The Process

People living lies are the first to commend you about the truth,

You’ll see me briefly, and then I’ll quickly disappear-poof.

Scotian Breeze is an influential movement like Badboy,

Positively impacting this generation like Taylor Gang; stop acting coy.

Clouds grow thicker, lighting scented candles, take a picture,

Studying the goodness and depths of all religious scripture.

Analyzing the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Holy Quran,

Ruler of this nation, pulling strings lightly like the best don.

Getting lost in the darkness happens to the best of us,

Swallowed by the viciousness and engulfed in lust.

There’s a way out of any situation, send out the invitations,

Refuse to keep it regular with regulation, closing commanding negotiations.

I saw myself in places, seeing beautiful faces, exotic spaces,

Way before success happened, I knew my life would be full of aces.

Underestimate nobody and never trust a soul,

They will lead you into a trap, just play your role.

Locked the writing world down, made it look simplistic,

Everything I write is astronomically futuristic.

Feeling like I’m high before the smoke hits me,

Snakes rarely make eye contact, all of their moves are shifty.

Why does everyone claim to be a gangster extraordinaire?

They won’t confront people or interfere–loathing a circle, living in a square.

Leveling up takes every ounce of energy you have inside,

Tenacious and gracious, destroying my feeble pride.

Being lonely on the top is better than the bottom,

An abundance of villains in my city like its Gotham.

Visualizing the visions that nobody is given,

Making incisions to live by every decision.

Planets inside my eyes, mysterious like the solar system,

Consuming the universe; only producing starry fiction.

Surpassing every author whose been successful for decades,

I was born to become filthy rich like the luxury of brocade.



Come Together

Love yourself more, hold a firm belief in unity,

How do you expect to empower and advance our community?

We need to come together, set purposeful objectives,

Open up our minds and apologize if we stand corrected.

Our knowledge is small in comparison to the universe,

I’m writing to eat, my heart is full of hunger and thirst.

Rising above the obstacles, making the moment auspicious,

Law enforcement is suspicious, the trail is cold; cases are repetitious.

Love is love, but it isn’t what the eyes can see,

Your mind and energy distinguish love for all that it can be.

Everyone has enemies, but only the insecure talk trash,

Once they open their mouth, their words break out like a rash.

People speak on trivial concepts like it’s groundbreaking philosophy,

Acusing others of wrongdoings, but they’re engulfed in hypocrisy.

Assassination of my character is a daily occurrence,

Creating my own wave, the rapid, influential current.

Fighting for our rights is what’s needed,

Back our lives up with change; rearrange the conceited,

Nobody can stop the reign, history won’t be repeated,

Reign of the nations, their history deleted.

The uprise will surprise the enemies who implore,

Drain their stamina, only around those who we adore.

Down fifteen in the fourth, evened the score,

Took the grind into overtime, like a lion waking up those who snore.

Pouncing through the jungle like a tiger,

Moving like a ghost, under the scope, like a supplier.

Preparing for what’s in store, planning tomorrow today,

Fallacies infect all of us everyday, the truth is the only way.

Health, hope, longevity, combining the recipe,

I’m inside the thunder clouds rumbling, successively.

Exponentially heightening the stratosphere, climbing mountains,

Even within the flames of hell, my spirit is gushing fountains.

Putting my life behind the unruly confines of the blank page,

Sharing my soul, enlightening the light to a brighter stage.


If it isn’t lucrative, I’m not getting involved,

Stepping up for my brothers to get conflicts absolved.

Street heat, we can put you six feet, but we come in peace,

Beasts inside our anatomy, but we are angels of God that’s ethereal speak.

Linguistically, rearranging entropy, challenging is elementary,

Your calls are rudimentary, we won’t fall another century.

Taking you back to West Africa, the mother land,

We traded jewels of gold and minerals with Japan.

Got involved in scams, hustled out of a jam,

Honor is all we know, gaining the upper hand.

Fearful of the takeover, I see it,

But truthfully you better get used to me; nobody is shooting me.

Bringing back where it belongs, for all our brothers who are gone,

Staying positive, loving life, back and forth like it’s pingpong.

Traveling the world, hitting up Hong Kong,

Philosophical alchemy, the account is smooth like a jazz song.

Financial wizardry, creating masterpieces off epiphanies,

These demons aren’t getting me, my vision is above antipathy.

Preposterous with the words, spreading my wings like a bird,

I know you think it’s absurd, but I’m uniting nations that’s my word.

Papoose of the writing world, I shoot ’em up,

Throwback behind the mirror of time, adapt, change, and refine.

Concentrate, focus, build, tenacity uprooting, tearing up the field,

Only seeking an astronomical dividend yield, my mind is healed.

Invincible, I bet you thought it was impossible to be unstoppable,

Penetrating the marketplace, got it corned, life is comical.

Laughing at the weaklings, what I say is probable,

Rising above expectations, every move is plausible.

People hate hearing the truth, they would rather live a lie,

Lost within themselves, due to foolish pride.

I speak about the negative side, to expose their treachery,

I have love for everyone, but I only let royalty stand next to me.


Time is limited but money is limitless,

Improving every time I touch the blank page, my words are profound and intricate.

This month is bringing insurmountable blessings, with sublime lessons,

Concentrating on making the best first impressions every session.

I sacrificed my life for this writing regime,

All of my hard work is finally reaping dividends, grinding to the extreme.

Attuned and apprised about the streets, but won’t see defeat,

I plan on paying my authors first, they’re the flagship of my fleet.

Every author has to fall back, the top is mine,

The False Reality Of Martin and Ladies Prism surpasses groundbreaking and divine.

Rediscovered my soul on the page, made it my enlightened stage,

We all feel rage, but mine is controlled and precise like a gauge.

Serious business is going down, only my head wears the crown,

Nicest in my province, I like how that sounds.

The amount of opportunities that I’ve been seeing is pure liberation,

Cherishing the children, all I have is love for the next generation.

Everything I’ve ever written reflects my life; past, present, or future,

Society is a mess with these vigilante shooters.

I’ve been so broke I couldn’t eat or pay the bills, constantly twitching, receiving chills,

Never been this focused, treating writing like I’m pitching pills.

God will give you everything you pray for if you work towards it,

I’m living proof, style so gorgeous, the ladies adore it.

Murder, drugs, sex, and money are the desires and motives,

I see through all of this deception, the oppressors won’t sugar coat it.

The media produces propaganda, with a striking headline,

Once it catches your attention, they just manipulated every thought on your mind.

Supplying our countries with unlimited firearms and weaponry,

Teaching us to hate, envy, kill; depleting our energy, promoting lethargy.

Most people wake up in the mornings and are already dead,

I just explained the process and conditions, they obliterate your head.

If it isn’t about truth, justice, peace, love, and positive thoughts it doesn’t concern me,

I’m influencing the globe tremendously, examining my journey.

The industry picks and chooses who they want in the public eye,

Comments, likes, views, and subscribers don’t determine revenue supply.

Stop being fooled by the layers of deception these bankers plant,

Masquerading as philanthropists, reciting an evil chant.

The ritual is sickening, I hope you’re listening,

Working hard is my motto before being entertained by what’s interesting.

The attention span is so short now they distract you with games,

Visuals of a virtual reality rotting your brain, but nobody complains.

Dissecting the culture as it’s meant to be presented,

Love your own body, don’t chase after these physiques that are drugged and augmented.

Truth Serum

Millions of books sold digitally, then the figures doubled physically,

Fulfilling my obligations and responsibilities–a hustler, I’m the epitome.

I know people who want to get rid of me, you must be kidding me,

Reading holy scriptures, getting inspired, enhancing my virility.

Shooting to top like a rocket, sealing my fate, time to lock it,

Hotter than Mercury, colder than Pluto, the solar system is in my pocket.

Visions are prophetic, the haters are pathetic, healing people like a medic,

I always knew I would get it, the impeccable literary aesthetic.

Mastermind plotting on a scheme to clock millions,

One isn’t enough; it’s shameful like a cracked up ceiling.

My mind is like the perfect storm, moving militant throughout the land,

Locked Down poetry collection will be in demand, like a beach with smooth sand.

Philosophically inclined, the message defined is utterly sublime,

Progressing every hour, far from my prime, the devotion is intertwined.

Women are precious, they leave me breathless, more valuable than a necklace,

Converting negative energy to positive; peaceful before getting reckless.

You can’t promote yourself without confidence and passion,

Production company, restaurants, candles, mineral oil, soap, and fashion.

Hitting unprecedented levels in all of those industries,

Working out hard, getting my weight up, these are my affinities.

Communication is clear, there’s no room for entropy,

It’s an ineffable feeling, knowing I’ll never see the penitentiary.

Molding a lifestyle that children can admire before I retire

Posterity is prosperity, feeding the inner-city–all I do is rise higher.

Commerce and trade, everyone has gotten played,

Receiving more than I lost, retaining back more like a raid.

The breed I’m cut from is cleaner than a fresh shower,

Standing tall and erect, an indispensable addition to the city like the tower.

These fraudulent individuals are cracked and hilarious,

Trying to hold water, everything they attempt is precarious.

These heathens claim they believe in God, but live in conjecture,

They crack under pressure, letting what has no meaning fester.

Save Yourself

Creating your own lane is the only way to alleviate pain,

Relief and rejuvenation is provided like the blessing of rain.

The moon brings out another side of me,

Hustling is a notion like the ocean is a proprietary.

This is God’s society, but the devil is lying,

Why start a new path and you’re not even trying?

These cornballs are like a plate of cornbread to me,

People are lost on their devices in the 21st century.

You’re either money on the table or food on the plate,

Not grinding hard everyday hasn’t been your only mistake.

I came in this writing world to dominate and eviscerate,

Putting an end to all the myths the media chooses to propagate.

Reporting real news like I’m the fifth estate,

Lately, I’ve been up writing until the sun hits my face.

Concentrate, focus, and build the visions you receive,

The public will be caught in your rapture, the spell of intrigue.

You can’t build a solid platform without any genuine effort,

Professionalism is about working harder than anyone else, the ultimate texture.

Taking the next step, barely stopping for rest,

Passed every test due to my own behest.

Sitting on a goldmine of superior literary thoughts,

Have a view from the highest window like a flower pot.

The industry tried to stop me from shining,

I found my way, the luxury of wining and dining.

Only suckers are afraid of failure, immersed in rough waters like a sailor,

I penetrate the souls of queens, prepared to impale her.

Made the city mine; they follow my directions,

You only survive because of my protection.

All the hate does is make me a stronger man,

Increases the size of my pockets, puts my spirit in higher demand.

Prayer, hope, and wishing only works with actions behind them,

Prevaricators let materialism define them and refine them.


Outselling the bestsellers, the greatest author alive,

Describing the graciousness of my future, you can see God in my eyes.

Capitalism has the world hypnotized under an evil spell,

Teaching the world daily, you only succeed if you fell.

Nobody grinds harder than me and that’s a promise,

A solidified threat to the globe because I’m so honest.

If I want you dead and missing, I can switch your position,

But my heart is full of love; observing acutely, always willing to listen.

Publishing mogul, tight circle, avoiding the ovals,

Your girl told me she’s never met a king this noble.

It doesn’t matter how wild the block, I’ll show up,

Explosions within this pen, the blank page is about to blow up.

Speak the truth clearly and you’ll get accused of lying,

Starving children are dying, parent’s won’t stop crying.

Everyone deserves to eat, but the uninspired accept defeat,

Numerous writing styles like I’m equipped with a fleet.

Centralized enterprises, don’t get shocked by surprises,

Structured and organized, engaged with what Allah advises.

Bosses make sure their team is good before they eat,

Running the marathon smoothly like a track meet.

Old friends are the worst, praying on my down fall,

I believe in my capabilities–all of my writing is raw.

Staying up until 5AM receiving revelations, bleeding ink,

Every paragraph is re-read, causing you to stop and think.

No excuses, they are useless and fruitless,

Locked in on every dream, there’s more than one way to do this.

The reason why the pictures I paint are so vivid is because I live it,

When opportunity knocks on my door, I don’t ask who is it?

Provocations don’t make me livid, they just guarantee more digits,

Innovative and eternally creative, the production is so exquisite.

I’m an assassin on the page, bringing back the haze,

Classic literature, entering another phase, the only route to escape the maze.

Buzzing Like A Bee

The resurgence of a true author, I’m not a big talker,

Impacting the world like opera; polite, sophisticated and proper.

Putting in overtime on the blank page, free my real one’s in the cage,

The haters keep coming, you won’t get anywhere being enraged.

Shortage of food on my plate, attracting an enormous readership,

Strategizing the itinerary of my flight, held accountable for this leadership.

Kings and queens invest their time in sure things;

We aren’t consumed by moments of lust or diamond rings.

When it’s a do or die situation I always deliver,

Making the publishing industry shiver–a taker but more of a giver.

Love is full of inspiration, positive energy, and strong will,

Every time my words touch the page, I go in for the kill.

Determined to accomplish every dream I imagine deeply,

Nobody on this planet can stop me, you won’t beat me.

Business plans written down before they were brought into fruition,

Dangerous thoughts like nitroglycerin, consolidating my position.

Fearing death is cowardly, too creative to be paid hourly,

Floating in the clouds, but entrenched in the soil where the flowers be.

Revelations descend upon my soul every hour,

Inspiration for new novels, the potentcy of my power.

Quality over quantity is the motto; a lot of heads are hollow,

Addicted to nonsense like subscribers, comments, likes, and follows.

Remarkably astounding concepts, substance is a covenant,

Corporations engineer the government, then inform consumers how their time is spent.

I prefer to kick it with women like a sorority,

Respected by all, strength in every step, the blessing of authority.

Receiving strong visions of better living is a given,

Learning more every day, focused on making wiser decisions.

Grimy demeanor, insightful eyes shining bright like the sun,

We are all one, increasing my stamina, destined for a long run.

Seriously superior, you can tell by my exterior,

Humble until the end; crown your queen or somebody else will marry her.


Spending sleepless nights on the blank page,

Preparing to rise out of the dungeon, creating a bright stage.

Snitches tell it all to everyone, the cops are only as good as their informants,

Words glide with the breeze, but any dirt about me is dormant.

The streets doesn’t love anyone, just speaking on past experiences,

Judging individuals off their appearance is the devil’s interference.

Prison isn’t designed for anyone, praying for all the real one’s incarcerated,

The future means I’m leaving numerous industries dominated.

Stop believing in myths that are propagated, they leave families desecrated.

The breakdown of any dynamic, results in addictions that need to be alleviated.

Innocent children get food taken off their plate,

Watch their parent’s get decapitated, and can’t attend a wake.

Speaking the truth on what occurs in this cold, cold world,

But love overpowers any foolish action or quarrel.

The problem derives from ingrained obeisance,

Bowing down to a man’s wishes is ignorant and blatant.

Fitting in doesn’t create trends, it just gives you more fake friends,

I’ve forgiven weaklings a long time ago, there’s no need to make amends.

Relentless pursuits of curiosity, constructed properly,

Thoroughbred for life; decimating beef and gaining broccoli.

The top means there’s no flat days on your agenda,

Surpassing the expectations of any contender.

Backing up the foundation of creation is the crafts relation,

There’s never any imitation for this generation, accept the invitation.

Name a writer who’s exciting as I; all of the rules I defy,

Only cowards are afraid to die; intelligence doesn’t need to comply.

Essentially, possess a propensity lethal like an infantry,

There isn’t an accurate measurement for my intensity.

Composed, collected, respected; lost count of the times I’ve been rejected,

The best connected, logic is detected–Nova Scotia is resurrected.

Poisonous venom within the teeth of the infected,

Biting into a bitter fruit is how you leave yourself neglected.

Your Favorite

Far from a regular person, won’t give into coercion,

Hate is pushed to the forefront, as a diversion.

Expanding the movement, experiencing multiple excursions,

I’m just trying to be the best version, blending up greatness like an immersion.

The height of my writing decadence, sets an unparalleled precedence,

Captured the solution on circumstances that were exigent.

If the source of a threat isn’t a promise, then it isn’t honest,

Good deeds are what weighs on the scale–here to admonish.

Glorifying days ahead is impossible, the future is blinding,

Shining is only given to those who won’t stop grinding.

Avoiding violence is intelligence, thriving in various elements,

Stomping through the kingdom like an elephant.

Keeping a low profile is my style, the dissection of secret files,

Moving under the radar, creating a base to walk on like floor tiles.

Stepping over puddles of pain, hopeful visions from the rain,

I’ll never care about fame, just focused on creating my own lane.

Nobody is going to hold your hand and show you the way to success,

You must believe in yourself, and work hard to be the best of the best.

When the future is spoken about, my name will be a part of it,

Covenant I made with the universe; average thoughts, I’m flying above it.

The most anticipated author to ever hit the scene so clean,

Determined to live all of my dreams; strength risen by beans.

Doing the right things aren’t warranted by many,

But follow what your heart tells you, and you’ll end up with plenty.

Pray, plan, set a strategy and execute–always feed the destitute,

Navigate towards the highway, don’t get caught in a vicious loop.

Loyalty means you don’t have any friends, just family until the end,

They want the best for you, there’s no need to pretend.

Getting the upper hand takes years of dedication like a contract stipulation,

Commanding eternal veneration, fighting for justice and liberation.

Abiding by a set of solidified principles, consolidating literary prowess,

Swimming among the sharks, eating away at the petty cowardice.