World Class

A demeanor of being sassy isn’t classy

I see a lot of stuck up women walking past me

It’s all good, if they don’t want to acknowledge

You aren’t a better person because you obtained a degree from college

You could become many things; just not me

I open every door, and I never bought keys

I can promote work better than any literary agent

The cake gets eaten, before the page is sent

The fast life is controlled by the remote I hold

Politicians are about appearances, their characters aren’t bold

I will admit, there are some politicians who try their best

But the system isn’t designed to pass God’s test

A federal election, doesn’t mean the country is changing direction

It only reinstates new bills to be passed for protection

Sealing copious capital that’s seized by fake philanthropy

The anonymity means: donating to a financial fee

The banks hold money, increase wealth and rip pockets

Grocery stores are full of shit, so a lot of people talk it

Business can be the most beautiful unification on earth

But the undercover colonizers like people fighting over turf

I’m at the top of the world, when it comes to this writing vocation

Mainstream success flows, effortlessly from my innovation

Remaining underground is my natural disposition

The impression bridges an indelible, eternal intuition

Commercial and controversial, the truth creates a smaller circle

I’m not leaving the clouds, like haze that’s purple

Nobody on this planet can knock my plane out the sky

Everyone wants a piece of my queen, she’s sweeter than cherry pie

The wind grazed my skin; tore up the clothes on my back

But I went straight to one-hundred racks–excelling at what others lack

The road to riches and success nearly killed my essence

Misunderstood wordsmith, genuinely embodying a massive presence

Express You

Hiding behind what others think, will make you sink

Be your best self–it won’t stink

Why do you think a lot of people are seeing shrinks?

Because they can’t face the truth; their life is on the brink

Without the spirit, we would all sound like parrots

I dig facts out of the ground, like a carrot

Constituting a firmer purpose, nobody can hurt this

The stronger I become, the more I’m told that I’m worthless

I intimidate, invigorate, scintilate and generate

The cells penetrate the unforeseen and innovate

Walking where you won’t go, the journey is cohesive

I have a fan base, who sticks to me like adhesive

The worldwide passion, is like a girl gone wild flashing

You see the beauty for a minute, then I’m onto other action

Ancient lessons that could be written on a sacred scroll

I see other writers sliding down, like a stripper pole

It’s a blessing to be true to yourself

Why puff up with pride, just to gain wealth?

A useless, fruitless; utterly derogatory practice

Roles are being played, like an award for the best actress

A gangster, thug and aggressive creature is one side of me

The other: is an angelic message that won’t lie to me

The third part to the equation has balance

Passing the tests presented is the challenge

Steroids are like asteroids, the way they are landing

Every product is a gimmick the way they are branding

I have all the pieces to the puzzle; call it a grand assembly

Everyone is trying to act like a friend to me

I have prose written like Mario Puzzo

But I switch up the style–I’m not looking for approval

The work I craft speaks for itself in volumes

The ear drums will burst open, like architecture columns

Gaining Stamina

Writers block doesn’t exist in my world, the countless ideas

I’m building the next block, I wouldn’t wanna be ya

The lethargy is setting in, these writers are fatigued

Compare any writer alive to me, and I’m out of their league

Compromising your integrity for money is an impediment

Dollars and fame has no correlation to your intelligence

Overriding these foolish pretenders with my splendor

Leaving my enemies breathless; there are no contenders

Raising up the competitive nature, supporting the authenticity

I won’t ever commit a single action for publicity

I’m revered, feared and undoubtedly cared for

But the future explains, that I should hear more

Alert, aware and inquisitive of my environmental impact

Those living a lie try to earn their sin back

What a wicked way to live a life on this planet

Close your heart to God, then you can hardly manage

The marathon is ran in record time, the gigantic strides

Dignity signifies self-respect, not feeble pride

Picking up pace, beating each case, enhancing my face

I’m ahead of the population, but life ain’t a race

I love being me, the feeling is extraordinary

My writing attacks the jugular, like a coronary

My stomach is as flat as a table, no fable

The affluence increases rapidly, becoming abnormally stable

I was patient on seeking publication

I became a household name, by my own representation

Pushing work into the galaxy like Samsung

Technologically advanced, hustling the server, you are left hanging like a tongue

The stars guide us, but you can’t measure what I provide us

The value is flawless, because Allah is right beside us

I would rather listen than speak

I promise the world I will gain more mills than meek

Unstoppable Nature

I’m crossing over to a new life, like Iverson and Hardaway

My memories were enlodged in the harder days

But I’m not even thinking about a dark path

The light I recite leaves you broken like a cast

I recognize when loyalty is presented, but its rare

If I want you dead, I put it in my swears

The streets, the cement, the cracked pavement is what I move through

I’m not slithering like a snake, because I have a lot to prove

Keeping the verses simples; popping authors like pimples

A woman is empowered by her intelligence; not her cute dimples

Every time the pen is in my hand, the weather changes

I’m sick with the words like I have a fever; coming from different ranges

My height can be measured, but my mind is like a lever

I turn on the heat, and make you powerless, cause I’m way too clever

Supernatural being, only speaking on what’s factual

I make every dream I have reality, the actual

I’m high like the clouds and sticky kush

I have a buzz bigger than Lupe with Kick, Push

Find a passion that you would gladly die for

I spread love that exudes out of my core

Men are quick to call women whores

Yet, they love to watch the sweat drip from their pores

The streets made me, I love what God gave me

The silver spoon is what I will give my baby

Opportunities are like the stars the way they shoot

I’m not an enslaved man like the movie Roots

Honor the deeds that you commit, the purest dignity

I was born to be filthy rich; grounded man, never fidgety

Showing much less than what I have–I’m forever glad

I’m a goodfella, but I’m the enigmatic static recreating bad

Limitless Potential

She has the courage of a lion

She won’t give up, she won’t quit trying

Even when she feels like dying

The abuse from a child molester left her crying

Her father entered her roughly

Complained about her technique; accused her of being rusty

How could she enjoy rape?

When a savage took out his anger on her, cause he was fake

She thought the violation was perpetual

But she didn’t understand why he was so sexual

She left home at a young age

Sixteen to be precise, trying to turn the page

Her body looked like a mature, vivacious woman

She started stripping underage, her status was pulling

Studied books, learned knowledge of self

But she was seen as a whore, with no wealth

Stacking for better days, rooting for salvation

Her sojourn filled with sorrow, gave her the trait of intimidation

She dictated the path she took

She became a successful artist, like Nas–made you look

She possessed the voice of an angel

God made her incredible from every angle

The feebleness subsided, she’s a businesswoman, who isn’t divided

The glass ceiling was shattered, the moneymaking became private

Rising And Climbing

I went from making calls, to calling shots

When my pen is in session, I enter your thoughts

Self-made popularity, you play charades

These games are bound to fade, like a parade

Serving Allah, and nothing else

He heals all wounds, enhances health

The contribution is relentless evolution

Fear, God, he delivers swift retribution

Gratitude brings better circumstances

I only respond to genuine advances

The ladder of success is easy to climb

What I bring to the world is divine, ultimately sublime

Getting up higher is what I require

I’m not into following lustful desires

I’m staying in-between the stars like a asterisk

Dissecting the bombastic, absolutely fantastic

The stress on my brain blew away like leaves

I’m a grizzly in Vancouver, like Bryan Reeves

I broke through steps on the ladder, became badder

The publishing industry has gotten sadder; full of clatter

I came to erase the frivolity out of existence

My work ethic is ruthlessly persistent

The days become shorter, and the nights grow longer

The weeks become faster, and I grow stronger

My life needed adjusting, the new beginning

Reborn into a self-made millionaire–constantly winning

Young, motivated, ready to invest

Expanding the necessities I need to get off my chest

I’ve been homeless, alone in this cold, cold world

But I knew my words are more valuable than diamonds and pearls

When I was told to quit, I only went harder

My novels beat money, cause they know how to barter


I see fools trying to watch my moves

Not focusing on yourself, what does that prove?

Bullet proof, because my heart could eat you

Never let anyone mistreat or beat you

I can expose all of your weaknesses

Putting strength and vigor into sequences

Ready to attack, the sword is on my side

But my defence are the rules I abide

Charging in full force like a lithium battery

Beating you writers down to nothing, stop with the fake flattery

My words bury your novels, poems, and short-stories

The graveyard is where you get the most glory

Scriptwriter, playwright and ghostwriter on the low

Each one is supernatural; a deadly blow

The phantom, I should rewrite the national anthem

I see these writers roughing it, like their camping

Take what rightfully belongs to you

This way: nobody will look through you

Show less than what you have–be glad

Getting mad, goes out of style fast, like a fad

I remember in the past when I had nothing to my name

Selling weed gave me a reputation, like a train

The money came fast, but this writing money is much faster

I tear apart the terrain like a natural disaster

Friendly, calm, and peaceful like Casper

I’m reciting more sermons than a pastor

Looking after my family, keeping them safe

You won’t cross them, like the forensic caution tape

I haven’t even come close to reaching my full power

But I’m more sturdy than a tower

2015, marked the year of publication

2016 will bring unlimited prosperity, created by my scintillation

Letter To My Queen

The chemistry was noticed by our enemies

The venomous snakes tried pinning me

But they failed miserably, cause I move with God

My queen is a pisces; a fish, swimming in the ocean like cod

There are lessons I wish I could teach you

But you need to learn on your own, so Satan won’t beat you

My queen recognizes I’m the greatest ever in this profession

The writing exception, impressing each session, leading the world out of depression

Beauty, purity, and piety in our hearts

Riding on the envious, ripping them apart

Getting figures; ready to poke anyone like Facebook

Homicidal maniacs–playing chess, just stole your rook

Weight is rising rapidly, the plug is electric

Conscientious, driven, focused, powerful and respected

Living by any means, enhancing the gritty scenes

Money used to be dirty, but now its clean

Getting together is a natural disaster, like a tornado

Molding life, impeccably, creating a republic like Plato

The world eye doesn’t watch either of us

Our third-eye is more wise, derailing the lust

Flying away, back to the home God made

Building on a caliber so high, the thoughts are sharper than a blade

The love you experienced before was evil

Just another lustful mind, claiming their regal

Pulling you out wasn’t part of my destiny

But meeting you made many think less of me

The trials and tribulations devoured all of my patience

But it was worth it, to have you inside me and adjacent

Gifts come with advancement, but curses have a bow

If I didn’t write this, you wouldn’t know how to glow

I penetrate your soul, by bringing out your best qualities

Nobody can prove how special you are; defining anomalies

Grace, intuition and flawless vivacity

Earth’s core is the measurement of your most simplistic capacity

The propensity for intensity, is why people look in your eyes and mention me

I know that we will both live for a century, no help from a pension fee

Poetic repertoire, is the way you walk, soaring like a hawk

Class is in session, but there’s no chalk

Being spiritually led back to me is what was planned

The demand, expands the land, like civil engineering bridging Japan

You will always be mine, the finest kind

Everything you search for, in my heart you will find

Loyalty is the condition we chose

Delicate like the petals falling off a rose

She said: set me free, leave me be, see the key

The understanding will come to you, like the number three

The struggle produces perfection–spectacular injections

Learning the wisest wisdom from deep reflection

You told me it was surprising that I was still alive

Put me in any predicament, and I’ll survive

Shining bright, like the stars resting above us

The most important factor, is that God loves us

The female version of me, the best representation

I’m faithfully yours, shimmering with indispensable litigation

Mainstream Dream

I see through all these fake smiles that beguile

I’m meant to be wild, cause the stacks come in piles

Literary crystals, awards more lethal than missiles

One of the few writers who always keep it official

Underground strategies, that help me live lavishly

I fill you up like a dentist, healing a cavity

Short-story competitions; setting the judges on fire

What I require isn’t what any other writer desires

Cracking the windows open, shattering the glass

Internationally known with a worldwide pass

The truth creates more haters and dollars

A studious scholar–I got these dogs halted on my collar

The corner is how empires are envisioned, the inception

I’m a wondrous visionary like Bugsy Siegel, the stable direction

Land, property, investing like I’m playing monopoly

Mainstream dream completed gritty and properly

Contacts, connects, the blood has been donated

Segregation was tested, but integration is debated

Upcoming, forever running, the magical formula

Mathematically, I see the essence of your cornea

Penetrating the grain, writing out of my frame

I plug you siliently, like the drain

Floating, moving around the world like an apparition

Supernatural pen–there’s no measurement for my intuition

The best poet, novelist and short-story writer alive

But most say my career is an illusion, taking the dive

The top is where I’m planted, the world is slanted

I spread love to everyone, the ladies say I’m romantic

Writing every single day, keeping the grind impetuous

Belligerent mind state, your biggest mistake is testing this

Certainly, only the greatest minds work with me

The details are acute, you know I’m a lurking, G