Only You

When we enter the room together people get jealous,

They try to break us up, but there’s nothing they can tell us.

I knew since the first day I met you that you were beyond special,

She arouses my interest, and I’m not talking about anything sexual.

We’re going to the top, and we aren’t looking down,

The silence of our footsteps won’t make a sound.

God ordained us to thrive, live lavishly, not just survive,

Always ready to ride; we don’t let ego’s heighten our pride.

Losing is something we experience, but learn from,

The marathon we’re living is the longest run.

Photos shoots all around the world, shaking every continent,

Never been too confident, value every accomplishment.

Life isn’t about the accolades or expensive luxuries,

Your spirit is anointed, you live peaceful and voluptuously.

Vivacious demeanor, working you out hard to get stronger and leaner,

When I’m near you, I make you smarter and cleaner.

Lying to you is against my religion, your presence gives me smooth visions,

The precision is a prophetic incision; we have gracefully risen.

Love and forgiveness is what makes us uncontrollably happy,

Never cared about what happens on social media; she gets at me.

Held me down when I lived in a living room, dead broke,

You pushed me higher than what I saw with profound hope.

You’re the one I dreamed about at the tender age of ten,

You always want me to win and repent for my grimy sins.

If we weren’t together, we were on the phone, made any spot our home,

The heart doesn’t lie, just absorb the energy in this poem.

Praying for those who are homeless and incarcerated,

Love the fact that I’m the most hated; my character gets degraded.

Without you: I wouldn’t be the man I needed to become,

The transformation showed me that God loves me a ton.

All of you suckers get gassed and depleted when you come around,

I could hunt any of you fools down like a sleuthing hound.



Meet up with me and speak about legendary visions,

If not, you’re family whom I cherish that influence my decisions.

If you owe me money then I’ll get double back,

What you strive so hard for, I don’t lack.

The bottom was full of pain, despair, adversity and treachery,

The top is peaceful, serene and excruciating, only genuine souls get the best of me.

Saw the shooter’s on the roof aiming for my cranium,

But bullets go around me; my brother for life is taming them.

Been through a lot, just like everyone else,

The difference is that I’ve learned from my mistakes, destined for wealth.

Found the queen of my dreams and settled down,

Whenever anyone or anything tried to intervene; she straightened my crown.

Lowest profile in the entire nation, controlling the development,

Investing heavy in real estate, liquid assets aren’t out of my element.

Been international way before this writing frenzy,

The love I have for others only brings me more envy.

Hatred isn’t a character trait that’s within me,

People act like acting off their emotions is trendy.

Have a heart and use the greatest weapon known as love,

Clean fashion sense, smooth looks even when I arise from mud.

Richer than any item money can buy, never believing lies,

Solely becoming stronger off generating better family ties.

The only objective is a literary directive that’s respected,

Focused on growing exponentially, locked in on time, very selective.

The brain needs to be entertained like the earth needs cold rain,

Scotian Breeze holds infinite power allied with Family Over Fame.

My African queen is coming with me, everything I buy her is tasty; nothing thrifty,

Even when she’s around my aura; she’ll miss me.

The affection has its up and downs, every argument finds a solution,

Aiming for higher targets, refined the art of execution.

She’s the only one for me, I knew it since the night I met her,

Every single breath she understands how to make me better.


We Are The Future

My African queen is the only reason I’m rising straight to the top;

She has impeccable style, executing more than my thoughts.

Souls won’t be bought, every dream is sought after,

Health, happiness, joy, blessings and laughter.

Multi-million dollar companies in multiple industries;

Publishing, fashion, lingerie, coconut water–unstoppable energy.

Startup and business coaching on a supremely professional level,

Seeing through all the deception, I don’t believe in the devil.

Scotian Breeze is the movement, along side Family Over Fame,

This game can make you insane, but instead I push harder and train.

The iron is pumped, but the calisthenics are loved much more,

Following a serious fitness regime that could be sold in stores.

The truth hurts, so I damage my enemies until their in the dirt,

Mad at me because I realize the priceless strategy; know your worth.

The past marked being small-time in the streets around some dangerous men,

They were setting trends, making dollars ruthlessly to no end.

Once they close the doors on me, I open up those that were never touched,

Perfection is only created when there’s no rush.

The past won’t move a boss; we don’t dwell on what we lost,

Dreaming of things that exceed what the last venture costs.

Consequences behind actions that could elevate or consume me,

Used to be surrounded by snakes who planned on ruining me.

Any plot against me only worsens your life during the process,

Running the province, I command who gets elected in office.

Hiding in plain sight, most people think I’m a painstaking entrepreneur,

Truthfully: the meetings that I conduct underground are always sure.

Speaking on the positions I will hold gracefully in the future,

Love when haters assassinate my character; they are the weakest shooters.

These dreams are dedicated to the children who aren’t eating daily,

To all my genuine men and women locked up who can see clearly.

The written word is a covenant that I’ll always hold dearly,

Triads are my brothers, so law enforcement fears me.


Praying for all of the real ones locked behind bars,

Some are in for life, others are locked for decades, I’m blessed to be on Mars.

Connected on the streets and in the business world, you bet,

People see me as a threat but fail to plan my death.

Here for longer than you can even imagine,

Deeper than any caverns, beyond what you even fathom.

Have soldiers behind me who will stab you into pieces,

Cuts inserted the deepest; speaking on a street thesis.

Disrespect me and I attack until you catch amnesia,

Avoid me on these streets because you aren’t a believer.

Staring in the eyes of all these soft cupcakes,

A platoon who acts like brothers, behind each other in tough states.

The feds won’t approach us, they are afraid and petrified,

I’ll freeze you up in your tracks with just one stride.

You won’t play with our money because you’ll go more than bankrupt,

You my think your rough, but I see you’re masquerading as tough.

I know some savages who would murder just for fun,

They won’t think twice about it, lay low, and stay on the run.

Explaining the environments I’ve been through;

Speaking on the evil that some real men do.

Always see the brighter picture of these darkest sides,

When I rise I know miracles are about to happen; no lies.

Guns aren’t busting like they used to be, so the choice is the knife,

I’ll never lie about my past is what I tell my future wife.

She knows I’m going where others won’t and she’s coming with me,

Expensive taste that’s acquired silently and thrifty.

Using the same hustle for drugs with books, got you hooked,

The ground shook, millions of copies sold digitally; electrified books.

Speaking on future events that are so far behind me,

People who are loyal to the need of you are grimy.

Working harder than all author’s; writing even when I’m not,

I could school their anthologies with only one thought.



She wants the best for me, she understands my story,

Progression is always in session; when I’m mistaken, I say sorry.

Pictures painted like Kandinsky and Van Gogh,

Starry nights are coming soon; behind the scene’s, no show.

In the beginning we couldn’t resist each other,

Abstained from temptation, our relationship only became stronger and better.

No man can take her from me, I told her she’s stuck with me,

She smiled politely, knew there’s no man quite like me.

Expensive vacations in every continent, the rewards of confidence,

God first; always willing to listen to his beneficent admonishments.

She had me when nobody else did, struggling just to live,

Freelance writing funded my startup, rented out a condo; my financial rib.

She believes in all of my dreams and goals, she won’t fold,

The top is where I’m taking her, she won’t be out in the cold.

Made an oath to make writing and publishing bring me millions,

Refuse to fall for industry trickery, plan on dying with billions.

She won’t play games, invested in heavenly outlets like rain,

Been through so much pain, had no money riding on the train.

Responsible for my own path; visions are outrageous,

Positive energy is contagious, born to be a star like David.

Writing provocative fiction with flawless diction,

The depiction goes against literary traditions.

Never cared about social media, around more information than Wikipedia,

The trips I plan are swifter and more luxurious than Expedia.

Intertwined with the times, the occupation is defined,

Much larger than what is envisioned in my mind.

She wanted to shed tears for me, I told her don’t cry,

Always truthful with her, I won’t lie or say goodbye.

Committed to the cause, determined to beat all of the odds,

Came into this world fighting for my life; still alive thanks to God.

Peaceful, comfortable, cool, collected and eternally respected,

I don’t have any weaknesses, respecting the perspectives perspective.


The Best Of The Best

You were around when I was broke with nothing to my name,

I promised God you would be around when I hit the riches and experience fame.

Kings and queens are designed for each other,

The DNA is a perfect match is why they stay together.

Patiently waited and you came into my life from years of prayer,

Sometimes I don’t listen, but I know you really care.

Need to work on my flaws, constant improvement,

There’s cash in publishing, but Scotian Breeze is the movement.

Mobbing heavy across Canada to Hong Kong,

An everlasting marriage is written in my palm.

Pious, inspiring wife, amazing life; African serval eating nice,

Everything imagined got multiplied more than twice.

Product of my environment, the streets are behind me,

When you come after the king, you won’t find me.

Laziness is for the nonbelievers and uninspired,

Eradicating the foolish desires, earning what I require.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her happiness;

She isn’t materialistic, but I plan to bring her lavish gifts.

God explained to me exactly what it was when we first met,

Take control, make commands, the world will see you two as a threat.

Nobody is harder on me than myself,

Self-love is a pathway towards wealth.

The words explode on the page; straight facts,

Dishonor is a trend now; everyone rats.

Writing to enhance the world, building a better place,

Oxygen is what the blank page brings; food with finer taste.

Sacrificed a contemporary career for true freedom,

You feel pain within every word, that’s why I’m leading.

Publishing, fashion, production, and coconut water,

Multimillion dollar enterprises blessed by the heavenly father.

There’s only one queen for me and she’s all mine,

She’ll become my wife in a few years time.


Chasing Dreams

Blowing author’s out of existence, loving this independence,

Every word consolidates power, you feel transcendence.

Crazy situations averted, on top with my queen; never deserted,

Refuse going back to my old ways, they won’t be reverted.

Book awards are an honor and a privilege; international scale,

Success is what’s behind my name, I won’t fail.

Eternally humble, when the waves crash I adjust my sail;

Done chasing tail, only responding to positive mail.

Beyond gracious for my black queen; she makes me better,

The way she and I grind–we change the weather.

She told me stay focused and remain intact,

When we’re on top, people will talk on the wealth amassed.

My black queen is perfect to me with her flaws and mistakes,

There’s no upgrade for me; we give each other space, the one, no debate.

God put all the right people in my life and eliminated my enemies,

Woke up drained of my energy, all I experience now is harmony and synergy.

They tried to get in our way but black love is invincible,

She’s so close to God, measuring the pulse in my ventricle.

There was never a doubt in my mind when I met her,

Knew she was destined to be my wife, tougher than leather.

God knew what he made for us, an eternal shelter,

The situation doesn’t matter, I will always help her.

Found a woman I can build more than a dream with,

If I need to shoot that means I’ll never miss.

The world is what I need to provide for her; that’s a must.

The only woman that I can fully trust; there’s no lust.

Romantic dinner dates, deep conversations under the stars,

Teaching me deeper meanings, allowing me to go far.

People act like they don’t know us because we’re so low key,

We value our privacy, so the general public let’s us be.

Multi-million dollar companies in every passion pursued,

Every entrepreneurial endeavor leaves all of my foes subdued.



Waking up in the morning is stupendous, utterly tremendous,

The writing is splendid; only around spirits that are kindred.

Carrying books in duffle bags across town; legal money is silent,

Even what’s illegal, usually doesn’t result in violence.

The False Reality of Martin will sell millions of copies digitally,

Literary awards, life changing interviews; speaking on my personal story to the epitome.

God brought a black queen into my life; who holds me down heavy,

Nobody can break us apart, throw us any problem, and we’re ready.

Used to write articles and make nothing; now all I see is money coming,

Started from rock bottom, towards the top is where I’m running.

Peering into her soul when I look in her eyes, the sight is magnificent,

Everyday we speak about God’s goodness and vow to repent.

Different day, same grind, the words are flowing continuously,

These readers are addicted, the only way to move is strenuously.

If I wanted you dead, it would cost me absolutely nothing, but I worship peace,

Enemies backed off their men in front of me, because I’m a beast.

The only way to advance is to try and perfect my flaws,

My hold is so tight on my baby, you’d assume I have claws.

Too much time has went into this writing profession, there’s no stopping it,

Landing every strike effortlessly; laughing at the moments that are innocuous.

She won’t leave or cheat on me no matter what you wish,

Mess with her and you’ll be getting to know fish; no dish.

Every word crafted is a bullet inside an enemies head,

Accountable for your actions, so stop sleeping in bed.

Receptive to every individual, but I rarely listen,

Sedition is my position, just ask my purest intuition.

If you ask who run’s the province they will say a lot of names,

But truthfully: I will become the ruler, there’s no time for games.

She will be right beside me when I cash in off hustling books,

I told her she’s stuck with me, and I truly believe it’s the best look.

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Team Us

Hell has a price to pay, but heaven is priceless,

Every word is written for you; she believes I’m the nicest.

Too spiritual to have something empty and desolate,

You need to be genuine to be around me–a strict prerequisite.

The grind won’t stop, I’m destined to be on top,

I knew what was written in the stars from one thought.

Cheating isn’t something I believe in, so I won’t get caught,

My soul is an impenetrable tower; it won’t be bought.

The slang I use will change how you talk, you won’t complain or sulk,

I think of statements to make you smile; going in deep to change how you walk.

All this evil in the world tries to steal our attention,

We continue to stay focused on completing our visions.

God made me this fly and humble–what a blessing,

Every test given, I pass with flying colors and learn my lessons.

A whole squad full of real dogs who are incarcerated,

They are rooting for me; aware that my position is venerated.

Nerds and gangsters run the world, let’s be real,

I’m speaking facts, not just how I feel; almost got robbed on Peel.

My destiny is locked within my mind, so I manifest into reality,

Used to wake up hungover, experiencing serious morning maladies.

Now, I insert philosophical prowess in your nasal cavities,

Taking her to the top with me; we’ll be living lavishly.

Getting from the bottom to the top takes time and determination,

My innovation is what brightened up the bleak situation.

Melodies and rhythm within these words that’s unheard,

Created my own lane; why waste time following the herd?

Pretty women never impressed me or left a mark,

What’s nice to look at it can leave you lost in the dark.

The battery is charged, I possess an intense heart,

Be yourself and command respect, instead of playing a part.

Trying to start a family with you so we can shine together,

I made a promise to God that I’d be with you and make you better.





If I’m an active part of your life, I’ll always make it better,

Keep you warmer than any sweater from the harsh weather.

I’m doing way more than being known as an author and publisher,

Black excellence, strengthening my queen, I’m always loving her.

The whole world wanted to Billy to lose, but there’s no stopping me,

I know some trifling women who want to get on top of me.

I told them you can stay ten feet away; I’m on n a different a quest,

Even before writing, I always believed I was the best.

Low key mobbing for years now; just part of my nature,

The dirt is undercover–here comes a new blessing from the creator.

Truly, I’m trying to heighten her beauty; one of my responsibilities and duties,

Make outlandish statements and have those closest to me look through me.

Time will reveal what I’ve said and written is completely honest,

She has an intense need for me, got her more addicted than chronic.

New hopes and dreams are formulated everyday I rise up,

Our love for each other is impenetrable, you won’t try us.

Had to find God just to capture my queen,

Now I’m painting more descriptive themes.

Times are changing and the demons don’t like it,

Every single day they’re getting weaker, not because I write it.

Sacrifice and humility over everything is what builds stronger relationships,

I told her we’d be on top sooner than later; travelling on expensive trips.

Love is love, and most show us fake love, claiming they can breed opportunities,

Mad because I plan on consecrating and rejuvenating local communities.

If I make a promise I keep it; aware of so many dark secrets,

Zinora and Kairell deserve every opportunity I couldn’t capture,

Speaking about the next chapter of spiritual rapture.

These verses are limitless, the prose is intensely impeccable,

Strength in these words from consuming fruits, beans, and vegetables.

Outside of what jurisdiction, creating remarkable fiction,

Finalizing indecision by completing sublime visions.