The Grind

Diligence is what makes me militant

Building on the highest level, reaping dividends

The drive is like a smoking gun, firing a speeding bullet

Digging nasty weeds out of the ground, I pull it

I’m focused on taking what belongs to me

I’m heard throughout the world, but very few can see me

The platform is bright like a meteor shower

My writing is one constituent that gives me power

The future is bright; I’m flying high like a kite

I prefer to move in silence at night

I’m pushing forward with relentless force

I’m smoking more greenery than a golf course

The poetry I write reflects my life in the purest form

I’m a one man army, when I attack, I swarm

Delivering a scripture, that can’t be measured on the scale known as the richter

The photogenic mesmerization, shoots a staggering picture


I don’t have time to chill out anymore

I’m on the grind, pushing words out, making the world sore to their core

I’m a living lunatic, but flyer than an airplane

The love keeps me flowing; I know cowards who fear my rain

I’m building an empire from the ground up

The crown I wear is like a historical boxing match–getting my rounds up

I’m a raging bull, bear, and a wolf

I’ll slice the swine up and disappear the hoof

The dogs bark, but don’t move my physical

The media makes my lifestyle sound pitiful and critical

The beast doesn’t rule my actions

Angels descend upon me, showing me the smoothest traction

My profile is so low I’m under the underground

I get accused of moving pounds

Truthfully, the drug game is far behind me

The talent I possess is what defines me

New Doors

Opportunities flow, liberate and innovate

What I generate, is what you can’t penetrate

My reputation is what fools choose to meander

The persona the public paints of me is slander

The lies they invent, create a pretence with no defence

All of these liars are under my feet like cement

I’m holding many keys that the public can’t see

I’m underground eternally, because I’m a G

I see the world with my heart unsullied

Disciplined acutely when I get gully

I have soft eyes when I envision a brand-new venture

My name is constantly popping out of your mouth like dentures

The renovation and construction is natural like a volcanic eruption

I’m not from New York City, but I flow like the Hudson

Mysteriousness is what puts me above

I write for respect and love

I try my best to uplift the people, by enhancing spirits

but I get stacks while I write too, so a lot don’t want to hear it

The fraudulent ones who plot my demise only feel despise

When they look into my eyes, I see their anger that I’m running an enterprise

I’m a threat and a promise–defining the blueprint of this profession

The sessions I instate relieve stressing and depression

I’m taking over 2015, and every year after

I drown out the ignorance with exuberant laughter

Publication is a sure thing before the year ends

Contracts will be signed, as I amend

Ladies Prism will lead you out of every schism

A peaceful mood is how I annihilate cataclysms

History in the making, like the first bread baking

I have billions on my mind, that are for the taking

I have a lot of work written, that the world is missing

When its released, societies turmoil will be shifting

The Sun Shines For Rain To Fall

The rain brings a newfound sense of hope

It’s a holy blessing from the heavens–nicer than the pope

Smoke clouds suffocate the visions of living legends

Fake friends will be the first to call you, brethren

The rain lets vegetation show a natural demonstration

Green house gases won’t get emitted, by ventilation

The ecological climates are being destroyed

Economically, they say: it’s viable for more people to be employed

A standpoint that gets reiterated every time

What a deadly parasite added to the mind

The venom isn’t my kind of kind

It’s a sour taste in the mouth, like lemon rind

The capitalists say they are doing it for the people

This is an excessive lie, used to be lethal

Once realized–there’s no power it will have over you

I paint a scarier picture; more vicious than a Halloween, October view

The sun beams down upon the humans on earth

It shows the value of what the human life is worth

The light shines above, all around, and under footsteps

The identification can show who’s not a crook yet

A dessert is created by a drought

I send uncontrollable showers, with undeniable clout

The sun shines for the rain to fall

each season may change rapidly, but I continue to ball

Poppin’ Like Popcorn

I send out more echo’s than the lake

I stare into your eyes, and see that your fake

I stomp through any city, ready to get it gritty

That’s the reason why everyone wants to take pity

I’m laughing inside a lot, parading through the block

I’m an unmovable, hard substance, like a rock

I’d gladly put you out of your misery

I see your hand shaking, it’s so jittery

If you want to battle, I’m patiently waiting

I guarantee the cracks of bones won’t be mine breaking

This vocation is done silently in my sleep

I’m a sweeter consumption than beep

The pleasures I indulge in have no measure

I’m digging up pearls from beneath–the truest treasures

I’m writing from all different angles

Metaphorical, literally, and figuratively I have every mind tangled

Get hot in the corporate market and see who stays the same

A lion is in my heart ready to attack, but I’m tame

I eat up these writers for a light snack

The knowledge I pack, puts every writer directly in back

The writing world won’t see anything better

You haven’t experienced someone this clever

Mainstream success, is part of my mental calisthenics

I sprint past these fools who are pathetic

Long Nights

I watch artwork get created in my sight

The colors are vibrant to my delight

A man rolled up and shook my hand

He felt money, because I’m in demand

He told me that I’m Hali strong

Of course I rule the capital, I’m not wrong

The kingdom gets rambunctious at night

That’s why my knowledge brngs the light

Listening to the harmonic tunes of a guitar

The cords send out healing vibrations wide and far

What an intriguing way to express love

The shelter is what protects you like a glove

I got back to my home at 4AM

Another beautiful night, I can depend

My head rests on the pillow deep in thought

I warn humanity to not follow the ignorance we were taught

The Notorious Man

What I write is painstakingly glorious

yet, it’s labelled as being notorious

nefarious stratagems keep me away from the casket

hands are placid, never flaccid

I’m the streets with a mind very unique

I write thought provoking classics that require no critique

my words are judged harshly, by individuals with no credit

I’ll say what you won’t; yeah, I said it

the evolution I embody isn’t shoddy

it’s just an infamous demeanour like John Gotti

I make hits in the publishing world like the mob

haters tell me I should get another job

extending past what is deemed as boring

a lot of people are sleeping on me, I caught them snoring

books written, poetry well-versed, the writing world is mine

I shine so divine through rougher times, and gritty crimes

I’m so hot, I’m on fire, I’m not a liar

rearranging situations that are dire

the worst of me is expected, cause I gleam like a necklace

reading the verses I craft, make you breathless

detection derives from analytical inspection

the connection is an unstoppable direction

invincibility is the greatest fertility

humility under God-given abilities

the impossible is made reality, by a swift hand

the land I expand is created by stern commands

I hold the key to each lock

so they mock because I left them in a state of shock

I enter each database and crash the sever

the network can’t identify me, it can only feel my fervour

impeccable intuition, firmly implanting my position in the ignition

nutrition feeding you knowledge, shepherding wisdom into fruition

Literary Legend

I push novels, poetry and short-stories like ecstasy

My speed is Godly, like my destiny

The phonies get abolished, demolished

My prose is clean and polished

I have many novels ready for publication

But I’m eating off the publics anticipation

Physical copies will be available before the year ends

The angels in heaven will be cheering

My work is written in the dungeon

I’m a precise writer, like a summons

Bestseller, incredibly stellar, loyal like old yeller

I’m in the basement flowing like a wine cellar

The greatest people truly support me

The Satanist’s want to extort me

Eating up these animals because I’m on top of the food chain

The ladder was climbed easily, the evils I refrain

Ladies Prism has romanticism like ancient scriptures

You might paint, but I install remarkably beautiful pictures

Jugular Spirits is horrific. utterly gifted

Shooting for the top like two biscuits

Immaculate Detection is a mystery resurrection

Giving the real writers serious direction

Undeniable Immortality will heighten your morality

I recite sublime verses, depicting reality

The Industry Is Addicted

The throne is tougher than chrome

I show you your home, by entering your dome

Cross me and you won’t live to see another day

You will be hugging God, because that’s what pays

The godfather, uplifting martyrs, the strongest starter

I’m flyer than the carter–a soul departer

I write a message full of blessings

Living lessons, never stressing, always impressing

My destiny only asks the best of me

I’m becoming better, yet, many think less of me

The devil plays his games of greed

He comes in many forms, even dressed in tweed

I’m patient, leading future generations

Canada is behind me making litigations

I get paid for blogging poetically

Proving the dead truth mathematically and theoretically

I’m a beastly creature, who consistently digs deeper

I’m a wise man, who preaches more treasures than a preacher

Proliferation is how I operate my movement

Every time I write, the world sees improvement

The sickness is ridiculous, making you nauseous

I move under the concrete, vigilantly cautious

My inspiration comes from purification

Literary style exquisite–each word is ruthless detonation

Running Things

I flow freely like a waterfall

I strike like lightning, when the thunder calls

The degree of an OG is what I see

I have the game mastered to a tee

Posting a poem every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

My flight just took off from the runway

I’m giving the world a much needed resuscitation

The levitation, encapsulates amalgamation

The ladies love me

But there’s only God above me

The light I administrate erases the imposters

Girls shaking their ass in the club–that will cost her

Stop trying to sound deep and wise

I know your phony, I’m not surprised

I sit alone in deep contemplation

The invitation leads a generation towards solemn integration