Victory Isn’t An Option

Be ready to pay the price for victory

It’s not an option if you understand your history

Getting inspired by my own energy

Collaborations of the finest kind, creating synergy

Teamwork builds themes and influences dreams

Life requires specific balance like a beam

Dexterity not so ordinary–writing words sweeter than berries

I plan on owning a lingerie company more popular than Fred Perry

Moving forward, reflecting back, gripping racks

I receive the money in abundant sacks, that’s a fact

Scotian Breeze is a movement sent directly from heaven

Every hour is like a new day, I’m skipping past eleven

My rhymes are analyzed so deeply, most don’t know how to treat me

I’m running my own business, nobody can mistreat me

Bosses earn respect and run multiple committees

Real pretty, dominating the city, unbelievably witty

Laughing on the inside when others aren’t, so optimistic

I’m feeling great right now, targeting what’s flourishing and specific

Reaching new fans everyday that are overseas grinding

The mathematical formula is sweeter than a cake mix combining

I said I’m sweet twice because that’s the tender side

But the other will make bodies disappear and glide

Peace is the easiest way to keep a business afloat

Don’t expect to be warm with no coat

Treasure Words, Stack Figures is a publishing sensation

I lead by demonstration, I have a heart warming salutation

I feel like Nas when he performed If I Rule The World

Sedition, nurturing a new position like I found a new girl

The streets is what I listen to and I find the proof

Better think twice about what you want, before you shoot

Don’t worry about what I’m doing, just focus on yourself

How do you expect to advance without gaining knowledge-of-self?



Paying for shares, comments, subscriber’s, likes and follows is useless

Who cares about bots increasing numbers–it’s just stupid

Build your empire from the ground up

I’m the only one wearing the crown, yup

A world without jealousy is the one I love

I’m feeling like TLC, I don’t want no scrub

I’m past watching the women pass through the block

I got the models on lock, they surround my essence, thats real talk

President and CEO of the Scotian Breeze movement

Ladies Prism is only bound to show enormous improvement

The most unique author, the heart beat starter

My poetry lights up your life; a true saint not a martyr

Novels depicting a narrative so visceral and captivating

Every time I write a verse, I see more money activating

Freak of nature like a tornado erupting

If it doesn’t make dollars and sense, then I ain’t discussing

Palpable intonation, let’s have an all night celebration

I don’t respond to indignation, resisting the perils of temptation

Crackheads on the corner trying to hustle stolen clothes

Fiends addicted to the next hit, they can’t stand on their toes

My team are the heavy hitters, the following is larger than Twitter

Y’all need babysitters cause your acting so bitter

Inventing a fresh beginning, better believe I’m winning

I laugh at the devil, when I see him grinning

The grimy ways have become habitual

Officially bad queens with the Prada and Kors are my ritual

She needs to be a go-getter, infinite trend setter

Diabolical but too clever, so she knows better

Everyone is talking on the streets, she never stops watching

When you execute transactions, make sure you know who’s copping

A broken beer bottle ricocheted off the concrete

Just a clear sign; that my time is beyond reach

Scotian Breeze Is The Movement, Treasure Words, Collect Figures Is The Company

The only time you will ever read my prose on this blog; excluding any novels, short-stories, plays or scripts I plan on writing in the near future. Remember, this is a gift for mankind. I write to uplift the people’s spirits and show them a way out of the struggle. The streets made me the man I am today, but having a foundation to invest into and trust is an authentic jewel–otherwise known as the nuclear family. I don’t write for money, nor do I worry about materialistic things. Yet, what a hobby taken seriously can accomplish is diabolical and utterly astronomical. The stars aligned, the full moon sent me a message from the heavens resting graciously above us. Langston Hughes, Leo Tolstoy, William Shakespeare appeared in my dreams multiple times. They gave me light, shared their follies, and most importantly inspired me to keep it up. I was told the literary world hasn’t seen someone this versatile or gritty, who can decompress sentences into unadulterated humor, love, bliss, envy, jealousy, philosophy, and solace. Today marks the day of an epiphany: similar to what Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel had when creating the Flamingo. The only difference is I will live and carry on with honor, decorum, integrity, ethics and grace. Assembling my dynasty piece by piece. Promoters, Editors, my own distribution deal. And most importantly: get an office space. Invest in yourself before its too late.

Scotian Breeze is the movement, you know I move smooth and unseen like the wind. Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the company, committee, organization, enterprise and dynasty. Coming from all angles, directly for the jugular. I’m the plug, no connects needed. I love all my fans and truly appreciate your support. I hit overseas distance awhile ago. I’m worldwide, baby. Mr. International Hustler.

Writing Is My Life

To put it plain and simple, sexier than dimples

Writing is my life, popping careers like pimples

Ladies Prism may arrive this year, if not early 2016

A romance novel so captivating and dirty, but read clean

I possess more authority than the port, you won’t extort

I have a vicious cohort that gets uglier than any wart

The delivery is the epitome of living free

Writing flames so hot; they burn more than the fourth degree

Demons are alluring and deceiving, evil is what their retrieving

They have too many lost souls believing

I’m severing the limbs and decapitating the horns

Cowards blow through more jobs than porn

I used to carry around a knife on my right side

I was ready to stab until the light flies

I never had to carry a strap but knew where to grip a piece

Barking dogs say the least, too busy begging for inner-peace

I’ve been celibate for two years because I’m focused on the paper

Most men won’t spend time with a woman, they want to take her

Lost many friends, cause man hates and fear what they don’t understand

Destined to have property overseas, constantly gaining the upper-hand

A one man army, with dead soldiers behind my femur

Saying I changed my demeanor, but I only became cleaner

The funniest notion is people treat you like an animal

Recognize your purpose and every dream becomes tangible

Passion and money behind each word–this is what I live for

When I’m exercising I never forget the legs or core

I’ve only stated facts on the page that many were blind to

Cross me, and no soul will ever find you

A fantastic magician maneuvering into a new edition

The transition breeds erudition like a signature on a petition

My pen is supremely intense, it has insurmountable defence

Overpowering offence, the attack has no remorse but will repent

The Transformation

Don’t disturb me or try to offend me

I have killers behind me, who will make sure you lose your memories

If you want war then don’t start with me

Your body will be found months later in an abandoned property

I’m trying to turn this last one-hundred dollars into a rack

My words have nutritional value, I’m bringing health back

Born for the riches and lived through the struggle

These other writers better retire, cause I’m ready to bubble

The way I write is like travelling through time

I give readers a contemporary freshness, with a classical grind

Hand outs are over, I’d rather be driving a Range Rover

I exude more colours than autumn in October

Mistakes are bound to happen from shortcomings

Prophetic parables, I ball so hard I got the court running

I’ve been told I’m reckless, crazy, cold and ruthless

Sheep’s talking guns, but only have a camera to shoot this

Representing the truth in a monstrous fashion

Gifted, passionate, valuable and cherished like God’s traction

I don’t have swagger, just a naturally, mind-blowing essence

My pen is on another planet, defining the quintessence

Orbiting around these jokesters, fiends, and liars

They will never touch what I require

Optimistic, dangerously specific, have every human spirit lifted

Took the affluent road, you turned off and missed it

Enemies always show me respect and act like friends

Truthfully, they want to take what I earn until the end

Turning negative energy into a positive reality

I earn my own bread, I knew I wasn’t meant for a wage or salary

I keep to myself so I can focus on accumulating wealth

Knowledge, wisdom, understanding and money is what makes me stealth

Treating book sales like drug deals, writing verses to heal

Life is disheartening when you don’t know about your next meal


The clearer visions become the more I analyze

I’m creating a monumental site that haters want to vandalize

I tell them to line up and start waiting

They won’t exit the line, their world is breaking

Earnestness and calmness of mind propelled my tactics

In order for real change to develop, you need to be drastic

Flowing like Lake Superior, I have a witty interior

I’m too clever to be played, far from inferior

Fixated on the winning team, ready to stunt

I don’t mean any disrespect, but I see a lot of runts

Before I took writing seriously I was on the streets

The grams were moving, sold a few pills every other week

Held a night job down throughout the hustle

Kept in a meditative state like Russell

The money was beginning to look like a mountain

But I threw it all away like it was a free fountain

Invest time in making yourself the best possible person

Even when your dead tired, continue working

I’m just sharing a couple tips on how to become dead rich

Knowledge-of-self, study history, make life your bitch

Take control of what is meant to happen

The rest is left under God’s traction

This digital era lacks humility and privacy

I maintain my mysterious nature, no birds are conniving me

Filter dialect, know what holds truth and faith

My style is more valuable than what’s inside any safe

Sliding smoothly under the scope of detection

Being lost is inevitable, just make sure to value new direction

Evolve into an unknown form, shocking mankind

The stellar originality will be more explosive than land mines

Harness power by accepting sole responsibility

I grow at a rate more rapid than fertility

Fruitful Future

I’m sure of what will come into fruition

Standing tall, empowering myself off impeccable intuition

Mistakes are made no matter who you are

It’s as common as golfing on par

There isn’t a single soul who defines perfection

I know many who are fearful of their own reflection

I can steal any heart, place the beat in park

A wolf ready to eat, swimming with the sharks

Eating up these words like shrimp fried rice

I’m not a gambling man but I roll the dice

A celestial appearance possessing worldwide security clearance

I’m skipping steps to beat down all the interference

Dead bottom on the food chain straight to the top

Sirens were ringing ferociously like a cop

A mechanical tendency shouldn’t be a dependency

Execute natural actions, so imposters are offended, see?

I’m living in a beacon of peace like eternal life

But I switch up instantly when afflicted with strife

Every night I count my blessings and study the stars

What I write is out of this world like mars

Shipping products overseas obtaining keys

I spread out everywhere like fleas

Tactful, appreciative and gracious for having gifts

Readers are lost in my rapture like guitar rifts

Novels, poetry, ghostwriting and scripts

The surefire way to stack my chips

Once my pen touches paper I disappear like vapour

Victims complain constantly–there isn’t anything faker

My bread is rising in the oven like a baker

But I’d rather eat cake and obey our maker

Victory costs more than a pretty penny

If you don’t believe me, ask Papoose and Remy


Training And Gaining

Training my mind, elevating my grind

Working on an infinite clock like father time

The momentum is shifting, the spirits are uplifting

I’m on the beach, walking through the sand, I feel it sifting

Calisthenics got me built like an immovable brickhouse

I’m solid, sturdy, ferocious, but move in silence like a swift mouse

Selfmade: declaring my vast riches

I’m not talking about cash or the porcelain dishes

Love, faith, persistence, purpose and soul

Without those qualities in life, you become darker than coal

Intertwined with a deeper philosophy

Multiplying my wealth, by buying more property

I have the most effective marketing methods

Authors tried to imitate my blueprint, but won’t confess it

The book tour set entirely obscene precedence

I shower my queen in tasteful decadence

Making history with my novels like Mario Puzzo

Tricking me is impossible, find somebody else to bamboozle

I learned from my mistakes not to be frugal

I search for the answer–my engine is faster than Google

Building a dynasty from the ground up

I hit a million before I invested heavily in my career, it sounds tough

The only approval I ask for comes from Allah’s blessings

I was told I was wrong, had my entire family stressing

I don’t give away my hand, I play the cards I’m dealt

Why do you think the world trys to mimic what I felt?

I don’t reveal myself fully, yet you hear an intriguing story

Each word has a hidden meaning, possessing the truest allegory

I’m prepared for the worst but know I deserve the best

I push up a fresh plateau, building a bigger chest

Serious street stories are planning to be told in prose and verse

But first thing is first, I don’t have an act; nor do I rehearse

Capturing The Essence

Changing up is only for advancement and baseball

I’ll always remain myself, I don’t need to race y’all

Competition doesn’t exist to me

I already decided to make every writer history

The enthusiasm is unlimited and my time is infinite

Ahead of the herd, with every word, verse and sentiment

The ugliness in the world isn’t meant to devour

But I see lost souls questioning the last hour

Ghostwriting the way my verses have no identity

When the pen moves I know heaven is sent to me

Painting vivid imagery with excellent symmetry

Persuasive messages, exuding remarkable energy

The force can’t be extorted or exported

I have no choice but to be rewarded

False prophets are attempting to pontificate

But any enemies body I eviscerate

Cultivating an undeniable sense of intelligence

Fully aware of who’s downstairs out of their element

Listening acutely, to what’s sincerely being presented

All the lies are making people become demented

Extending beyond the greatest levels

My writing moves boulders, you pushing pebbles

Restoring elegance, sophistication so unequivocally benevolent

Laughing at these kids, who base their opinions off being relevant

Know exactly where you need to go

Work hard to get there, let it show

Success is the only thing the public should see

Hustle in different shades like piano keys

I’m told I’m not marketable cause I’m ripping apart writer’s

Denying my craft only makes each word tighter

The fans say I’m underrated, the most hated

I’m shining until the end of time, you won’t diminish me it’s been debated


The craft is more important than selling out

The soul is the key to eternal happiness, without a doubt

Evil reigns down upon the best people

But that doesn’t mean you deserve a sequel

Out working all of these writers with my pen

Asking for forgiveness, due to my sin

Money comes, if you live off a humble mentality

Doubting is a waste of thought, it distorts your reality

To be the greatest, you have to study the best

Passing tests, beating stress, before my soul begins to rest

Death is promised but tomorrow never will be

The haters try to preach love, hoping they will thrill me

The inception of deception lies within the reflection

Inspection under God’s protection is how I grasp detection

Once I hear one lie, I realize there’s no purpose

Trying to stray me away from the path, so you can say I’m worthless

There isn’t a mere mortal who can stop me from rising

I’m like whole grain bread, the way I’m so appetizing

If I die I’m a legend like Drake said

You won’t catch me off guard–I’ll needle through your thread

Cardiovascular is running the marathon, this isn’t a sprint

I watch other author’s and poet’s gas out, cause my longevity is spent

I’m always writing, due to my flawless imagination

Internationally renowned, making sure I’m imprinting the entire nation

The rain blooms flowers, the storm subsides

I’m bridging the gap this economy divides

I have the smallest circle that spans the globe

I don’t ask useless questions, I know how to probe

If writing didn’t become my career; I would be a personal trainer

Either way I’m changing lives, but I’m far from an entertainer

I’m meant to last like a Ramadan fast

I believe in fresh starts, who cares about somebody’s past