Ladies Prism

My latest novel is coming soon

more ancient and philosophical than the ruins

my writing can’t consume

it will only lead you away from your evil doom

writing is an intricate passion

if it were a cruise ship, I’d be the truest captain

I’m all about action

step to me and I’ll stop your lips from flapping

peaceful for the duration

just don’t come around with a game of faking

I’ll leave you wasted and burning

showing you every penny your earning

I love women for their insane divinity

holy like the lox trinity

this romance novel will redefine the genre

recreating the realest form of nine lives karma

Ladies Prism will be my last ever blog post

dealing with people from coast to coast

keep an eye out for all of my novels to be released

the concept, substance, and message will never deep sleep

my website is destined to shock and amaze the masses

hot as the sun giving you chills so cold you envision icy hot flashes

Catch And Release

realeyezlife avatar picture may be black and white

he’s black like darkness who will never cease the light

what I do is right so he could never put up one fight

my spirit is tight; taller than my height

giving me fake praises

you’re a piece of shit cause you know I’m contagious, and your just lost in my mazes

a faggot, maggot, and cockroach

my entire house could be dirty black,and you still couldn’t sit on my couch

you’re an algorithm that’s never been living

no human being could like every post rapidly fast, you must be kidding?

you’re a robotic notion

I’m one with the ocean blasting off your frivolous commotion

I’ll kill every dog, dolphin and pig

you ain’t healthy for anyone, you’re only microscopically big

copying the pigmentations of The False Reality Of Martin

your mom is a leach of greed who can’t stop farting

I always catch and release

my knowledge wore you down cause I’m the best treat

thanking God for giving me this test to pass

elevating my Stratosphere to an entirely brand new class

you have me constantly laughing with what your flagging, I’m nice to women; if this were 1942 I’d call them madam

I got you bowing down to me cause I’m something you can’t fathom–always been swifter than Adam

you spent two months trying to mess up my dough

Alhamdulillah, for giving me the intelligence to right a light show


Dogs, Dolphins, and The Devil

I am about to make a post that will make minds bubble. This will absolve my soul and yours of all my troubles. Dogs are the “purest” trick from Satan, stationed on this planet to formulate hating. Why do you think your dog loves you when nobody else does? That’s Satan tricking you again showing you absolutely no love. Dogs come in various forms of species while the carpet holds all of its feces. Dolphins are the devil in the water. Why do you think tourist’s attractions call her? They may be intelligent, but it’s just a trick to make you dumb. They can’t run through the water, they don’t have the strength of a shark’s gun. The movie Jaws was created to lead you astray, trying to prove sharks are dangerous. The Simpsons already depicted the greatest form of cartoon, but most believe there’s nothing stranger than this. 7 is the God number and each letter in the dolphin represents evil. Now, what do you think is at the end of this trio?
Dogs, Dolphins, and The Devil


Fake women selling their fake souls

I get bread and watch them roll

the real on Twitter always acknowledge me

showing them the greatest ontology

everyone is fondly observing

my mind is like the fastest traffic swerving

everything I reap is deserving

everlasting; never curbing

what’s the word Jinn

I rocked you out of your shoes to show you who you’re serving

lowering the gaze of my art

hate it so much, but I need to show fans where to start

just used a Papoose line from the heart

wheels rolling faster than any cart

females, women, and wives follow me in secret

truth is, their boy toy, boyfriends, or husband are angry that my mind is the deepest

new Satan followers try to touch me everyday

each letter in my tweet tells them to go away

in my stance I’ll back you down and spray

your soul is stuck in the last month like May

not Charles Manson but I create helter skelter

obliterating your soul sending it south for shelter

not a bird, but I fly south for the winter

only been sick a handful of times in my life thanks to ginger

International Presence

International presence is a true international present

receiving the jewel known as the 11th

if death isn’t pleasant

then why are the angered yelling?

I’m sure the real know what their seeing

a canvas of me murdering every demon

have a serious financial action plan

got a presence from Nova Scotia to Pakistan

the summer solstice is arriving tomorrow

I put my province on the map, it will never be borrowed

watch the tourism rates rise to an all time high

politicians won’t be giving me a supply

majority of those devils need to die

realizing the value of every lie

who’s stopping the rain from the sky?

can’t be you or me because we don’t have the supply

soon to be huge in Hong Kong

got the king name in my blood known as Wong

I’ll resurrect my grandfather and all of his ancestors

Tai Po will love me; never choking under pressure

getting hype from what’s in store

if you want me dead I’ll take you to war watching your soul soar through my eyes off the floor 


I’ll Cure You

I’ll cure you assuring peace

my soul knows my physical so I’m murderous on these streets

got caught in a position where I thought I had to slaughter

turned out to be a sign from my unborn daughter

as a man you need to ask yourself who your going to father

when I asked myself the question she definitely saw her

medicine from my words sending out healing vibes

don’t allow a snake to turn you into lies

prescribing antibiotics demolishing the masonic

most mouths are now rectums needing a colonic

drinking supersonic tonic

I just hooked you hard like phonics

just gave you a rhyme scheme known as 2-4

my heart is protected by the earths core

I know you want more

the haters want me to stop so they can even the score

My Purest Prophecy

My purest prophecy has zero monotony

mastered the masters ecology

been writing my whole life even before I could speak

taught myself to read at 3; I’ve never been weak

always on an adventure to master my facts

lacking knowledge is something the majority lacks

they may know that the minority is trapped

but why do they never want to tip their hat?

hatred has been constantly on the outside

philosophical quadrants reached with no lies

soaked all of the filtered knowledge from high school and college

linguistically embodied a new Ebonic installment

stopping me is impossible

I already predicted my death held culpable

that’s means I’m already dead, ready to shed

like immortal technique I’m well read

now my heart is immortally fed

while you rest alive, but remain dead

knew I was destined to get discovered very quickly

could have been traditionally published already–truth is, they miss me

I already know who I have my independent distribution deal with

it just won’t be mentioned until it happens so no soul can steal it

when the year 2017 hits my fans will be saying I fell off

they’ll just be below my thoughts with dirty feet and no socks

only going to publish one novel that year

I’ll be making real businessman moves to instill fear

releasing one of the greatest mixtapes your ears can hear

hip hop is in my veins, but I’m the realest writer I swear

been studying poetry as my form of religion

my incision gives every single living cell a division

Midnight Prayers

Midnight prayers are an essential credential amalgamating my mental

I clean myself up properly, my teeth shine bright in the dark cause I’m dental

bowing my head to Islam, letting Allah tell me its on

repentance won’t be extended after your gone

once I’m finished I read the Holy Qur’an

repetitively speaking fondly outside my physical, you could call me an Imam

I read through at least one Surah, but I always try to stay long

if I leave Allah astray then everything will surely go wrong

patiently waiting; constantly saving

my soul becomes whole, I’m spiritually raving

every argument was won with no debating

floating outside of my body restaging

spiritually divine is my inclination haven

acquired knowledge more legendary than Edgar Allen Poe’s: The Raven

now only Allah can see the hand I’m waving

I can’t see his hand waving back, but I know what the greatest does will always surpass amazing

now, there are nights when I’m completely drunk under the heaviest influence

I won’t ever be allowed praying; stuck participating in sin consuming

nothing comes past me–my alcoholic level is strong

when I’m loaded I sing some of the deepest songs

there are other nights when I’m floating off the haze

some say it makes them peaceful, but I feel destined to slay

I’m always very exuberant and happy when intoxicated

however, I imagine murdering many who are cursed by the hatred

falsifying reality doesn’t even bring me anywhere near the demons

I locked up Shaitan, Shayatin, and my personal Jinn when I produced my first semen

can you only imagine how I think when I’m mad

I’m glad complete stillness is present in my mind or I’d leave families mourning sad

I have a horrible temper

signing hollow tips or knives of combat is what I’ve indentured

this 32 was meant to show you balancing violence

my sickest thoughts occur when I sit peacefully in silence

Ladies, Please Stand Tall

Ladies, please stand tall, don’t let a boy duck your calls

a dog will just play with your emotions like his ball

he’ll reach his goal of busting his nut

then he’ll be the first in your social circle to think and publicly call you a mutt

I know that type of ridicule can seem like it’s beyond tough

but you’re the one who’s making it rough

you could have left him at anytime

yet, you decided to stay thinking it would be sublime

don’t fall for his foolish trickery

these type of actions need reprimand of a shifting fee

kick his ass to the curb before it’s too late

it’ll be the first step to enlighten your fate

if he tells you that he loves you please don’t believe it

real men show their unconditional affection and mean rich

if a king truly loves you he will never think of calling you a single name

you’ve just cemented a place in his heart that’s connected to his brain

The last day is very near. All of the signs are evident–this is very clear. The population as we know it won’t live to see it. I guarantee most would rather die before having to cease their gift. It will come when my children are raising their children. I’m just going to warn them that they won’t be protected by any form of building. This will be an entirely brand new population that gets to see the planet earth on its last day. I just hope the future is thankful for my warning because it will arrive during the month of May. 

Alphabetical Slaughter (Dedicated To Papoose)


Alpha Assassins Are Always Alert As Aerodynamically Apprehensive Airplanes Angiogenesis Acts Abrasively Abusing Attitudes Aiding Accolades Airing Automated Annoyances Awesomely


Bell Been Banging Bodies Before Birth By Bashing Business Blissfully Blinking Bashfully Bubbling Bodacious Babes Bottling Beds Beyond Belief Briskly Bounding Bodegas Blaming Bitches Bouncing Beasts Blatantly Bringing Beautiful Bonds Building Bearable Babies


Criminals Can’t Coexist Cohesively Cause Cops Crack Chemically Concerting Concerns Candidly Credibility Contacts Cringes Calling Conniving Creatures Courageously Clinging Cold Cash


Dead Dogs Don’t Deceive Danger Dopeheads Dodge Demeanours Delicately Diving Deeper Digging Dirt Dampening Degenerates Decisively Dealing Deceitful Demands Diligently


Energetic Enigmatic Entity Enveloping Environment Effortlessly Easily Enormous Epistemic Evocative Ecology Every Economist Envies Endeavours Emancipated Eerily Equivocal Erogenous Energy


Fuckery Fools Fakes Filed Facetiously Forwarding Figures Fictitiously Forming Failed Facts For Founding Fathers Farming Forbidden Fruit Fiercely Feeling Free


Government Gives Ghettos Genocides Graciously Getting Gwap Grabbing Gentlemen Gossiping Gaps Growing Greed Gets Graphs Going Gorgeously Groping Gems Gradually


Havoc Has Hills Hanging Hopelessly Hitting Hammers Holds Hypocrisy Heavily Hauling Hate Having History Hermetic Happening Horrifically Hoarding Holes Heeding His Hoax


Illmatic Intriguing Individual Isolating Interests Integrating Icy Institutions Illuminating Issues Idioms Is Information I Indulged Indispensable Independence Interview Ionic Input


Jueveniles Jeux Justify Jubilant Juries Judiciously Jamming Johnny Jumping Joints Joining Jackasses Jokingly Jeopardizing Jealously Jails Jack Jeans Jingling Jaded Jargon


Kyle Kicks Keen Knowledge Killing Klu Klux Klans Keelhauling Keepers


Loving Logically Living Lavishly Levering Large Loads Leaking Locks Leaving Lotus Eaters Lapped Lush Lives Lead Losses Linking Longitudes Leaving Lookers Lost


Muhammad Made Me Miraculously Measurable Moving Molecular Modes Ministering Majorities Minorities Murder Most Men Majestically Messing More Masses Mastering Malicious Mishaps


Negotiating Nights Never Nesting Napping Nor Nestling Notions Need Needles Naked Necessities Nauseate Nicotine Notes Nailing Nameless Naive Narcissistic Nobodies


Overcoming Obscenities Obtaining Overlord Opulent Occupancy Of Ontological Oneness Only Organic Organs Opening Oppositions Ostensible Oasis Octaves Outing Opponents Ounces


Papoose Produces Predicates Paragraphs Proposing Phenomenal Propositions Placing Philosophical Precision Powering Pilgrims Pushing Pounds Pleasantly Positing Penmanship Pouring Philological Platforms Perishing Peoples Presence Politely Please Park Protoplasm Properly


Quaking Quotients Quizzically Quoting Quacks Quality Questioning Quests Qualified Quantities


Revenue Runs Recidivists Rapidly Reproducing Rancour Resisting Roars Recollected Rage Ruins Rituals Realism Respects Roots Routed Relevantly Rushing Rates Realize Reprimand Recklessly Ruling Rent Relentlessly Resting Ranking Reconciled Racists


Scotian Skills Sequentially Scribble Superior Sounds So Structured Setting Secret Schematics Scouring Stages Strategically Spacing Spots Selling Songs Soulfully Starting Schemes Stellar Supposing Solar System Stars Storing Stoicism Still Steadily


Triggers Take Totals Tenaciously Tilting Time To Trouble Thresholds Turned Terribly Telling Tomb Tales Trapping Thugs Therefore Tarnishing The Truest Truth


Underlying Unequivocal Unified Underdog Using Unobtainable Unique Utterances Underrated Undiscovered Ubiquitous Ultradian Ultrasonic Umbilically Umpteen Unaltered Unanalyzable Unabated Ultimacy


Violent Vigilantisms Vow Vengeance Vividly Voting Viciously Verifying Vapid Vicinities Vocational Vacations Vent Very Vandalized Visions Valuing Vast Vindictive Victories


War Was Watchful Whisking Waking Whims Without Worrying Wildly Wasting White Wine Whisky Weed Willingly Wandering Woes While Wearing Wilted Wishes


X-acto Knives X Chromosome X Men X Height X Rays X-Radiation Xenology Xenotransplant Xylem


Ying Yang Yields Your Youthfulness Yeast Yells Yo-Yo Yamming Yelping You Yankee Years Yellowback Young Yeezus Yo’s Yet Yearn Yesmen


Zodiac Zips Zaps Zeal Zest Zaftig Zoologist Zulu-Tribe Zimbabwe Zoe-Pound Zillionaire

Welcome to Alphabetical Slaughter (Dedicated 2 Papoose)



Q1: How long did it take you to produce this scripture?

A1: I mentally prepared for two days, and it took me a little under two days to write it. I’m the 3rd person to do it, and the best next to the creator himself known as Papoose.

Q2: Did you use the Dictionary for references?

A2: I only used the dictionary for the x section of the onslaught. I wrote most of this at work. I fine-tuned the rest at home.

Q3: Will you do Z-A?

A3: I definitely will start writing Z-A very soon. I’m just mentally preparing myself for it now. I won’t publish it anywhere unless I get the go ahead from Papoose because he only challenged anyone to do A-Z, and not Z-A. Z-A will be a level higher than A-Z, there won’t be any reduplication of words from A-Z.

Big shout out to the king of New York–the greatest lyricist alive–Papoose. He inspires many on this planet, and paved the way for me to produce this scripture. The entire nation of Thugacation is a legacy, movement, and dynasty that won’t die. Long live Thugacation!

The False Reality Of Martin:

The False Reality Of Martin:  (Kindle Edition, PDF)

The False Reality Of Martin: