The Don’s Thoughts

Gentrification is designed to treat people in poverty like lab rats,

Identifying humans as numbers isn’t considered bad stats.

Social engineering pushes drugs into the hood, you can have that,

The port authority turns their head; money arrives on a fast track.

Women get raped and go missing; we can’t support that,

Feminism of the black man is an illuminati contract.

I’ve been around real killers, pimps, scammers, and dealers,

Women need to stop covering their blemishes with concealer.

I’m beyond fly, you haven’t met anyone realer,

Treat your girl bad, I’ll steal her, do more than feel her.

Debating facts to gain understanding doesn’t gain views,

Lies, controversy, and anguish is always misconstrued.

Possessing clout and mechanics stationed on another planet,

Colder than Pluto, hotter than Mercury, these words I brandish.

Mentally tough, elevating health; my physical is felt,

Holding up the province like the holes in a belt.

Society is unbelievably superficial, they only care about appearance,

Insecurities are created, self-loathing is the adherence.

Wise, but I’m foolish everyday, there’s always room for mistakes,

Praying for all of the genuine, locked up inmates.

The philosophy you eloquently prepare has been fake,

Gain knowledge-of-self before you reach your wake.

Filling out paperwork is how you make the paper work for you,

Read a book for a couple hours everyday, I implore you.

Planting seeds in the soil, growing a crop that’s royal,

Lowest profile in the city, hotter than a boil.

Mobbing directive, commanding a rare perspective,

The general’s general; all of my soldiers are protected.

I laugh in the face of death, never been afraid to breathe my last breath,

Outliving all of y’all is what I attest to confess.

Eradicating stress, never living to impress,

The only day I’ll settle is when God puts me to rest.



Crafting poetry and narratives; completely ubiquitous,

The function is serendipitous, salacious and promiscuous.

Verbal transitions, implanting empathetic positions,

Purely listening, glistening; absorbing positive energy defines my prepositions.

Reading body language is like opening a classic novel,

It truly pays to read the body, just look at models.

Changing conditions inside yourself guarantees wealth,

Disciplines build on elevation, the pillars of health.

Praying my words brighten your days, igniting the night sky,

If you want to become a star, you must fly.

Every person has leadership qualities, stop choosing to embody monotony,

Hypocrisy is a backwards philosophy, served psychologically.

Sending me to an early grave is like a performance without a stage,

Your hatred is useless, the harassment locks you in a cage.

Believing facts is the only method to stay intact,

Gaining momentum, increasing my stamina; I’ll never crack, remember that.

Scotian Breeze Apparel will start from ground zero,

Surpassing the label of hometown hero; million dollar moves like Dinero.

Organized, investing into my own enterprise,

Surrounded by the greatest experts, I’m not surprised.

People who doubted me are giving me too much to prove,

Before you think about catching me off guard, I already made my next move.

Nothing can be taken from me, this was already written,

Suffered horribly, when I decided to disobey my intuition.

Learning the hard way isn’t correct, but it gains respect,

Now I’m working harder, taking time to reflect.

The number one spot will be mine; this is what I expect,

Precisely, there’s nobody like me, cut from a cloth of supreme intellect.

Mastermind: who cherishes the grind, don’t waste my time;

Currently, the days are dark, but I’m strategizing to shine.

Feeling so spectacular, harnessing a witty vernacular,

Advocating peace, light, and love, the antithesis of Dracula.



Legendary status doesn’t come easy,

Soon I’ll be soaking up the sun, letting the waves splash my body in Fiji.

Hard work is all I know, leaving the blank page unsatisfied,

Satiating voracious reader’s, leaving everyone gratified.

Signing contracts, the deals are getting ratified,

Skipping stages wasn’t part of the plan, I’m never satisfied.

When success seemed unreachable I extended my reach,

Started growing faster, practicing everything I preach.

Watching the sunrise, smoking the finest kush,

I pay no mind to the corrupt, continuing to push.

Deciphering the bullshit is a long journey like getting full and fit,

The only books I know how to write are hits.

I’m accurate, pinpointing every target, I won’t miss,

Come at me and you’ll meet a fish, I’m not talking about a dish.

Multiplying generosity and ambition is the sublime transition,

Diet, exercise, hygiene, reading and relaxation are the keys to nutrition.

Developer, effective communicator, never was an insecure foolish hater,

Still making plenty of mistakes, serving food like a waiter.

Diamonds are the jewels I drop to stay on top,

Even during my worst days, I’m happy and thankful for what I’ve got.

Powerful direction is about a refined sense of expression,

Reveal your hand, the cards become like bombs of depression.

Discipline is listening to what’s beneficial,

Remaining official is using your mind before drawing a pistol.

Nobody can complete their dreams alone,

Build a team with the same visions; construct a home.

Poetry deeper than six feet, dangerously cold and unique,

Overpowering defeat, ensuring all of my enemies retreat.

Elevation like clouds full of wondrous precipitation,

Innovation sparks minds, leading a fearless generation.

I’m sending out invitations, complete the registration,

There’s no need for degradation; unmitigated situations.


Beginnings And Endings

The cycle of life and death starts and ends with a breath,

The only thought on my mind is to become the best.

The streets are getting strange, snitching is accepted,

Loyalty doesn’t entice relationships, it’s brutally neglected.

Every time my pen touches the blank page; Nova Scotia is resurrected,

Success only comes to those who don’t care about getting rejected.

I never feared failure or defeat; no need to retreat,

Production company by 2021; videos, documentaries, and philosophical beats.

A plethora of business ideas that will be executed,

Shocking the world, waking them up like they were electrocuted.

Crafting poetry, writing stories, composing words like music,

Presenting facts, backing it up with the evidence to prove it.

Love and peace is how I enter and they way I return,

Pushing my body beyond its limits, feeling the burn.

Daily goals are the only method to grow exponentially,

Apply knowledge, speak less, you won’t see me in the penitentiary.

Hatred, jealousy, and envy are weak emotions to harbor,

Everything isn’t based around money, learn how to barter.

Line for line I’m destined to shine sublime,

Time after time, the only elements of life that nourish me are hustle and grind.

Worrying doesn’t cross my mind, God made my faith too strong,

Open mind, curiosity to learn, correct me if I’m wrong.

Deeper than hieroglyphics, pinpointing historical lies; remarkably specific,

The illuminati murders mankind, advertising and brainwashing the masses to be sadistic.

All of this propaganda is addictive, it leaves you conflicted,

Understand the picture being painted, prevent becoming inflicted.

Progression is always in session, learning from every lesson,

The blessings eradicate depression, obliterating the devils suggestions.

I saw myself on top way before the struggle ended,

Rising up like early mornings; my spirituality has ascended.

Writing the script to my life is beyond nice,

The feeling is hotter than fire, colder than ice–a staple like rice.




Most authors have a nine-to-five after their books see success,

I’m making writing my career, pushing hard to be the best.

When The False Reality Of Martin and Ladies Prism launch they will explode,

International bestsellers is the truth that is told.

As time progresses they will only become more authentic,

An indelible mark on the world that will be reprinted.

Reaching above the stars, clinching the moon tightly,

The only methodology for my words to shine brightly.

I never let the devil fool me, so he can ignite me,

Low profile on these streets; watching your moves, you better tread lightly.

There’s nobody quite like me, I’ll knock you out if you fight me,

It’s all love, keeping my spirit down is highly unlikely.

You can feel the pain depicted in these words,

Haunted days turned into dreadful nights out on the curb.

The top is the only place I’m working towards, that’s my word,

Most people think that I’m absurd; they chirp like birds.

Caring what someone thinks about you is a weak road,

Disloyalty is snitching in all forms, I follow the street code.

Laugh at the people who stress about what doesn’t matter,

I’m the next up, outside the box like a batter.

Recharging energies like batteries, penetrating mental cavities,

Creating witty analogies, learning from my fallacies.

The first thing I do in the morning is write down something supreme,

The blank page revewals all of my wildest dreams.

Building writers up, then breaking them down is the regime,

Going hard, even when the negative energy tries to intervene.

Worrying is useless; all it does is cause a major sickness,

Moving with the swiftness, gaining muscle mass is the definition of fitness.

If you aren’t inspiring others, then I won’t spend time with you,

The only way to build with me is to keep it official.

Blessings only appear from the work you put in daily,

Naps increase productivity, they never fail me.


Hustle Or Die

Making something out of nothing, the beauty of creation,

Nations are set out to provide you a deceptive message, refuse the invitation.

The living dead are roaming the earth like their in bed,

Asleep while they’re awake, lost inside their head.

Vitality is my reality, reading about senseless fatalities,

Enjoy your meals, eat whole plant-based foods, stop counting calories.

Cool off with the splash of my pen,

I set people on fire, above Satan, determined to win.

Proposing unconventional methods, awakening the decrepit,

These are the visions I’ve been blessed with.

Certain days I felt like there was no advancement,

Surrounded by criminals, the law was keen on entrapment.

Quality isn’t appreciated like it was in the past,

I won’t hesitate to blast, I already ate you and went on a fast.

Used to wait outside the corner store just to re-up,

Most people are cowards who just seem tough.

I see through the treachery and conjecture,

My writing has a spiritual texture, the unstoppable lecture.

I’m about to be where the planes reside,

Floating among the clouds is what I decide.

Stuck in my ways, writing started as a hobby,

Translated the passion into a job, executed properly.

Started building a multi million dollar career truly,

Expanded into other industries is my duty.

Writing my heart out before the sunrises,

Seeing problems in hindsight, so there are no surprises.

Going even harder when the night sky descends,

Late nights, early mornings are the makings of legendary men.

The next day I repeat the hustle again with my delicate pen,

Creating lucrative patterns; no time to follow trends.

Devouring the black hole, reaching my goals,

I’m in complete control, focused on empowering my soul.



If you won’t practice what you preach I can’t stand behind it,

All I ask for acknowledgement, when I pass through I change the climate.

Life is good no matter the circumstances you face,

The disgrace is when you misplace happiness and turn it into a basket case.

The bad times are what make the good times feel like admittance to heaven,

The value of an hour gets you ahead like the clock striking eleven.

Positive thoughts turn into actions, which create positive results,

The predicaments you face are entirely your fault.

The blame game is a deranged range of jealousy and disdain,

Washing away my sins from the silver droplets of rain.

Troubling times invoke guidance and creativity,

Throughout the flames, I rose above those who thought about killing me.

Get involved in what empowers, the inception of meteor showers,

Consistently planting seeds so I’m able to bloom flowers.

Building a brand takes years, dedication requires you to bleed,

Part of becoming a better individual is opening a book, you must read.

Changing your ways is the only option to see brighter days,

Preparing a few new ventures, executing stronger plays.

Planning for tomorrow as I write this, the nicest,

Too many people are meandering around lifeless.

Thoughts are prayers that can save your life with no price,

Felt sick and twisted only eating a bowl of rice, trying to earn stripes.

The pain wouldn’t stop flowing, even though I was growing,

Working hard to obtain the stream of wealth; everyday its flowing.

Transgress beyond all bounds and you’ll never be found,

Real gangsters move without making a sound, the only way to run the town.

Depression, anger, and stress can be channelled into motivation,

Making emotions work for you is the quickest path to your destination.

Cooking up recipes in the kitchen, the finest editions,

Plant foods are what helped me full-fill my divine mission.




Higher Vibrations

Visions high above the ordinary thinker; my name rings bells,

Enemies smile in my face, tell me peace, they sense my intel.

Prepared for war at all times, dietary habits, exercise is refined,

Financially inclined to manage father time, uplifting the blind.

Ginger, garlic, carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, and peanut butter,

Naming a few healthy selections that keep me on my toes like a runner.

A lot of people only know how to speak of others in a negative passion,

Satan is a divine evil who creeps around the earth in a timely fashion.

Either you put God first or never believe in the revelations given,

Faith is the only path towards sustainability and better living.

We have all wasted time participating in frivolous activities,

Arrogance is believing in falsehood; a dangerous proclivity.

Seeing success for myself is like breathing,

Open up your mind and realize the blessings you’re receiving.

Business is about reaching negotiations, finding an understanding,

Walking out in a calm manner if you don’t get what you’re demanding.

Insightful outlook on the status of the world; the system is corrupted,

Changed up my plans, salacious women will always be seductive.

Telephone thugs act tough, but wouldn’t hurt a soul,

They are the ones who got beat down and told.

Catching me off guard isn’t possible, I see beyond horizons,

Jumping into the unknown; new experiences I dive in.

Executing your passion for free is a long-term financial investment,

The genesis of wealth in abundance; read the New Testament.

Leaving the block by foot is the only option, prepared to transform,

I’m like a rainbow that appears in the sky after a storm.

Reading, writing, cuisine, the depths of my dreams,

Organic business ventures; sixteen hour workdays to feed my team.

I only wish the absolute best for people and hope they succeed,

Helping others feeds the soul; there’s no time for greed.

The False Reality Of Martin and Ladies Prism will change the planet,

Universal messages, truth serum, prose morbid and romantic.


Heal Yourself

The grind is a necessity, very few people are impressing me,

Love for everyone winning and struggling, God keeps blessing me.

Exhaling breaths that have the stench of death,

Reevaluate your life before you live under a threat.

No sleep isn’t advised, but it starts up an enterprise,

Take time out for yourself before you meet your demise.

Put family over everything under any circumstances,

Purpose is an art like the performance of choreographed dances.

Lie to yourself and fall into a pit of doom,

It must be hard to breathe without any room to consume.

The devil says everyone is a good person,

His lasso consists of conjecture, treachery, and coercion.

Face the facts before you have to look back,

Regretting your decisions, ashamed of your foul acts.

There’s no time to waste; this place is a race,

A marathon to be precise, you choose your own pace.

Working harder isn’t always the answer for rising higher,

Prosperity should be reached decades before you retire.

I smell the hate in the air, all it does is get me hype,

Take a hold of the torch you harbor, create your own light.

Posted in the publishing zone all night,

Leaving the country in the morning to catch an early flight.

These are simple dreams in life, chase them while you’re granted respite,

I speak about where I’m headed, its a complete delight.

When you control your destiny, the predictions are right,

Others see you as dangerous, intimidated by how you fight.

The truth is only warriors level up on a daily basis,

Never become complacent, stay humble and gracious.

Devote the majority of your day to making tomorrow brighter,

These are the thoughts and ambitions of a fighter.

You’re reading the greatest writer,

I spark up brilliant ideas, carry the flame like a lighter.


Five Steps Away

Tattoos on your body, trying to signify your existence,

Frauds are addicted to drugs they stole, their valuables go missing.

The road to perdition, stagnates in a neurotic position,

They’re too terrified to evaluate their intuition.

Babies get slaughtered, precious new born daughters,

War cries won’t cease, the sacrificial martyrs.

Your perspective is either life is tragic or immersed in sublime magic,

Goodness pumps through my heart, but I’m still the baddest.

In the end: everything turns out for the best,

I can’t remember the last time I was stressed.

Humbled and grateful for any experience life throws at me,

Inspiring the ingenious innovators or making you feel ghastly.

Nobody is harder on me than myself, but I terminated the mantra,

Always knew I would be a literary monster, certified by my own sponsor.

I never needed to find myself, but felt lost,

Desolate corridors, emptiness inside, the quirks of being a boss.

Stepping on other’s necks just to come up is preposterous,

Longevity in every poem, the core is undeniably prosperous.

Tackling the transient, becoming my own management,

One business leads to the next endeavor, building a thorough establishment.

Capitalists are trying to trap us under the scope,

You know what I’m about; all I do is provide hope.

I had nothing to my name, no mass on my frame,

Started stacking serious paper, got publicized as being deranged.

You can say or think whatever you want about me,

Envious because you can no longer doubt me.

Kick started my own movement, screw a loan,

Do you think crowdfunding is going to help me buy a million dollar home?

Worked harder just to earn my spot,

I was beneath rock bottom and shot straight to the top.

Prophetic visions are always on lock like dead bodies traced in chalk,

Resurrecting my province, the greatest connections, that’s real talk.