Scotian Dons

Scotian Dons isn’t a movement or a lifestyle; it’s our essence,

Making the right decisions under the moon resembling a crescent.

I remember back when I prayed to assemble a team of official bosses,

We still gain knowledge, even when we take financial losses.

The wave we’re creating is astronomical and formidable,

Laughing at our enemies; what they do is comical.

You haven’t seen a threat this gigantic;

A promise deeper than the ocean known as the Atlantic.

Zinora and Kairell will grow up in a state of love and congruence,

Externals try to say they only turned out so great because of the affluence.

Admittedly, it helped the cause, but won’t make the man,

Squad full of underdogs who are hungry to gain the upper-hand.

Walking down the block smoothly, the stick up kids won’t move me,

They argue about who’s coming to get me like a dramatic movie.

Truthfully, you won’t rob the king, shining brighter than bling,

I’m looking down on the province; spirit taller than Yao Ming.

We run these streets, that’s just a constituted fact,

Years ahead of those who speak behind our backs.

I never had to carry a gun around with me, and didn’t have to fire,

If I ever do, I’ll train accurately, so my enemies receive what they require.

Read in-between the lines all you will envision is what’s divine,

Used to live a life of crime; murderous thoughts continuously cross my mind.

Expert with the knife, prepared to rip flesh apart, dismember your heart,

Spiritually I’m above the violence, sitting in silence in the park.

Peace and blessings is what my entire team promotes,

The entire planet sees what I’m about, staying afloat like a boat.

If there’s one certainty in life is that nothing happens before its time,

Believe in yourself, challenge your mind, fall in love with the grind.

Used to have a lot of haters, fakers, and snakes surrounding me,

One thing about suckers, is they won’t be caught astounding me.

Creating a new threshold that will go untouched–a brand you can trust,

Praying for forgiveness, my life sometimes becomes engulfed in lust.



Life Changes

Up late in the morning breaking zips down, bagging the loud,

Dimes, thirty bags and quarters, I wasn’t proud.

Fast money on a small time scale,

I watched fiends sniff monstrous lines; Hollywood rails.

Carried a knife on the side of me, enemies tried to get high with me,

Real city is serendipitous, I see through those who lie to me.

My connect was mobbing in the streets for over a decade,

Exotic strains in abundance, even silver haze.

I fell in love with the streets, wanted to take the leap of faith,

God told me slow down, switch lanes for a better fate.

Weed connoisseur, salacious nature, the whiskey gets poured,

Completing a vision means acquiring something I couldn’t afford.

I’m good on these streets, receiving love from ruthless generals and soldiers,

Organized paper, sorted out neatly like a folder.

Dealing with triads from Hong Kong to Toronto,

The underground king, vicious like tigers, we’ll pounce pronto.

I didn’t start writing and publishing for fame or money,

All I wanted was my passion to spread a message that’s loving, morbid and funny.

Treating novel sales like making a quick dime chop,

My books will be racing each other for weeks for the number one spot.

There’s no contract that can destroy me, I’m priceless,

Scotian Dons: my team is ruthless, direct, honorable, loyal, and righteous.

Ambition and generosity go hand in hand,

The world owes you nothing, create your own demand.

All of my day ones were hating since day two, except one,

Had to find bosses who weren’t afraid to take the ball and run.

Never had to carry a strap, but knew where to get many,

Hitting rock bottom made me work ridiculously hard, I thank Vimy.

I wouldn’t hesitate to take a life if it meant mine,

My transformation into a beast is swiftly executed by my criminal mind.


The Hometown Hero

My clique makes what refugees do look like paradise,

Mentality above the average; we’re cold as ice.

Capitalism is a decision that is destined to block minorities visions,

We look at the worst part, then sink into a slump–what a collision!

Stop trying to measure the complexity because you want to get next to me,

I’m still not used to people approaching me, I apologize for your lethargy.

Everything written on the blank page is the truth–real life situations,

Keep on hating; it’s a one way ticket to hell with free admission.

There’s nothing anyone on this planet can do to stop my regime,

My whole crew is eating, our bond is above women and cream.

I’m saying less now, but I had to manifest my ideas into my enemies minds,

What I’ve done and will do is weakening their grind, shining like a new dime.

Techniques on these streets that mark my whole squad as unique,

We’re only around loyal women who are down and freaks.

I’m from the country where the spirit is tarnished and depleted,

But I arrive and provide what’s needed, you must be treated.

Greatness calls my name every second I take a breath,

I remember when all I could feel was stress from the premonition of death.

My record is clean, just look at the paperwork,

Stop being hypnotized by trashy women who twerk.

Most women can’t afford to be around me because of my expensive taste,

Some tried to set me up, attempted to leave me flat on my face.

I saw through all of the deception and created the truest inception,

One rule: stopping the king is impossible, I’m all the way up like an erection.

Death is something I’ll never fear; it’s only the beginning,

Bases are loaded, hitting the grand slam walk off in the ninth inning.

When you see me passing through Uniacke it’s only for studies,

Money, music, production whether it’s storming or sunny.

I’ve been a boss since I was young and stupid,

Any plot you set against me is absolutely useless.

We all get busy whether it’s on the block, underground or commercially,

Keep talking foolishness, there’s no way you’re capable of hurting me.



The Real Deal

Promoting peace, the movement is unstoppable and vital,

We exterminate those who sing like a recital.

Snitching isn’t forgiven, the street code parameters,

Fresh gear and fitted, my circle is a diameter.

I’d die for all of my loyal dons, the city is in my palm,

Locked it down, I’m the boss whose stronger than king kong.

My battalion stays strapped, but the shots keep firing,

The streets keep calling my name, but hotels are hiring.

Everywhere I look the cops are trying to knock at my door,

Chasing capital, gaining momentum, hear the lions roar.

We fly the young hitters in to put in twork,

Leaving a puddle of blood floating under your shirt.

Violate this thing of ours and you’ll be sleeping with the fishes,

Unable to be found at the bottom of the Bedford Basin with your Mrs.

My right hand man is facing eight-twelve, the judicial system is foul,

Bail is $500, 000, captured the best lawyer and beat the trial.

I’m realest man in my city like A-Mafia,

We’re deep in the game, til death do us part like the opera.

The segregation ends now, this death needs to stop rippling out,

Everyday we’re cashing in, focusing on gaining more clout.

Two of my men are facing life sentences in prison,

Imagining about getting ahead, but struggling to complete the vision.

Pulling up in Rovers, Beamers, Benzes and new Audi’s,

The entire block is jealous, but won’t spoil the party.

Feeling sick to my stomach, watching good brothers fall from the summit,

They plummet and our enemies love it, these moves won’t cut it.

I’m surrounded by serious earners who won’t hesitate to bust their burners,

Young kids willing to bust for a rep, they’re fast learners.

I can’t even kick it with my dogs, the feds are aiming for a conspiracy charge,

Lost ten soldiers to homicides, and two who I wish were at large.

They say I’m a threat and want me wet and slumped in the ditch,

You won’t stop the real ones from getting filthy rich.

This is the new regime, an era for improvement,

Ski mask gang, covered in Scotian Breeze Apparel; it’s the movement.

Stressed out, losing sleep, thinking on how I can solve my problems,

All of these trifling women are cursing us by adding liquid to their cauldron.

Responsible for a team full of ruthless hustlers, pimps and killers,

Everyone knows the power of our organization; popular like Michael Jackson’s  hit thriller.

The devil is lining up my troops, leading them into death traps,

If you’re moving funny, then you’re clown–that’s a fact.

The battle was won, but the war has just started,

Building up Nova Scotia’s hottest new artist.

Writing and publishing are the only reasons why I’m still breathing,

Walked through the hood alone during killer season.

One man army, I can turn any enemy into a believer,

I know how I.Blast felt while writing airplanes, he wasn’t so eager.

The beef will stop; we’re busy planting seeds and reaping crops,

The strip won’t ever slow down; it’s always hot.

Squaretown is the hood where me and my team are stationed,

Sincerity has been celebrated, you won’t receive any invitation.




The False Reality of Martin will be stuck inside your brain,

Surpassing every author; similar to The Girl on The Train.

Ladies Prism will follow, shattering romantic embrace,

Stop supporting whack author’s; they’re a disgrace.

The written word is like my secret elixir, emitting more light than a fixture,

Blasian legend; targeted threat–a passionate, lethal mixture.

Only one remains A1 since day one, the hatred and jealousy continues,

I smell the envy in the air at every venue, you’re just more food on the menu.

You either have to cut off the cancer or murder people underground,

Either way, I exit unscatched, and continue laughing at you clowns.

The truth hurts, so what I write offends the weakest,

Islamic logic that can blow a disbeliever into pieces.

Working ahead of my time because the future matters,

My queen is becoming badder, she’ll shoot out like a bad bladder.

Truthfully: violence doesn’t create any resolute solutions,

Impossible to mess the king up, experiencing remarkable evolution.

Writing the genesis, you won’t see the end of it,

Outliving my most ruthless enemies–astonishing penmanship.

Overwhelming any vicinity, snakes act like friends to me,

Politicians say I’m a troublemaker, more deception spewed out by the industry.

Snitches are forbidden from contaminating my environment,

I’ll stop writing fiction for a couple of years, then come out of retirement.

Treasure Words Publishing is a literary goldmine, take that,

The only thing written down is pure, syndicated facts.

Far from a capitalist, but I want it all, even when I fall,

The footage I produce is always uncut and raw.

Winning takes confidence, courage and charisma,

I always knew I was going to make it, prepared to deliver.

Everything is hard hitting, the government fears my position, they hear my roar;

Turning down deals, investing in agriculture, land and real estate; hotter than the earth’s core.

Street credibility is the loyalty I cherish the most–character and honor

Everyday I get hotter and become a little bit calmer.



Live On Your Own Terms

Live like everyday is your last is a quote that I find is over-saturated, but should be embraced and practiced like painting pictures or nailing down a jump shot from area code distance. It’s time for you to get off the bench, stop spectating from the sidelines–hoping, praying, and wishing that your life will change. It’s absolute insanity to continuously do the same things that won’t work for you and expect a substantive change.

There are many scam artists promoting products and services that are all based off of attaining success, and to be truthful, they are the scum of the earth.

What is everyone’s infatuation with success? Why is the thirst for success overriding the value of knowledge?

Social media is partially to blame. There are many young impressionable viewers seeing teenagers, young men and women basking in their glory by purchasing million dollar mansions, luxury vehicles, gourmet meals, and five star vacations. Not to mention: they’re surrounded by physically attractive people, which creates lust–a burning desire for what they see on their mobile phones, tablet devices, and computers.

The other side of the coin is many feel entitled to have ownership of all these materialistic things, when in reality, even the individuals who are living lavishly don’t technically have ownership. Sure, legally speaking the paperwork may be under their names; however, everything on planet earth is temporary–nothing lasts forever and you must enjoy it.

Everyone should strive for the best possible life they can envision and execute, but without understanding what success means to you, all of your efforts will be in vain. Falling into the trap of comparing yourself to others only slows you down, and this infatuation with success has facilitated this very notion.

Money used to be the root of all evil. As these modern times continue to press on, the root of all evil has been shifted into the realm of attention.

Status is associated with all of the materialistic things I’ve mentioned above, and if you’re planning on chasing after status, expect a rapid decline. The sweetness of life that you associate with status will crack and crumble like a poorly baked cookie.

Completing any vision you have, whether it’s big or small, will be difficult. Nothing easy in life holds any value. Stop vigorously investing your time in what isn’t benefiting you. The sooner you exercise self-restraint and feed your focus to complete the revelation God has bestowed upon you, the better your life will become.

Living life on your own terms is achieving the quality of being capable of experiencing everything life has to offer.

Letting silly distractions intervene and deter you from attaining the life of your dreams is a daily occurrence that can harm us all in an instant. We are bombarded with channels of information that can cause severe corruption to our sense of well-being.

Visions always have obstacles that appear to be an external presence, but in the end it’s about conquering self to progress.

One of the major keys to life is never settling for what they will give you, instead, take what rightfully belongs to you by utilizing work ethic, enthusiasm, and dedication for the greater good of the world.

Change your environment before your environment decides to change you.




Grow Your Business: Study The Competition

Intelligent entrepreneurs comprehend the only competition is the reflection in the mirror, and to overcome adversity, we must defeat ourselves in a ruthless war of self-restraint.

Research Precisely And Concisely

Cornering the marketplace requires years of strenuous research, which involves studying other businesses that pertain to your niche market. This step is what builds the ground level. How do you expect to climb to the top if your feet aren’t firmly planted on ground? The answer is simple: it won’t happen.

Research and learn until you’re absolutely exhausted, and then continue with the process. There’s no time for games when it comes to learning about a specific industry. Cross-match data you stumble upon and find the correlations that concincide throughout all of your resources at hand. Take a monstrous stride into the unknown so you can become known.

Analyze, and try your best to synthesize the data they provide that “looks” like it has resulted in an abundance of sales. Never copy or settle for a similar strategy, because all that will do is hinder your efforts. Strive to excel, by going above and beyond what the next company can visualize. Definitely a good teacher to see what has worked well, and what hasn’t, so your business can capitalize, proficiently. The marketing tactics that are based off a solid foundation have the means for limitless growth, constituting a passageway for unprecedented techniques that can propel your business beyond others that are popular in the market.

Create Effective Marketing Tactics

I’ll provide a brief example: if you’re trying to startup a fitness clothing company, and you notice all of the popular brands are taking all of their promotional photos predominantly in the gym, and historical sights within the city that the company is based out of, you have an opportunity to fill a gap that the others missed.

Take photos in a secluded place; perhaps the wilderness? Bring equipment or develop a calisthenics session, which will accentuate being one with nature. This can promote the entire brand or specific articles of clothing that you feel are directly connected to Mother Nature. Marketing is always about outsmarting other businesses by thinking outside of the box.

Always implement tactics that are calculated risks. Experimentation is an unpredictable realm, you need to find out what works specifically for your brand.

What may make millions for another company, may do absolutely nothing for your company. Don’t set limitations by counting out an eccentric idea that could end up being a breakthrough.

Historically speaking: advertisements have been with us way before this world of information existed. This doesn’t procure instant sales, but what it does is build brand awareness, which is much more important for longevity.

Pay close attention to how others in your industry advertise their products on various media platforms. Normally, it takes a consumer to see the advertisement seven times to finally make an investment. Patience and adjustments must be made accordingly with every ad campaign you construct. Besides word of mouth–visuals are at a close second, when pertaining to a marketing campaigns efficacy.

Have a clean, professional looking photo; it could be of the product you’re trying to sell or a picture that deeply signifies the essence of what you’re trying to sell. Hiring a photographer might be an option for you if you aren’t the creative type. Just have something that’s eye-catching, ensure the color combination is appeasing to your eyes. Putting yourself in the shoes of your customers is needed, but the most important aspect is something you’re content with. Never use a photo that you don’t have a genuine connection to; concentrated demographics see through the deception. Have a photo that’s completely different from anyone else in your industry.

Invest In Solidified Copywriting

Copywriting is a style of writing that seals the deal on consumers making an investment in your company. The more succinct and direct that you can be, the better. Ask questions that aren’t only stimulating, but leaves anyone viewing the ad, into wanting to learn more about what they saw.

The more personal you can make the copywriting, the better it will fare. That doesn’t necessarily mean sharing something deeply personal from your own life, you could create a strategy that would execute that point of view very well–the backbone of it all is having something the consumer can relate to and connect with on a deeper level than entertainment. Gaining traction and interest is one thing, but if you evoke a feeling that’s unforgettable from an experience they went through, then that’s how you build a loyal following.

PR That Isn’t Spoken About Often: Cold Calling And Pitching

Unless you have insider information; it’s hard to quantify how frequently certain businesses pitch and/or cold call prospective professionals. This isn’t something that’s spoken about too much, because some businesses don’t do it all, and others may have a set schedule/time of the year they try to take a shot in the dark and reach out to gain new set of professionals who are willing to invest in your vision.

The pitches can vary depending upon if you’re trying to secure an interview with a magazine by contacting an editor or if you’re reaching out to a journalist for a feature in a newspaper. One fact remains: character and personality is defined by your opening line. The first ten-twenty words that they read when the email is opened is crucial.

Always create a subject line that’s concise, explaining thoroughly why you’re contacting them. And follow up the intro of the email with an insightful perspective on what you have to offer them. Remember, this isn’t about you; it’s about building up their platform and helping out the audience you’re trying to reach.

Whether it’s am e-mail or a phone call, you’re speaking to someone who doesn’t know who you are, make the opening lines captivating, so they’re willing to proceed. The value you bring to the table is what keeps people around, whether it’s business or personal.

Growth is about taking things one day at a time, planning sequentially, and making minor or major improvements on a daily basis to empower and encourage the universe.


The cosmic glow of the Carina Nebula as seen in a stunning 3D reconstruction in Hidden Universe, released in IMAX® theatres and giant-screen cinemas around the globe and produced by the Australian production company December Media in association with Film Victoria, Swinburne University of Technology, MacGillivray Freeman Films and ESO. The Carina Nebula contains two of the most massive and luminous stars in our  galaxy, the Milky Way. The original image was taken by ESO's Very Large Telescope.


Snitches tell everything to everybody, they won’t keep their mouths shut,

I’m not speaking about informing law enforcement, they all act tough.

Only positive thoughts bring results, the need to exalt,

Taking secrets to the death, they’re locked inside the vault.

I was never fearful of the streets or any of the hired assassins,

The only worry was the feds gaining information and traction.

I’ll never be locked up, but I don’t believe anyone is exempt,

Believing in everything I do and say, honoring the attempt.

If you really want to eat, you must sacrifice sleep,

The greatest creations are formed, they’re beyond deep.

Number one bestseller status won’t change my character or personality,

Failed more than most, I’m depicting the pain of my reality.

Print isn’t dead, because I’m reviving it quickly;

I used to be around a lot of people who moved shifty.

Anyone who complains hasn’t thought about the thoughts in their brain,

There’s no comparisons on this side; we aren’t the same.

Papoose of the writing world, Puff Daddy of the publishing industry,

My author’s outshine me, overshadowed by their success–readers define me.

If you aren’t obedient to the vision given, then blessings won’t arrive,

I’m a blasian legend whether dead or alive, every step I strive.

Knowledge is food, devouring concepts that defy a maze,

Bringing back the exotic strains; amnesia and super silver haze.

Without making someone else rich your wealth accumulates to nothing,

I’m direct, charming, cool, ferocious, and confident; there’s no need for bluffing.

The trenches always felt like a trapped momentum,

Changed up the velocity, created more tension.

Grew up in the country, but I’m addicted to the fast life,

Always envisioned a global perspective; traveling done right.

My hands are invested in everything, taking over various industries,

Entrepreneurial tycoon, laugh at those who act like friends to me.

I’m not competing against other brands, I’m buzzing in my own lane,

Protecting my assets, one mistake can put anyone back on the train.






Building A Team Of Experts

Successful people have a team around them that has unique perspectives. And with these perspectives their skill set is submerged in entirely different fields than your own.

Finding common ground between the esoteric notions can pose a difficult challenge, and accurately defining the objective is what differentiates expertise from amateur hour.

Professionalism isn’t only about the products or services you’re offering to the world; it’s how smart you intend to work, in order to fulfil your position. Working hard for sixteen hours everyday may not bear its due fruit like working smart for eight hour days.

I’m going to distinguish what attributes you need to examine thoroughly, which will define a team full of experts as opposed to working with amateurs. There’s nothing wrong with being an amateur, every professional had to start somewhere, but this is about maximizing your capabilities.

Time Is On Our Side

If anyone ever tells you that time is working against them or they aren’t sure where the time goes, then that’s a sign the day is running them, instead of being in control of the day’s outcomes.

Letting situations unfold naturally is needed, going after one dream at a time is how to make this happen. If you have people working for you that aren’t dedicated to your vision, they aren’t the right fit for your brand. The relationship has to be terminated, and eventually they will find work with someone who suits their particular area of expertise.

What works for another, may not always work for you. Everyone must enter the land of opportunities with their own blueprint. Sure, there are many who strictly follow a caricature to hypnotize the public into believing they are who they say are, as opposed to what they do. The despicable, who feed off greed, envy, lust and ferocious desire. There isn’t any room for subuversive nature, they say–gallantry fills the room, people feel good. Those are the tactics of people who are around to swoon you. Never sit down at the same table as competition, they will feed you a shiny plate and pray on your downfall. Once you have those characteristics out of the way, you’re now able to formulate a blueprint with a team who wants the best for you. This is a method to decipher who is who.

Be A Person Who Commands Respect

Once you have workers, and a company to maintain, people begin to depend on you. And the only way to pioneer innovation is through the lens of respect.

Looking after your customers first is the infinite wave of hitting astronomical numbers through sales transactions. And if your works aren’t happy, upbeat, and generally enthusiastic–how do you expect your customers to commit?

Survival in the jungle is cemented by orchestrating command. Taking a stand by making your mark in the world. Putting your life behind a set of beliefs to empower and bless the world. Cowardice stinks, and if those who work for you don’t see the profound possibilities in every opportunity, then they aren’t designed for survival.

Consolidations are what keep the business thriving, and the only people who will get you there are the loyal customers.

Building an audience who expand across the globe is only attainable by creating loyalty. And the only way to receive loyalty is give more of it.

The manifestation starts from within and latches onto family and friends. Then grabs your team and creates a masterpiece, which isn’t only the sentimental content deeply encapsulated in your products or services, but the transformational current that makes your audience eternally loyal and indebted.

Play Fair And Be Reasonable

Extracting the best possible work from your team is only achieved through justice and reasoning. There are going to be dark clouds looming over your business from many different angles, during inconvenient time periods. Pushing through the storm is only warranted if you’re just with your actions and negotiations.

There are three simple parameters that must be followed:

1) Pay them fairly and converse with them clearly.

2) Always pay them before lining your own pocket.

3)Always be receptive and open to their responses.

I will breakdown the fragments of these three parameters, exposing the nucleus, depicting the philosophical essence of how these practices defines power on Thursday.




I went from a living room to living in condos,

From eating one meal to organic tacos.

Moved from the condo to a mansion, the art of expansion,

Moving swiftly, you might miss me, rapidly enhancing.

Money changes a life for the better; more accountability,

Benevolence and humility, the mechanical agility.

Thinking back when I walked throughout the city,

Every part is dirty and pretty, beautifully, witty.

Appreciative of everyone who crossed my path,

I pray they all come up fast, the speed is a blast.

Flying amongst the clouds, international destinations,

Leading a whole new generation, remarkable dedication.

Devoted and patient, my footsteps break up the pavement,

Freed from bondage and tortuous enslavement.

Living past a century, the blasian king,

Legendary author and publisher, investor, philanthropist, still wearing his ring.

Getting too far ahead, let’s rewind it back,

Young, sexy rebel on magazine covers, sharp as a tack.

Wealth is spiritual growth, appreciative connectedness to the world,

Lets stop exploiting and demeaning young women and little girls.

Loyalty is my thing, but most of you sing,

Breakdown, stress out, over a king?

Dynamics shift, this road is a gift,

Followed through with my mission–vegan intuition.

Outliving sedition, breaking in new traditions,

Words caused my enemies to run out of ammunition.

The stream of money ripples, created the waves,

Scotian Breeze is on top, light up the super silver haze.

Tore down the maze, cannot be broken apart,

Ferocious like a tiger, big balls with a lot of heart.

If the conversation doesn’t inspire or teach I won’t entertain it,

Prestigious reputation like my name derived from Cambridge.