Eight Lines Of Justice

If you seek peace, then you must uphold justice

Principles held dearly; that won’t go busted

The cunning of Satan is the deception of direction

God gives protection, from deep, studious inspection

The influence I hold is staggering and gigantic

Liars will say they can create an ocean, like the Atlantic

Eliminating writers careers, stealing their shine

Ladies Prism will inspire an entirely original grind

The World Is Mine

You are reading a verse from the greatest writer alive

Welcome to my world, time to see what’s on the inside

Shaking the planet, most won’t understand it

I’m getting so many labels, you better can it

My wisdom threatens, its a living blessing

The resurrection, is a stellar lesson

I’m cleansing the soul like a lemon

My style doesn’t burn out like denim

Taking what’s mine, reserving the grind

I work on another plane; its simply sublime

Heaven inspires me, the ghostly variety

Society builds upon ghoulish propriety

Showing planet earth what they’re blind to, the saviour

Proving you should only let God define you, he won’t waiver

These fraudulent websites, blogs, channels, and performances make me laugh

Seeking numbers and attention–that aren’t going to be remembered on your epitaph

Higher And Fire

The plug to eat, lies within my words

Cheese in the mouse trap, sounds absurd

But that means nobody can reach their hand in my pocket

I’m blasting off, tremendously like a rocket

The Godfather, the king, the leader

Asinine moves are detected–destroying the women beaters

Young adults popping malignant pills, they seeking thrills

Chemicals are their priority, its what they call bills

The drug dispersal invokes senseless rehearsals

In reality, society needs a positive reversal

Guns no longer come dirt cheap

The next option is shank the sheep

All these heathens living proud; smelling foul

The way they talk, tells me, they already threw in the towel

The fake love pours down on me, like a hurricane

Before I was buzzing,  my enemies didn’t expose their frame

Proving that I’m a ruthless natural disaster

I’m acquiring knowledge from the masters, master

A powerful man, who doesn’t miss a step

Unaware, if I’m floating towards the right or the left

Treasures, jewels, wisdom, perseverance, and patience

Truthfully consistent, illuminating the unseen, vividly blatant

I obliterate what Allah hates, but give the believers encouragement and endearment

The visions I have are so enthusiastic, it improves your impairment

Born Passion

I possess the talent, skills and clout

The pen I write with, burns the others out

The government and industry fear me, cause I see life clearly

I’m serving justice to revitalize, the police don’t operate fairly

I was rich way before I started taking writing seriously

Knowledge exists forevermore, so I get judged terribly

My head rests with the dead, the immortally fed

Philosophy written exquisitely, you aren’t being mislead

My novels are prophetic, like David and Noah

Ladies Prism is a romantic constrictor like boa

I have more work coming directly after

They will all be independently published, invoking lessons and laughter

The first chapter will hypnotize, the following will enchant

A ceaseless moment in history, capturing perfection like a stamp

The best man will win, no matter what obstacles are presented

I bulldoze through the adversity, and demolish the demented


Friday is the inception of the weekend

Imam’s are constantly teaching

The sun shines, the clouds hover

I stay undercover, I’m a fly brother

The keys are unseen, but are in my hands

Each poem I write acquires new fans

The influence I create is a born anomaly

Unconventional ways, breeding a conscious armory

New light, new words, and fresh herb

I never forget that its God I serve

Flooding the world with meaningful words, building my ark

I feel like Noah, the way I see earth so spread apart

I’m fresher than the freshly pressed

I have fans and customers paying me until death

The days become brighter–I write more flames than a lighter

I have a hook so gritty, you know I’m a fighter

Freer Than A Bird

I’m freer than a bird, getting more cheese than a curd

I’m brutally honest with myself–that’s my word

Don’t get in your own way, do what pays

I’m not talking about cash, but how the leaves sway

The institution of freedom is instrumental

It’s a campaign that’s stronger than what’s presidential

I write words, you can vibe to

I discover what lies deep inside you

The lessons are blessings of confession

God is always listening, its he who I’m impressing

I get praises that are real and some are fake

The cake has been mine, so I take

The loveliness of life doesn’t have a price

I’m moving behind the scenes like mice

I put blood on the page, its a big expense

A true businessman, who is vividly intense

Life Is Lovely

I put my best foot forward on the page

The stage I write on is mistaken for rage

I’m relaxed and laid back, a humble cat

I listen keenly, so I can eviscerate rats

Struggles made me the man I have become

I’m dying filthy rich, you won’t measure the sum

The hustle I possess never stops

The timing is impeccable, its not on any clock

I’m harder than a rock, the haters mock

Money is nice, but I’d rather have the queens flock

The greatest gifts are everlasting and priceless

The visions in my mind are the nicest

Most say they love the lord

But worship an undertaker, who disconnects the cord

Secretly, they want what they don’t deserve

The truth stands still–I have racks on reserve


The plane just landed, the photos are candid

A vacation from life means, you left the planet

Self-published and self-made

The next step is more luxurious than brocade

Allah comes first, to annihilate the worst

I’m so happy that I’m about to burst

The purpose behind my writing is infinite

The posterity is flawless professionalism, an aphrodisiac so intimate

Women need to be protected and respected

The character of genuine women is divinely majestic

These games people play are sick and infected

Meanwhile, a new candidate gets elected

The votes won’t change how the world spins

History repeats itself, until the world ends

A new bill approval in parliament, altering the systemic principles

The system doesn’t support you, I swear on my ventricles

I dissect the evils of the world we live in

Propaganda funds the schools and prisons

Stories get articulated with a false narrative

My main focus is on what’s imperative

I’m an indispensable embodiment to this vocation

I welcome you to my world, you are reading the invitation

The words enter your soul, it sounds like classical music

I’m more popular than Eminem, the way you lose it

The Grind

Diligence is what makes me militant

Building on the highest level, reaping dividends

The drive is like a smoking gun, firing a speeding bullet

Digging nasty weeds out of the ground, I pull it

I’m focused on taking what belongs to me

I’m heard throughout the world, but very few can see me

The platform is bright like a meteor shower

My writing is one constituent that gives me power

The future is bright; I’m flying high like a kite

I prefer to move in silence at night

I’m pushing forward with relentless force

I’m smoking more greenery than a golf course

The poetry I write reflects my life in the purest form

I’m a one man army, when I attack, I swarm

Delivering a scripture, that can’t be measured on the scale known as the richter

The photogenic mesmerization, shoots a staggering picture


I don’t have time to chill out anymore

I’m on the grind, pushing words out, making the world sore to their core

I’m a living lunatic, but flyer than an airplane

The love keeps me flowing; I know cowards who fear my rain

I’m building an empire from the ground up

The crown I wear is like a historical boxing match–getting my rounds up

I’m a raging bull, bear, and a wolf

I’ll slice the swine up and disappear the hoof

The dogs bark, but don’t move my physical

The media makes my lifestyle sound pitiful and critical

The beast doesn’t rule my actions

Angels descend upon me, showing me the smoothest traction

My profile is so low I’m under the underground

I get accused of moving pounds

Truthfully, the drug game is far behind me

The talent I possess is what defines me