding the diversity of your demographic is the first step towards engaging the consumer.

You must know the age range, what they are interested in, what websites and social media platforms they like to use online, income level, and most importantly, learn they are qualified to purchase the product or service you are selling.

Any continent, nation, or territory can be reached with a simple hello. Independence has never been easier.

Entrepreneurs can enter any marketplace at any given second by reaching out to connect.

There’s nothing stopping you from being internationally known. Put your foot on the gas, develop the drive, and comprehend the direction.

The entire world is waiting for you to corner the marketplace in various niches. Do the gritty research with unwavering faith.

Produce a marketing strategy that will reveal your greatness to the world.

The time is now.



Her spirit becomes mine, flows smoothly inside me,

Her heavenly laugh is what truly defines me.

The unexpected is what you should expect frequently,

Privacy means the world to me, moving around secretly.

Taking her on expensive trips to Vienna, eating grits in Atlanta,

We won’t be torn apart by lies, gifts don’t come from Santa.

We’re in love for a living that’s a given,

Making Godly decisions, fueled from our inner-visions.

The moves we make are benefiting people who procrastinate from indecision,

Destroying division, with wisdom that has sharp precision.

I knew she was the one the first night we met,

Insecure people perceive us a solid threat.

Only striving to be the best, truly blessed,

Mastering self is how we engage in the highest intellect.

Protected by God’s armor, only immersed in good karma,

Planting seeds in minds, reaping my crops like a farmer.

She’s my muse, helping me build every brand up higher,

Her touch is more beautiful than what you see on a canvas from an art supplier.

Only honorable people around me, the team is consolidated,

Presidential character, the culture had me inaugurated.

Family man, only trying to impress my future wife and children,

She had her doubts, but could never deny the feelings.

Futuristic flow, only trying to grow, will annihilate any foe,

Even when success hits publicly; we’re still about to blow.

Fame is a useless resource, only into shrewd business,

Never creating a business for a dollar; God is my witness.

Always been outspoken, telling people how it is,

Pushing beyond limits, something has got to give.

I’ve been crazy, going over people’s heads every day,

Producing a God given gift, so I will live my way.

Quit smoking, she showed me a whole new perspective,

Ahead of my time, so you need to catch up to the objective.


Enthusiastic, the growth is rapid, moves are drastic,

My style is fantastic, the code I cracked it.

Residuals are critical, produce the reciprocal,

Increasing my wealth, the imagination is biblical.

Logically only creating unprecedented commodities,

Done with poverty, poetic anthologies of anthropology.

Absorb my philosophy, the future isn’t shocking me,

Levitating above mediocrity, there’s nobody stopping me.

Exposing all of the propaganda, I’m the top commander,

The overlord of the publishing industry, I have the answer.

Stopped being overlooked, every date is booked,

Kill what you eat before its cooked.

Serving a purpose, these words have a sovereign hand,

Imperialism made foul commands, time to take back our land.

Prophetic revelations strengthen relations, destroying segregation,

Running the smoothest operation, the objective is to take over the nation.

Get tested, become respected and you’re well rested,

Truly motivated when I was rejected, my assets are protected.

Kindred spirits encapsulate a brighter tomorrow, trampling down sorrow,

Moving around honorably, raised with morals.

People only speaking about the past don’t belong in my future,

The worst case scenario, I’ll be the stabber or the shooter.

Enthusiasm is what I exude, locked in on what’s true,

Love is what helps you invest in the grimiest crew.

Everyone has a story to tell so make it captivating,

Enemies smile in my face, shake my hand, never stopping what I’m creating.

Going harder every second, becoming closer to God,

It doesn’t matter how real I am, I’ll still be called a fraud.

Embrace the breeze; the Scotian essence leaves everyone appeased,

Everything I create is luxurious quality; professionalism develops intrigue.

Love is faith, supplication and the ability that guides me,

Focused on constant elevation, the movement is lively.

Her spirit becomes mine, flows smoothly inside me,

Her heavenly laugh is what truly defines me.

The unexpected is what you should expect frequently,

Privacy means the world to me, moving around secretly.


The artistry within the clouds is a divine pattern,

Living on another planet, defying gravity like Saturn.

Rain descends upon me, cleansing my soul,

The internal organs of each word glitters more than gold.

The coolest person in the nation, possessing patience,
Having only one wish means you are becoming complacent.

Meeting queens from all around the world, I’ve been international,

Strategic preparation, implementing moves that are tactical.

Dropping jewels, shining more than a jewelry store,

Choosing which countries to tour in; words dripping from your pores.

The street life has an expiration date, used to think it was my fate,

Appointments are always punctual, ahead of every date.

Have a Nubian Queen who will love me unconditionally,

Representing a more powerful movement, rewriting history.

Wishing on a star, making the unthinkable occur,

Life is fantastic, only executing what I prefer.

All in or take nothing, focused on making more than something,

The truth is what I love, you won’t see me bluffing.

Investing in real estate, overseeing assets,

Owning land, businesses, and writing literary classics.

Every startup is a rocky start, shooting for the moon,

Passion, discipline and work ethic is part of my platoon.

Writing scripts and turning my novels into movies,

Commercial success is attained from soing me.

The underground novelist bringing the best people together,

Every second is a hustle to change and get better.

Still broke but will make money in my sleep very soon,

The digital marketing will be more popular than a cartoon.

Never cared about attracting the local scene,

They will come to me, my vision is clear and keen.

Scotian Breeze Apparel, the fleece connection will make millions,

Ethereal, relatable spectacular feelings.


Releasing my pain, exterminating the devils trickery,

Never cared about the next woman wanting to get with me.

Kept my eyes on one woman, it changed my life immensely,

Having the right queen behind you will keep you out of the penitentiary.

Showing the world a path they haven’t seen before,

Capitalized off a world book tour, penetrated the earth’s core.

Filling the air with joy, goodness, peace, prosperity and hope,

Look deep within yourself and realize there’s no doubts.

Made mistakes but they were never fatal,

Fixed my flaws, so we could have a baby in the cradle.

Faith is unwavering, knew she was the one from our first kiss,

Even before that there was no way I could miss.

Coming out on top was always a thought greatly fought,

Listened closely, absorbed the lessons I was taught.

Entrepreneurs create their own hustle, the mark of independence,

Every word you read is the quintessence of transcendence.

Mansions were bought out completely, only the devil is beneath me,

Integrity runs through my veins, you won’t win being sneaky.

Living in joy and abundance, had plenty of unsuccessful years,

Made nothing for months, the depths of economic despair.

Giving the world a greater vision, believers are benefitting,

Aiming for the target, hitting every time with precision.

Constantly on the move, embracing pain and change,

Painting a perfect picture that deserves to be framed.

Every good name will be slandered, especially when you have manners,

Social proof comes from reviews and professionally designed banners.

Mastering art is a sojourn created for a Godly sensation,

Sending out an invitation, come and have a celebration.

The past only made me improve, never stuck in a groove,

Every time I look around all I see is food.

People act funny around me, angry that God crowned me,

Even during the darkest times I truly found me.


Back when I didn’t have a job or any cash to my name,

She held me down, believed in my dreams–a real dame.

Murdering author’s every time my pen touches paper,

Prepared to die, everyone is destined to meet our maker.

Worked more in my sleep than while I was awake,

Taking a break from the world provided a sublime escape.

Soon I’ll be collecting more figures asleep than when I’m awake,

Every word adds more fuel and prosperity to my fate.

Dead serious about this path I’ve decided to take,

Entrepreneurial spirit within my soul, moving at a faster pace.

Learning from every mistake, there’s still a lot more to make,

Concentrated on building for my family, purchasing a mansion by the lake.

Determined to make my Nubian Queen my wife,

She’s the ultimate wealth provided in my life.

Went from having no money to millions of dollars invested,

She remained committed and loyal through it all; our bond is eternal and intrepid.

Once let negative thoughts consume me, they tried to ruin me,

But God said: you won’t win him over, he has to pass through me.

The holy spirit will take advantage and ensure advancement,

Every aspect of life will pursue vast enhancement.

The gift to gab and write motivational sermons,

Its never been about money, but I’m constantly earning.

Someone always wants your spot, be thankful for your position,

Always thinking something great will happen, the depth of my intuition.

Growing regardless of what my enemies scheme and plot,

Saw my life taken away by making the wrong turn, it only took one shot.

Taking care of every bill, she won’t have to pay a dime,

She was always patient with me, knew I was destined to shine.

Only buying what I can afford, working so nothing is out of my price range,

Our feelings only grow stronger, ready to adapt to any change.

Optimistic about the arc of great things coming for us,

Placing all of our hope, faith, and compassion in God we trust.

Pretty babies come in all different shades and colors,

We need to cherish the role of every mother.

Plenty of enemies, very few allies on my side,

Focused on larger thoughts in every stride.