The Angles Of Angels

These men claim their kings, but they’re only peasants,

Pawns on the chess board, moving backwards thinking it’s pleasant.

One night stands aren’t something I participate in,

Had too many in the past, punishment reigned down for my sins.

Cautious around these snakes and heathens,

Powerful and respected because I won’t stop believing.

Karmic retribution isn’t a path to evolution,

The boomerang of life is shocking like electrocution.

Erupting like a volcano this summer,

Moving through the plight, staying undercover.

Illuminating the darkness like a campfire,

I can make a body disappear like The Wire.

Floating within the stars like a satellite,

Vision is enormous, I’ll never be the average type.

Buying into gossip is naive and idiotic,

Creating the impossible, prepared by a prophet.

Giving back is what matters the most,

Who cares about showing off, you need to pay the cost.

Golden drive shining like diamonds; ambition with perfect timing,

Capitalizing heavily off every book signing.

Futuristic depictions rendering unmatched fiction,

The best novelist alive; full of controversy and friction.

Plant ideas and watch the seeds sprout,

Undeniable clout, I never had any doubts.

Satan tried to take me out but failed miserably,

All he does is try to smile in my vicinity.

Stay alert, make plans, and put them into action,

Fame sucks, it becomes difficult to maintain traction.

Shadow boxing, timed sprints, enhancing my cardiovascular,

Precise, witty vernacular, you never met someone this spectacular.

Writing gold is all I know how to do,

Every author is underneath my prose like the bottom of a shoe.

Unique Perspective

We all enter the system to fulfill a mission,

Many miss the exit on the highway and hate their position.

Nike coined the slogan just do it,

If you’re true to your creativity, nobody will see through it.

I always remained true to who I was without wavering,

Failure is part of success, it’s just different flavoring.

Understand the reality of what it takes to accomplish your goals,

Strength of character builds courageous souls.

Compassion and forgiveness gets you further than being furious,

Collecting the correct information because I’m curious.

The hunger won’t be satiated, but the pain is alleviated,

Investing my time in what pays, even if I’m high and inebriated.

Destined to be a living legend like Diddy and Pharrell,

Got up and worked harder every time I fell.

Future executive producer on the movie’s I create,

Notoriety like Ed Burns is the buzz I will generate.

Ready for the spoils of war and intense bloodshed,

But love and peace are my beliefs, so you won’t see me dead.

Productivity daily habits are what cement your future,

Learn everyday, read to earn, stay on target like a sharpshooter.

Breaking tradition, putting the key inside the ignition,

Writing and publishing is my life, I made a life changing decision.

I want it all, and I’m out to take everything over,

Don’t believe in luck, but people say I got it like a four-leaf clover.

The fight to the top almost killed me,

Everything I believe is what I will be.

Holding a deck full of aces and kings,

Flying above the clouds like I have wings.

Businesses and platforms are built solid from a written blueprint,

Before you think about retaliation, the crew was already sent.

My mind moves faster than cheetahs,

Focused on each thought deeply, beating down the women beaters.

Fruitful Grind

Ambition over beauty is living truly,

Real men defend a woman’s honor; it’s a God given duty.

Suckers talk down to their significant other,

I know people who would decapitate their own mother.

The world is foul, cold, ruthless, and evil,

Goodness comes from within the nature of people.

Life is astoundingly beautiful and breathtaking,

Moving strategically; nobody knows the moves I’m making.

Listening to jazz, getting ridiculously inspired,

Smoking weed so potent, you won’t get any higher.

Locking down any area that receives my presence,

Discovering the strength of my spirit created from the essence.

The seeds planted only pursue growth,

Whether the day is sunny or stormy, all I see is hope.

The roots of tree branches bear its due fruit;

Will you follow the righteous path or let every demon loose?

Laser like precision on the visions I’m given,

Revelations change lives positively, with a swift incision.

Literary monster, publishing genius without a sponsor,

Confident, classy, and charismatic, so any land I conquer.

Future so bright that its like a heavenly blinding light,

The sojourn through the tunnel tells me to fight.

Freelance writing financed the start-up of my publishing company,

My subconscious has awoken, I know what lies in front of me.

If you truly love yourself, you’ll never be envious of somebody else,

Hatred is negative energy that’s horrible for your health.

Only focus on peace and love, watch your life change,

Every situation is temporary, don’t fret over rain.

Embrace pain, channel it into ways to entertain,

Be a leading example, and you’ll be labelled as insane.

Public scrutiny and criticism only should make you work harder,

Every odd has been set against me, it only made me smarter.

Concentrate solely on the passion, repudiate all of the numbers,

Target an audience, but market to the world, and become hotter than summer.

Prepare your thesis and move like the breeze,

I’m so sick with the words, I spread like a disease.

Fearing another man is cowardly and foolish,

Reading every mind, analyzing every event shrewdly.

Painting picture’s like Kandinsky, scriptwriter of movies,

Overpowering the false authority of the unruly.

Vicious like fights that break out in prison yards,

Always grind hard and play your cards.

Evoking a keen sense of humor and seriousness,

Impenetrable like steel, stronger than the iron fist.

The government is hogwash designed to oppress the people,

Nepotism is the movement I believe in for a sequel.

The greatest author who will ever grace planet earth,

I had legendary teachers who showed me what I’m worth.

Rising To The Top

Used to pitch ounces of weed,

Small time on the streets, didn’t buy into greed.

Could have easily started flipping pounds,

Made men, who put in work, were the only goons who were around.

Connected like the star’s glowing in the sky,

Full of love, passion, peace, and truth, eradicating lies.

Only lie to save your life when you are in danger,

Men telling their girls they hate me, there’s nothing stranger.

Small minds love being entertained by slander,

Every time they make a move they only meander.

Giant leaps and bounds are the only steps to take,

Every media broadcast is fake, corporations seize the cake.

Reversing the cycle, breaking into the publishing industry,

This is only the beginning, possessing amazing tendencies.

Building your platform takes patience and time,

Invest money in the correct places to shine.

Moments and struggles are only temporary,

Rising to the top takes a determined itinerary.

Raising a hand to a woman means you’re a sucker,

I left my old friends to ball hard like the Rucker.

Exposing the superficial with heat seeking missiles,

There isn’t one author alive whose presence is this official.

Law enforcement resides in the shadows, protecting the property,

The people deserve justice, it’s time to end hypocrisy.

Rooted deeply on a divine mission, making a thunderous transition,

Fresher than the newest edition calibrating sedition.

Staying away from the violence and senseless commotion,

Concoting a writing recipe like a healing potion.

Rising up like pushing the top floor on the elevator,

Laughing crazily at every jealous hater.

Taking over the entire province by storm,

Growing grains in abundance like corn.


The only hit I fear are the hands of God,

Lightning fast hands in a fight, knocking people off like the mob.

Hustlers won’t sleep on the genuine connections,

They capitalize situations from nothing, and never fear rejection.

I won’t allow anyone to step to me sideways,

Only value independence, doing things my way.

Stepping stones come in disguise, but won’t leave you deprived,

Focused on building a swift enterprise, only solutions subside.

Developing a squad with an unbreakable coalition,

Looking after others is like consuming fruits and vegetables for nutrition.

Be held accountable for the actions you disperse,

Breaking the cycle of every curse, the only place I finish is first.

Writing words down like a heavenly rendition,

Consolidation is the only route to my position.

Algorithms won’t determine the success I experience,

Speaking truth to the world, you care about appearance.

My generation doesn’t allow claims,

They shoot until your dead and blowout your brain.

These are the tactics utilized once your involved,

So don’t create problems and pray for resolve.

Pressure hasn’t made me nervous,

I get excited, articulate my purpose, and make you wordless.

Power is associated with intelligence, not money,

Admittedly, it helps, but I don’t care if you look at me funny.

Inviting all of the public scrutiny directly,

I’m planning to be worldwide like Pepsi.

But believe me, I’m not on the darkside,

I just understand the courage it takes to survive.

Drive and will only lead you uphill,

Ambition is only about going in for the kill.

Everyone has thought about giving up, after seeing no progress,

But seeds sprout from the ground up in a lucrative process.


Heathens are telling, snitching, giving out information,

Suckers live by squealing under the threat of intimidation.

The softest people talk the toughest,

Gentle souls are predominantly the roughest.

Leaving enemies depleted, flustered,

The devil is softer than custard.

Faith is about believing in every impossible action,

Live life on your own terms, constantly pursue your passion.

Going against the grain is harder than going with it,

Maniacal persona, attacking the fraudulent, always vicious.

Letting go is about moving forward, continuously pushing,

I’m not concerned about infiltration or people looking.

We all live on the same planet, but won’t stop fighting,

Peace is about finding God, investing in what’s exciting.

There are more problems than solutions,

Whether it’s now or the hereafter, everyone will experience retribution.

Inspiration comes from within and the outside,

But motivation is the only way to survive.

I took days off, but still manifested ideas,

Preferably, I don’t like days off; complex like onomatopoeia.

Putting my entire heart on the page, letting it bleed,

Praying I write material that helps others breathe.

The only time is now, focused to succeed,

Preparing for the future, the past recedes.

Steering deep into the abyss, shooting up from God’s bliss.

Effort and hard work pays forever, so I won’t miss.

What a blessing it is to be alive, let’s thrive,

If I set up a trap, you’re kissing the world goodbye.

Giving up isn’t a choice or an option for me,

Victory is the only obtainable goal I see.

Get your bread, invest heavy into land and property,

Build for the next generation to abolish this monotony.

Real Power

Money changes circumstances, but the world doesn’t change off cash advances,

The intelligence of your mind is the deepening of better stances.

When times bring pain I pour down passion like rain,

Grind to jump on the fastest train, the real possess shame.

I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of, creating my post;

Instances I only speak to God about, chilling by the coast.

The ocean waves crash against the crescent of the moon,

One is trapped on land, the other flies high to consume.

Losing sleep, sometimes night’s won’t end,

I saw the top within reach without following trends.

Switched over the dietary priorities; part of the veganism minority,

Promoting peace, love, security, and whole foods for the majority.

Sometimes all I do is write rhymes all night for clarity,

Eat a large breakfast, and push onto prose that’s a rarity.

I can make the hardest head listen up,

Beating their behind, sending them to the wolves; ravenous lust.

Being dead broke isn’t enjoyable or appealing,

All the mind processes is killing and stealing.

Very few are loyal, everybody is squealing,

Heaven is my place to reside, but I don’t know the feeling.

Planning to blow millions before I reach the age of twenty-seven,

Prepared for everyday like an hour after eleven.

Saving and investing before I spend,

Good outside of all these publishing trends.

Writing helped build an empire, capturing the intangible assets,

Coming in directly from all different angles, always multifaceted.

Bowing down to man is for the faithless,

God has got my back when I’m wasted.

Fearlessness derives from constancy and tolerance,

Compassion enters into the equation for a pureed providence.

Speaking on secret recipes, cooking up storms to prevent disease,

Epidemics are endorsed by the meat industry, invoking intrigue.

Empowered Visions

Imagination isn’t overactive, just rapid,

Lucid and placid, burning authors like acid.

On top of my game, fully mastered,

The view from the ocean is classic.

Persevering through the hunger pains

Writing is done from a place of passion, not for fame.

Creating lanes acquires you disdain

See the truth, people call you insane.

Events happen when they need to,

Scripts on the table, examining the read through.

Honesty is the best policy,

There aren’t any acts, so the world acknowledges me.

Guys are lost chasing women, messing up their money,

Sacrificing their business demands; this isn’t funny.

Appreciating even the bleakest moments,

Living in the present, ready to own it.

Certified with words, you need to earn it,

Channelling stories that are hotter than a furnace.

Messing with frauds will get you robbed,

Connected under the radar like the mob.

Rules aren’t always meant to be adhered,

Most people won’t take a risk because their scared.

Women are choosing mean over Facebook and Instagram,

If I don’t meet you in person, then you won’t cross my land.

Comprehending signals, seeing the invisible,

Keeping my eyes open, avoiding conditions that are critical.

Winning doesn’t make you divisible,

It only enhances the intensity of the visuals.

I’m out for all of the cream and the custard,

Growing crops and planting seeds like mustard.

Punishing the haters, non-believers, enemies, and uninspired,

Planning to get anything I desire long before I’m retired.


The highest, there’s no author whose greater,

I have the most haters, making an impact like a crater.

Pumping out words like their drugs on the block,

Shining under presssure, I won’t be stopped.

The rain descends down, lightning flashing brighter than tin foil.

Most see precipitation as negative because their not royal.

Fake people summon Satan when they pray,

Blooming like the flowers during this month of May.

I won’t spend time looking for signs,

God tells me to cherish my time, stay on my grind.

Forced impressionable smiles like the creation of tedious files,

Impeccable style, flyer than the design of marble tiles.

I swear I’m going to shine sooner than I think,

Switched over to veganism; no meat thawing in the sink.

Supplication is the foundation of every generation,

Bosses only kick it with bosses due to veneration.

Changing lanes, swerving into traffic, just avoided an accident;

Coming up through the adversity, burning up the flatulence.

Every time I write fire on the blank page,

Colder than ice, freezing up your rage.

Barricades were placed in the front of the doors,

Climbed up the castle wall, in order to really soar.

Power makes the humble man understand he doesn’t know much,

Burying the competition underground; call it a royal flush.

Writing is like the traphouse the way I stay up all night,

The emergence of light, plotting on me means losing the fight.

Nothing to lose, only the world to gain,

Born to revitalize the world like the essence of rain.

Hunger fueled by the passion for the craft,

Never worried about what happened in my past.

Planning for the future, making sure it’s in my favor,

The nutrients I savor, focused on succeeding like a laser.

Living To Give

If you don’t make me happy or better then I won’t come around,

Living in the library, but you would swear I’m in the sewers underground.

I don’t look for anybody to do me favors,

Drink water purified with no added flavor.

Had a lot of people bluffing saying they had my back,

We ain’t cool, you are just a sucker and hack.

Ageless due to a vegan diet, gifted genetics, and awareness of rats,

Mysterious like a cat, wisdom concealed under my hats.

Penetrating the impossible, there’s no way I’m coming back,

My best self is presented on the page, writing lifehacks.

Trifling women won’t get my attention or energy,

Working hard, hustling with the smoothest efficiency.

Ride or die is the motto, I don’t care about follows,

I love a freak who swallows, her head isn’t hollow.

Death is inevitable so make this life enjoyable,

The hereafter is either always magnificent or infinitely deplorable.

Bright lights, small city, but it’s major.

The kingdom is growing fast like a sixth grader.

I refuse to work a job I hate to put food on the plate,

Transformed my passion into lucrative career, I need all this cake.

Up all night thinking about how to make the next dollar,

Sometimes I’m writing a classic like a well-known scholar.

Taking no for an answer means you have given up,

Life is what you make it, don’t rely on the randomness of luck.

I don’t believe in luck but most people do,

Sick with writing poetry and prose like I have the flu.

Getting it in until the sunrises, what a celebration,

Listen deeply to what I’m saying if you need motivation.

Don’t bother to start a plan you won’t finish,

It’s like having money to buy a vehicle, but driving around a rented.

I don’t care if you’re religious or what you eat,

That doesn’t determine your goodness, beauty isn’t skin deep.