Dragons, Sharks, Wolves

We’re running the runners up, building brands you can trust,

Calm, cool and collected; reality is tough.

Believing in luck is like honoring the lottery,

You won’t lure God out of me, experienced massive poverty.

The come up is majestic and respected,

Every lie told, I see through; its pinpointed, I’m protected.

Career orientated, devoted strictly to my business,

Praying for a melanin queen I can have kids with.

Shooters ready to ride for me across the nation,

But I’d rather stab them myself; death can easily be your invitation.

Studied the anatomy down to the nasal cavity,

What I plan on making in a day is what you call an annual salary.

Swimming with sharks is dangerous and vicious,

They don’t size up to me; my benevolence destroys what’s malicious.

Making memories that will last generations,

Every single day, I look towards the future; sublime litigation.

You won’t take away what I earn, every belief is firm,

My touch is deadlier than lethal germs.

Grinding like everyday is my last,

Thankful that I woke up, reflecting on my past.

I can walk anywhere I please; writing hotter than degrees,

Selfless actions are part of my world; beautiful like the seven seas.

Always showing love that’s graced from above,

Taking advantage of me is impossible–spirit whiter than a dove.

It takes a lot to impress me; her soul must be sexy,

Passed the test before you even test me.

Flying in the sky, the clouds stiffen the breeze,

All the queens I mess with are serious; they’ll never tease.

Never underestimate the power of a child,

My mentality is wild, the money will come in piles.

Taking over the publishing and fashion industry,

One of the greatest designers ever; my apparel and lingerie are the epitome.



Forever fruitful; deeply rooted in faith,

Focused on passing through heavens gates.

Always understood I had an incredible fate,

Nobody can take food off my plate or ask what I make.

Taking respect that I earned from my writing prowess,

Good intentions on my mind; desecrated the malice.

Selling books like the times I bagged up dimes on the streets,

Perspective deeply unique, the world listens when I speak.

Listening and observing more than I’m talking,

Sealing up the holes to success like calking.

Used to re-up with the money I flipped from small time drugs,

Now everything is legal; solid reputation, the haters need a hug.

People I robbed walked by like they didn’t see me,

I laughed, kept it moving, you won’t play me like a CD.

Even when you think I don’t see through a lie, I see it;

Every instance doesn’t deserve a remark; what I believe I’ll be it.

Nobody used to talk about me; now all they do is create lies,

The only relationships I believe in are family ties.

We’re moving heavier than what you can imagine;

Family Over Fame times Live Gang gives women an orgasm.

Unstoppable methods; my spirit is beyond intrepid,

Bugs in the wall; the feds have most buildings infested.

Once the lights dim, the repentance for my sins allows me to win,

Setting every trend, prison is out of the question, I won’t bend.

Uplifting those who are engulfed in the darkest corridors,

Wings on my back like an angel; all I do is soar.

Converting negative energy into positive–what a blessing;

Healed my pain by writing down my deepest lessons.

Wise guy like the Sicilian mafia–every line is proper,

You won’t touch my queen; all of the evil flies off her.

Either you are on my side or showing me fake love,

I know what’s genuine, coming out clean like I jumped out of the tub.



Misery needs company, but they won’t get me,

Enemies scatter and flee, the devil is their dependency.

You won’t put your hands in my pocket, trust me,

I look around and see a bunch of clowns like Krusty.

Far from the hardest, toughest, or roughest being,

Out to get this cream, by chasing my dreams.

Evil disintegrates from the goodness I administrate,

Constantly changing, ready to innovate a real estate.

Productivity is what pushes us beyond our limitations,

Always building on elevation for the future generations.

Only family around, they won’t hunt me down like a hound,

Move without a sound; silence is blissfully underground.

Writing and publishing turned my life into luxury,

Ducking the Fed’s, living sucker free.

When I move left, you think I move right,

Capturing delight, within the pain of plight.

Situations get wild at anytime–not just at night,

When I put up a fight the combinations are landed right.

Standing tall above opponents is the atonement;

Any materialistic thing you see me in, I own it.

The richness in life doesn’t have a price tag,

Even when I was broke, life wasn’t truly that bad.

People are so superficial they complain about nonsense,

Concerned about social media likes, engagement and comments.

Grinding like gears that need fixing,

Planning to travel the world with video vixens.

Business movements facilitates discipline and power,

Connected globally like the signal in cell phone towers.

Every year I become stronger and hotter;

Zinora will be a magnificent queen–a brilliant daughter.

Profile so low I’m beneath the sewers,

My verses poke through your meat like a skewer.

The cosmic glow of the Carina Nebula as seen in a stunning 3D reconstruction in Hidden Universe, released in IMAX® theatres and giant-screen cinemas around the globe and produced by the Australian production company December Media in association with Film Victoria, Swinburne University of Technology, MacGillivray Freeman Films and ESO. The Carina Nebula contains two of the most massive and luminous stars in our  galaxy, the Milky Way. The original image was taken by ESO's Very Large Telescope.

International Moves

Still in my province making power moves,

Business mind so precise and shrewd.

The devil is incapable of watching my moves,

I stand with God, so his spirit is what I exude.

All of the hate I receive is because of lust and greed,

If you want to get physical then I guarantee you will bleed.

But the violence is so far beneath my visions I find it funny,

A whole foods plant-based diet is sweeter than honey.

I stopped giving handouts and doing favors for the weak,

My future is so bright, so all of the haters won’t draw their heat.

Been through situations I thought I wouldn’t survive,

The colonizers conquer and divide, but unification is my stride.

Family Over Fame will enhance the local community; infinite instruments,

When I reach out to you, you are unable to measure the extent.

Everyday I rise higher and continue to graciously repent,

Shooters behind me that will bury you beneath cement.

If I can’t put in work myself then I won’t pick up the phone,

The city I live in is so crazy, but it’s a place I’ll always call home.

Never ran, never will, I’m not afraid to kill; empowered by God’s will,

I’m not seeking thrills, climbing hills; working hard to pay the bills.

Living the fast life in a slow city–becoming a mogul like Dame and Diddy,

Promised to keep it gritty, turning my back on the streets is like never being witty.

It won’t happen; propelling my squad into new dimensions of rapping,

Cunny Ross will be accepting a Grammy; the whole crowd will be standing and clapping.

These future predictions are accurately depicted; Family Over Fame is so gifted,

Every time my pen touches the blank page, I feel so lifted.

If you aren’t up on the movement, then your mind needs improvement,

Whenever we link up, the world see’s unbelievable attunement.

Beezy is the man, do you understand; every step breaks up the land,

Every breath my team gains the upper hand; getting to these bands.

2017 only means more dreams completed and every enemy becomes defeated,

Working hard on calisthenics, pumping iron; the opposite of anemic.



Family Over Fame: we’re taking over the entire game,

Music, entertainment, publishing, fashion; screw the fame.

When you were busy turning up in the club,

I was praying and working towards a golden tub.

When we put in work it overpowers what you call love,

The bond is inseparable, you couldn’t come between us like a glove.

Everyone is cut from a different cloth, displaying vivacious thoughts,

In a few a months, all of us will be on top; planting crops.

The queens in my circle are so loyal they won’t even look at you,

Explanations aren’t needed; all we do is remain true.

Old friends stabbed me in the back, now they’re copying my style,

Truthfully, they’re scared of me, the crew I roll with is wild.

When my enemies come around they’re quiet–almost silent,

They don’t want it with me, I’m a monster who can be beyond violent.

I send a message to the entire world that’s unmatched,

Catastrophic for these fake authors like a lethal car crash.

Ending careers is all I know how to accomplish; ambition is monstrous,

God has sent me to this planet so I can admonish like a comet.

Ten toes down means until death, when nothing else is left,

Zinora and Kairell will enhance my legacy with just one breath.

I’m wearing the crown, running the entire province simply,

Even your grandmother speaks highly when she mentions me.

95 percent of these people are clowns who are already buried underground,

They may walk around the town, but their soul has drowned.

Late nights writing and producing, sipping on various teas,

Eating like a king because I work like a slave, as you can see.

Prayed for years to find a team full of certified goons,

Now I have a platoon, but I won’t call them to put another in their tomb.

I’ll make room, run down on them when they least expect it,

When they’re putting the key in their lock; my spirit is intrepid.

These are all different things in life that I’m humbly blessed with,

I’ll never think I’m better than anyone else that’s why I’m so respected.


Family Over Fame

Scotian dons; we remain calm and exterminate when war is on,

Collect bands and creep through the grip of Uncle Sam and Uncle Tom.

We kill the Illuminati, catching hard bodies like John Gotti,

The work we create is the antithesis of shoddy.

Our queens are way out of your league–untouchable giants,

Creating our own parameters, we don’t believe in being compliant.

Family Over Fame is the unstoppable dynasty that many envy,

Every individual produces a style that’s picked up as trendy.

International superstars that run the nation powerfully,

Understanding we don’t work for a rate that’s hourly.

What you make in an entire year, we clear in a fresh week,

The graveyard is the only place that’s beyond the deep.

The devil is working overtime to eradicate our blessings,
But the lessons we learn our threatening.

My writing gets the women panties drenched before I enter,

She screams and wants me stuck inside her like a splinter.

The attention we grab is always the center,

Hotter than the summer and colder than the coldest winter.

Every day someone tries to aim for our lives,

Rising above the hatred; prepared to use two knives.

Never dropping our vision on the level of the enemies,

Every time we link up it boosts our energy.

You don’t want it with us–the army, navy and coastguard,

Navigating the globe, attaining the next level is beyond hard.

Sleepless nights have become normal, dedicated to the grind,

Greatness is what you shall seek within us and find.

I have women from every ethnic group ready to freak,

But I only choose true queens who like it when I go deep.

Our parents are living lavishly, so old friends walk by casually,

Anything we imagine is created simplistically and factually.

Killing the pain with weed and liquor, becoming quicker,

Spiritually richer; strangers address me unaware of the bigger picture.





I slide inside and she screams, the walls shake,

Salacious movements; no lust–respect I take.

Prayed for a loyal team full of go-getters and businessmen,

Now we’re steadily elevating, setting our own trends.

Million dollar estates, luxury vehicles, international five star resorts,

Under the scope, receiving everything we need from the port.

I had gigantic dreams to run the city, and we made it happen,

When you lose your footing; we just gain more traction.

Family over fame: serious Scotian dons; millions in our palm,

Staying true to our communities; fake love received from Uncle Tom.

We don’t flex with others materials, the status held is imperial,

Making power moves, I could have you hit up while eating my cereal.

Peace and blessings is all we see; all of the haters want to be me,

But they don’t have the visions to even see–the truest G.

Fear is a non-existent emotion; my words are miracles and potions,

Rising above all of the silly, frivolous commotion.

In a few months what I’m writing will all be present,

Characters are consolidated; more colorful than a peasant.

I’m up before the sunrises just to grind harder than the day before,

Whether it’s a hoop, net or field goal, I’m determined to score.

Every time something new is received I only want more,

My hunger for success is so intimidating, you won’t see me soar.

You bring someone around; he’s not my man, I don’t consider him fam,

Even when you catch me in traffic, I’m never experiencing a jam.


The cosmic glow of the Carina Nebula as seen in a stunning 3D reconstruction in Hidden Universe, released in IMAX® theatres and giant-screen cinemas around the globe and produced by the Australian production company December Media in association with Film Victoria, Swinburne University of Technology, MacGillivray Freeman Films and ESO. The Carina Nebula contains two of the most massive and luminous stars in our  galaxy, the Milky Way. The original image was taken by ESO's Very Large Telescope.

Ups And Downs

Frustrated from the politics the industry represents,

Always have just intent; a sinful man willing to repent.

Staggering statistics don’t make a difference,

More numbers to relegate the vain of our existence.

Receiving revelations higher than the power you see,

Haters squeeze my hand tightly, they wish they could be me.

Scheming and plotting fools think about robbing me,

I jack the pot they smoke like the lottery.

My vision hasn’t been clearer; there’s no breed rarer,

Learning from your mistakes means knowing your errors.

It’s always love until you decide to violate,

We annihilate, you go missing; no need to boost the crime rate.

I eat it up like I haven’t eaten dinner for months;

She moans loudly, it echos; she loves how I stunt.

None of us are switching up, games I won’t trust,

We’re the winning team, the entire world knows about us.

Squaretown stand up, focused on getting everyone’s bands up,

Bodies at the bottom of the Bedford Basin; do you understand us?

Peace and blessings for my people,

Rooting for those who hate only surrounded by the confident and regal.

Hard days only make me want to hustle harder,

The way I get to the money, you would assume I barter.

I put my body into overdrive, feeling beyond alive,

Born to thrive; my team is needed on this earth like bee hives.

The chosen one, hot like the sun, experiencing unforgettable love,

Spent the majority of my life dead broke, stuck in the mud.

My phone rings for business, family, and queens,

Getting to it by any means; writing captivating scenes.

Make yourself hot, and boss up for the dividends,

Stay true to your divinity, there will be no equivalent.

Going straight to millions from thousands,

Knives in my back, reflecting on the actions of fake friends.


My Muse

She has a mind that’s thinking when I’m not,

Ahead of my thoughts, she’s beyond hot.

Children need our guidance, communication is our reliance,

Reminiscing on the days when I was vicious, stubborn and defiant.

Never fearful of failing massively,

Staying inside your comfort zone is the real catastrophe.

Praying God protects me from these suckers supporting blasphemy,

Going straight to the top is my life written factually.

She always finds a solution, pushes me to breed a revolution,

Merciless with these authors, hoping the fakers receive retribution.

My genes are strong, sturdy and ferocious,

The concrete jungle is beautifully atrocious.

Designing pieces of lingerie and swimwear; 2018,

Before writing, my family made the news; fresh and clean.

The power of belief is what made my dreams clear,

She looks good from the front and the rear.

Only looking back to see how far I’ve traveled,

Authority in between the lines like a judge banging the gavel.

It took awhile to grasp my life by the balls,

Always answering the phone when the money calls.

Companies see my emails and think they can ignore me,

I broke down the doors, they were beyond sorry.

I put myself on, started making serious history,

Number one bestsellers in crime, romance, horror and mystery.

Seeking refuge in the most high, seeing through every lie,

Appreciative of everyone who crossed my path, I’ll see you die.

The only one who believed I could make it was myself,

The first check surpassed what most consider wealth.

I’m destined to run the province, its been written,

When I speak, the entire vicinity will stop and listen.

Solving problems is something I’m extremely passionate about,

Profile so low I see your route, you won’t match my clout.



A lot of fakers tried to stop me from rising,

But when I attack you won’t expect it, find it shocking and surprising.

Nobody on this planet can trace my tracks, but God,

Made a substantive change, marketing books swifter than a lightning rod.

When you were sleeping, waiting, scheming for the next rack,

I was writing the most provocative fiction; only speaking facts.

I’m a dreamer who has visions so intimidating, you won’t see the innovation,

Higher than any space station–one love applies to every generation.

Seeing through every lie, only loyal to true family ties,

Goodbye to blood, loyalty is the only reason why.

In the bedroom I leave nothing left, the girl said I made her panties wet,

Before the salacious meet; she saw that I was a true promise and a threat.

Hard work, determination, and discipline are the principles I live by,

When the refer hits my lungs, I realize how unstoppable I am; flying so high.

There’s only one queen to the kingdom; we’re ruling the land,

Every vital piece of information is given, so we can expand.

Way past all of the physical violence because real bad men move in silence,

I listen to God and myself, I could never see myself being compliant.

They won’t finish me, the epitome of various industries,

People used to laugh; now they try to rob me of my energy.

I will travel alone across continents, make bread and inspire millions,

Underground forever, I don’t believe in shopping with civilians.

Freedom, justice, equality are just a few things my team are fighting for,

The powers that be had no choice but to to open the doors.

Nobody can duplicate my essence, the sublime eternal scroll of God’s blessings,

Living care-free, rarely stressing, learning from hardships and lessons.

Through the good and the bad, I’ll ride or die for you if your my family,

All I can do is laugh at my enemies; they can’t stand me.

Executing faster, lethal expedition, consolidating my position,

Exterminating foolish traditions, so the world stops and listens.

My skin glistens, I could make anyone go missing, they won’t be found fishing,

I’ll have you hooked on, waiting and praying just to read my terms and conditions.