Create A Path

I don’t have a writing notebook, I create stories from my mental

I write a descriptive outlook of the atmosphere, covering what’s essential

The maze tried to trap me, but I beat it

When I fell down, I only rose higher, I won’t be defeated

Haters try to bring me down like a waterfall

I’m concentrated on my literary journey, like the swish of a basketball

I’m going straight to the money, making no stops

Before I even started I knew I was going to be on top

Ladies Prism is coming to romance the world, graciously

The False Reality Of Martin devoured the literary scene, voraciously

Millions of copies sold on a digital scale

When the books were published, they were more popular than e-mails

The distribution deal took a lot of thinking and wise planning

I wasn’t going to let the industry rob me like cheap scamming

Hustle hard and follow your dreams; God will make it happen

In the worst of times I was happy and constantly laughing

The success was so close, it touched my lips

I loved the feeling like it was the sweetest kiss

I feel flattered that people see the need to show me fake love

Don’t try to talk business when we’re in the club

Asinine movements are what create stagnation

It’s a shame that most stand still and yearn for a vacation

I’ve been up all night writing, devoted to the page

I won’t be locked in a cage, cause I don’t act off of rage

I go hard at everything I do, I put my soul into it

These fools operate transparently, expecting you not to see through it

Sensational wordsmith, literary behemoth, business tycoon

I’m a giant like New York; tropical like typhoons

I have work in the vault, ready to be revealed

First: I’m just branding my company for public appeal

Marketing products so well they’re sold before creation

I’m going to travel on a promotional book tour across the nation

Elements Of Discipline

Discipline is one of the seven keys to success

I will be controlling a billion dollar empire, before I get put to rest

I write for the streets, underground, queens and underdogs

The wisest sage on the page; what you wonder is fog

Wisdom begins with wonders, I’m louder than thunder

The excellence of execution is the only time I’m going under

Bank account was negative and debt was piling

I worked hard for years, so now I’m styling

I had no food in my fridge for weeks, I could barely manage

My stomach rumbled every hour; I was, severely famished

No fruits or vegetables in my intestines, imagine the damage

If my writing were a gun, I would blast and brandish

The lies can’t break family ties, no matter how many tries

I seek the prize because I’ve heard all the cries

Rising and grinding everyday like a boardslide

I started shining two years after–plugging in the cord, with a hasty stride

While the poker games and dice keep rolling

I beat the odds like a clean strike in bowling

Genius and beautiful are the two most overused words

But I represent the epitome of opulence, I have cash on reserve

Prepared to get in a fist fight; it’s clinched tight

Steel will rock your jaw, time to say goodnight

I’m kind to everyone but only show love to authentic gestures

These are the true fans, who value my lectures

I’m on an entirely different plateau, as an entrepreneur

When in doubt, I can make your conscious assured

Scotian Breeze is the movement, bulldozing the competition

Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the company, igniting my position

The blank page keeps me company, you aren’t stumping me

Animals aren’t hunting me, cause most people in the world are fronting fees

Paying for their own deception, by disobeying the mirrors reflection

I don’t have to pay for protection, cause I have a luxurious perception

The Power Of Success

I won’t pay for lust, cause there’s no trust

I devour the entire pie and savour the crust

I chase dreams that are determined and certain

Most people hate, they say you aren’t working

I made my own lane that has a global impact

You get paid from speaking the truth; that’s a fact

Surveying the land of preposterous intentions

I have hands of extension, holding death to its retention

Contentment is the main component invoking resentment

I pushed harder, to give my life more independence

Most are too frightened to live in a treacherous environment

In order to be truly successful: it’s an absolute requirement

The materialistic things associated with success is a mirage

Who cares about three luxury vehicles parked in the garage?

The bottom has you feeling consumed in a tomb

Evolution is about spreading your wings out of the cocoon

The money has been printed before your birth

The question is: are you going to give back to planet earth?

Everyone claims they want to be rich, but are afraid

I think peacefully, but will still cut you up with a blade

A positive outlook on life is like giving the blind sight

Disengage in plight, so you can start earning tonight

It takes years to build an empire, strategically

I hold down the castle, you just live egregiously

I just want the paper, and nothing else

The extra perks of finances can be bad for your health

Defeat only made my drive rise like a bee hive

Writing made me feel more alive than five

The creative juices were flowing like a faucet

Things I dreamt of buying, were resting in my pocket

People thought they could stop me, but were proved wrong

Before they found out where I was, I was already gone

Literary Wonder

Literary objective with God-given directives

I pick what I indulge, I’m very selective

Angels descend down from the heavens and leave me breathless

Demons grin, smirk, and act like they’re respected

But they hate in the shadows, fighting a useless battle

I put money into live stocks like cattle

The advertisements are corny; showing deprecation

They thrive off you buying into a brand and a nation

Live the truth, cherish structure, harness discipline

Your life will be more dangerous than nitroglycerin

Nobody will be able to stop you like a speeding bullet

Crossing me is like firing a gun before you pull it

Make the importance of impossibility become possible

Own up to your actions, be held culpable

The perfect storm hit the scene when I arrived

My mission is to unify, not conquer and divide

Getting everything you desire is not what you require

Devote your life to a passion, so you can rise higher

I never had ruthless intentions, but moving on is all about ascension

I tried to bring people with me, but they got trapped in another dimension

The only time you elaborate on a question is through research

Only answer what’s asked, so you don’t revert

I look for genuine speakers, who have Allah in their features

I plan on donating back to the children, and the gifted teachers

Searching for what you won’t find is a waste of time

Don’t complain, just get on your grind to shine

I predict the future accurately, I know where I’m going

I see those who are miserable, it’s showing

Getting angry at yourself about others wealth is weak-minded

You care about looking good, but your soul is lost, you can’t find it

The truth hurts; it’s seriously bad enough

Why lie like a possesed demon, to claim that your tough?

Winning Team

I only surround myself with authentic winners

I’d rather struggle to eat, than eat with rudimentary sinners

The only time you see me in the city is when I’m making money

I don’t let the fraudulent take it; my days are sunny

When the rain descends it establishes an end

I won’t conform, I set my own trends

There’s nobody nicer with the pen than I

I see everything like a spy; I’m delicious and so fly

Life only gets better from being remarkably humble

All of my words are upon you like stumble

People are spending their last ten dollars on a gram of weed

Use the money to benefit you–why buy into greed?

The hardest times are far behind me

The dark clouds left and now I’m shiny

I’m only into true authors whose constancy is passion and substance

Content innumerable, the message is promised under a covenant

I write what God inspires me to put out for the people

I don’t follow a set of rules, so every word is lethal

Sustaining a greater cause that deserves applause

Ninety-five percent of these writers are liars like Santa Claus

Marketing products that have the potency of cocaine

Promoting a brand that’s touching spirits like soul train

Literary legends speak to me in my dreams

They inspire me to write ill themes like killer Queens

The mansions, the clothes, the cars, the jewelry

Are just bonuses to following my dreams, I don’t get engulfed in tomfoolery

Materialism destroys the strength and courage of the soul

Buying into gimmicks won’t make your heart whole

The fiercest tiger, malicious lion, and the most hungry wolf

I tear swine to pieces and decimate the hoof

There’s a lot of love in this cold, twisted world

The key is to find a passion more valuable than diamonds and pearls

Revival Of The Soul

Athena’s Combustion is an eruption in every discussion

I create and deploy–ready to build off destruction

Writing stories that give readers goosebumps

I hear a lot of people talking loose like foolish chumps

I feel myself because I believe in myself

Gripping this freelance money, to heighten my wealth

I don’t battle, I just plan to win the war

All of my words soar, open doors, enter your pores

Strength derives from my core like a lion’s roar

I made pounds, euro’s, and dollars off my promotional book tour

I know how to throw a lethal punch, serve you lunch

Stack figures when the reaper calls, and puts me in a crunch

Who cares about the mansions, women, jewelry, and fancy cars

Obedient puppets to the devil, whose heart is blacker than tar

I’m not worried about the city police, they can’t see me

I write fiction so well, people don’t believe me

Hoping, wishing, and praying are essential, but won’t breed results

You need to work hard, and not rely on defaults

The only way to reach new altitudes is have a positive mood

My mind helps me eat food–a businessman superbly shrewd

If I’m on my phone it means I’m working towards a higher level

I’m hot like a kettle, tougher than metal, my foot is on the pedal

The only person I rely on is myself, but you won’t do it alone

Love is how I live in peace, and upgrade my homes

I outgrew 99% of the people I grew up with; thank God

Assembling a team of professionals, luring them in like a fishing rod

I don’t call people for favours; nor do I expect anything back from a good deed

I’m just a loyal man whose existence is the rarest breed

If anyone has a problem with me I’m ready to eliminate them

I ask for forgiveness, because in order to write this I had to sin

I won’t post pictures on this blog, I let my words paint them

Reviewers bash with no credit; who’s going to rate them?

I Won’t Quit

I entered the maze, it was only a phase

I found my way through, because of my gaze

Dreaming of real estate and restaurant money, when I was dead broke

I always knew I would get paid like the ignition of cigarette smoke

Quitting wasn’t an option, I looked failure in the face

Changed pace, crafted my verses right like a shoe lace

Paralysis is what I send out to imposters

God, family, unity, and enhancements of the culture is what I foster

Remained positive and optimistic in the most dreary scenarios

I’m greater than the lakes in Ontario

Being a writer and entrepreneur isn’t easy

But I make it look effortless and breezy

Only certain kinds of individuals are made for this grind

Writing seven days of the week is an author defined

Working out six days of the week, resting on one

Eating like a beast has been my rule of thumb

The drizzle pours down on my dome

The streets is no place to call home

A destiny is achieved by beliefs and impeccable habits

You don’t get anywhere trying to be a savage

I’m way above average, was born to live lavishly

I truly love the haters who are mad at me

Illustrating ideas, insinuating iconic institutions

Operating on opulent orders, opening up beneficial contributions

Wasting time is reliant on whining and complaining

Every poem and novel I write is incredibly entertaining

Staying attuned to the world around me

I swim with sharks; travel with wolves in every county

I get hungrier every day that I rise to the occasion

Orchestrate invasions, sell books with persuasion

Selling millions of copies was only the beginning

The False Reality Of Martin and Ladies Prism are eternally winning

Mapped Out

Everyone wants to be rich, but won’t put in the work

Sixty-eighty hour work weeks are what most won’t exert

Chasing dreams doesn’t come without struggle

When the success hits, speak with a muzzle

I know what it’s like being dead broke

Life is like a joke with no hope

But I remain positive in the roughest times

Some moments were sweet, the others bitter like limes

Writing novels that have realistic characters and situations

I flourish solely off my purification and innovation

I sold a few books starting off, before I went professional

The prose, plot, setting, book cover, and editing is exceptional

Joy is only snatched from the mind that weakens

I make sure every second my thoughts deepen

Literary prowess placed me in a palace overlooking the ocean

I have a God view of the city like a true Scotian

I always knew I was going to make it writing books

The False Reality Of Martin had the cake took

Ladies Prism expanded the movement, and made me stronger

The only thing that changed is my money become longer

I was told selling books is a hard gig

People who believe in demons; they aren’t big

A lot of haters praying on my downfall like the devil

Angry individuals, upset that I’m on another level

There’s no need to look for God; he’s always around

The thunder and rain is his sound

I knew I had the tenacity inside my soul

I eat all of my meals out of the same bowl

Revenue streams are opening up consistently

Representing the words I’ve written officially

Freelance writing skyrocketed my career off the pavement

The stars are under me; what a smooth arrangement


The Next Chapter

I had a lot of bad chapters

Experienced circumstances that my mind couldn’t capture

After deep reflection, I found the hidden blessings

I felt absolutely doomed, the environment was so depressing

The bank accounts were in a negative balance

I started to rise gracefully to the challenge

Changed the situation around, tremendously

Tactics of order that were executed stupendously

I never understood why the struggle was so rough

What I know is that it made me tough

The maze of deception had been beaten senseless

My words started engineering public interest

Many people laughed, told me I wouldn’t make it

I knew all along I would thrive, I just had to take it

Nobody nicer than I; I’m taking all of the pie

I have no need to lie, physics I defy

There were many times I felt like crying

Eradicated perils, I thought I was dying

The apartments weren’t cutting it for me

I needed more, so I could revitalize the story

Going after what you need brings a lot pain

It’s a damn shame, what some authors bring to the game

I support all the authentic writer’s, and I hope they continue stacking

I made the incision, and exposed you because your metaphors were lacking

Positioned myself for affluence and larger connections

I gave the writing world supreme direction

The dark clouds wouldn’t stop following me around

I was going in circles like a merry-go-round

Looking for support in all the wrong places, wasn’t trusting the faces

I changed my route completely; my life became aces

Once I was an undeniable literary success

The whole world knew whose prose is the best

Build And Destroy

I used to be addicted to the life of a gangster

I love a good joke, but I’m not a prankster

Rearranged my hustle, so I transformed it into words

I’ve come to take what I rightfully deserve

A slow year for me will be fifty million

I’m building an empire that’s sleek and thrilling

The greatest gifts are those which culminate freedom

I love money, but love God more from the AM to the PM

I don’t feel remorse, but understand repentance of the soul

I’m sweeter than juice that’s dole, and stay in control

Cold hearted like a blizzard crushing the land in winter

The reason why I received a queen, is because heaven sent her

Prayer and hope can go a long way

But if you aren’t willing to work hard, don’t expect better days

I am consistent on making the impossible happen daily

Every day I get million dollar scams e-mailing me

Literary objective: revamp the entire notion of writing

Only produce stories, prose, and verses that are exciting

Listen to those whom have experience in the field

Increase the percentages of every dividend yield

Creating a campaign that goes down smoothly like champagne

Artistry painting a brighter fame; dropping hope like rain

Sexism and racism is how the monarchy divides us

They trick people into investing in lust

My third eye made me shine, committed a life of crime

But I redirected my life, with a business mind

Murdering these pages, exposing the fraudulent writers

Every day I make my prose and verses tighter

Progression is in session like God dispersing blessings

An infinite form of protection, eliminating pointless stressing

Ripping the devils neck apart, watching him bleed slowly

I have a precise vision, and lethal shot like Kobe