Business And Pleasure

Forgiveness is true strength, weakness is about holding grudges,

Covering blank pages with substance is the only way to reach the summit.

Come up and watch your surroundings change,

Faces get rearranged, the thoughts they had about you aren’t the same.

Jealousy is like using a dull knife to chop,

Ineffective, the efficacy of my words is why I’m hot.

Grapefruit in the morning, the citrus is foreign,

Catching all of my enemies sleeping and snoring.

Lost focus, wasted time away into nothingness,

Pushing forward with my visions, evading the abyss.

Acknowledged and loved globally, before I impact locally,

There’s no scale that defines my literary potency.

Shepherding the publishing industry, capturing readers exponentially,

Scorching hot when I’m dead broke, keeping it a century.

Experiences mold a framework for better days,

Even the worst relationships disperse light like sun rays.

If you aren’t willing to accept neglect and indifference,

You’re only weakening your existence.

Without embracing the hatred you become complacent,

Everyone feels pressure; moments to rise up from the basement.

Any hobby can be converted into a job; consistency and patience,

Loyalty makes the commitment a career, the principles are basic.

Words either enlighten the soul or damage the mind,

Author’s paint pictures for the world to define.

Proper planning is part of the grind,

The sooner you wake up, you can make better use of your time.

Resurrecting the writing profession, only publishing blessings,

Giving lost children directions within every lesson.

The impression is an expression more lethal than an injection,

Ultimate protection is the correction of wrongdoings through introspection.

Whether it’s the streets or a professional domain,

Negotiations and respect are what make it rain.


The Core

Death is always imminent, the eternal genesis,

Recycled back into the essence; heavenly penmanship.

Corporations dictate the economy due to ownership,

Own the rights to your creations, stop looking for a bone to pick.

Risk takers have the greatest rewards, but largest losses,

Striving to be holier than crosses, building a team full of experts and bosses.

Anything is possible with a relentless pursuit for curiosity,

The hypocrisy is we all lie, burning bridges isn’t my philosophy.

Awakening spirits that believe they are uniquely generic,

You either create waves or complain to anyone who will hear it.

Taking life into my own hands, confident on foreign land,

Implementing commands that demands my organization expands.

Sinking down another level is the mark of the devil,

I move boulders and break pebbles, the base to your treble.

Big mouths sink ships, they can leave you slumped in a ditch,

Having more than one wish is the only way to get rich.

The future of this publishing industry, born to become a legend,

Elevating into the future, making my life acceptance into heaven.

I know a lot of religious people who won’t read scriptures,

Deception within the voiceless word’s of their pictures.

Certain actions buried me deeper than six feet,

The consequences never discouraged me; victory comes after defeat.

The flyer you become, the harder it is to stay grounded,

Truthfully, come at me and I’ll have you surrounded.

Penetrating the human psyche, I’m not taken lightly,

The wolves love me; sheep are afraid to fight me.

Prepared for the worst, always expecting the best,

I’ve been blessed, if there isn’t a gun to my head then I’m not stressed.

Wishing an abundance of success for those who are against me,

Experience is the best teacher that’s elementary.

Writer’s write captivating stories, publishers attract the audience,

The prominence and devotion sets unprecedented providence.


Success Is Inevitable

Pushing hard like a pregnant woman, birthing novels,

Fame sucks, I’m here to inspire, get bread, and build with models.

Nepotism is a collision of wise decisions and inner-vision,

Dispersing gifts is a given, on a highway to better living.

I refuse to compromise so I get ostracized,

Blowing up the blank page, every word is prophesied.

My name holds weight in many places,

International spaces; generosity prevents you from catching cases.

They’ll never lock me up behind bars, but I’m not exempt,

Pure intent is the best defence; time well spent.

Talent builds the platform, authenticity keeps me rising,

Even when I fall down all I envision is new horizons.

Haters are powerless, their cowardice isn’t proving hits,

Giving up a passion is absolutely ludicrous.

Eliminating the competition, I won’t follow tradition,

People who don’t read, gravitate towards my fiction.

Gossip is for foolish females; real men don’t believe it,

Beef on social media is fake, publicity stunts aren’t needed.

Fully conscious of my surroundings; appreciating every moment,

Too many people are sleepwalking through life–we need atonement.

There isn’t a class for life; lessons signify enrollment,

The backstabbers are disloyal, their card’s are always folded.

The twists, turns, detours, stops, speed bumps and intersections,

They result in failure; God provides the swiftest direction.

Launching books, treating every sale like my last,

Applying pressure is the only way to pass.

Leaping enthusiastically into the unknown requires faith,

Believing you’ll reach a place that’s untouched, opening the gates.

Independent, focused on visions that are tremendous;

Giant thinking is all I know, my mind has ascended.

Understanding the reality, embracing the pain,

Darkness never lasts, its just part of the game.

Highly Focused

Exhaustion isn’t a reason to stop climbing the ladder,

Focused on the truth, delivering a message that matters.

Rhyming with reason every season, the more I imagine the more I’m believing,

Never had any doubts in myself, wealth is what I plan on retrieving.

Writing every single day like its my last time on the blank page,

Blacking out completely, controlling my temper and rage.

Problems either push you beneath or help you grow,

Defeat means replanting crops, you reap what you sow.

Smooth maneuvers, moving coast to coast from Nova Scotia to Vancouver,

The fast life is like a past life, writing ahead of my time on the computer.

Inside the divide, bridging the gap of economic disparity is why I’m alive,

Any plot you contrive will fail, it will leave you deprived.

Treating words like composing music for symphonies, you don’t want it with the infantry,

Every time I leave the scene, somebody that was present mentions me.

Fell down, engulfed in foolish distractions; now it’s only business interactions,

Mastered the law of attraction, registering my businesses in fashion.

Honing abilities is an ancillary for the greatest literary delivery,

Publishing is a cut-throat business that I represent to the epitome.

The difference is I’m trying to put others on first, unlike the serpents slithering,

The devil crafts an eloquent speech, compliments me, but he’s withering.

I see through all of the prevaricators, you will meet your maker,

My bread is rising like a baker, the unbelievable dream chaser.

I’ve never did anything solely for paper, there’s a larger purpose behind it,

Throw me into a maze, the exit, I will find it.

Who said there was a limit on what you could achieve in twenty-four hours?

I know some days are better than others, but I bloom beautifully like flowers.

Take my kindness for weakness and I’ll overpower you gracefully,

I’m here for a long time, there’s nobody whose replacing me.

Born to sit on the throne, invest in property, work hard when I’m alone,

Life changing poems, accumulating more clicks than Google Chrome.



I’m radiating at the bottom, extinguishing a bright light,

Grinding hard, contemplating my moves for the high life.

Putting a purpose towards every dollar,

Street scholar, institutions don’t teach like the heavenly father.

Either I intimidate or inspire greatness,

Whatever the situation, I never become complacent.

More is better, as long as you’re giving,

Harmonizing solitude, interacting tastefully compassionate living.

Showing love, spreading positivity, increasing humility,

Scheming, playing chess, no dramatized plot is killing me.

I create stories, observing richly; insipid people bore me,

Dedication is fascinating, the vibes are magnificent around Cory.

Waking up happy, death comes as a warning,

Negotiating fair business terms every morning.

Never cared about what another man has acquired,

When he’s winning, all I see is how he inspires.

Signing a book distribution deal in my favor,

The percentages were taken highly, cherishing the creator.

Build a platform, let other people eat,

Influence is about helping one another thrive on these streets.

There’s nothing wrong with loving money, just don’t make it your price,

Selling your soul to the devils treachery isn’t how you take flight.

Wining and dining, discussing the next venture,

Grabbing everyone’s attention, but I don’t care about the center.

Success is how I seek my revenge,

The killer of enemies and maker of life-long ends.

I only support family, I’d die for the cause,

You won’t do the same for me, then you aren’t on my squad.

Habits are what breed a sublime character and attitude,

Expressing gratitude, puts me in a lavish mood.

Closing the doors on me hurts you, opening what you couldn’t,

Ripping opportunity off the hinges, doing everything you wouldn’t.


The Don’s Thoughts

Gentrification is designed to treat people in poverty like lab rats,

Identifying humans as numbers isn’t considered bad stats.

Social engineering pushes drugs into the hood, you can have that,

The port authority turns their head; money arrives on a fast track.

Women get raped and go missing; we can’t support that,

Feminism of the black man is an illuminati contract.

I’ve been around real killers, pimps, scammers, and dealers,

Women need to stop covering their blemishes with concealer.

I’m beyond fly, you haven’t met anyone realer,

Treat your girl bad, I’ll steal her, do more than feel her.

Debating facts to gain understanding doesn’t gain views,

Lies, controversy, and anguish is always misconstrued.

Possessing clout and mechanics stationed on another planet,

Colder than Pluto, hotter than Mercury, these words I brandish.

Mentally tough, elevating health; my physical is felt,

Holding up the province like the holes in a belt.

Society is unbelievably superficial, they only care about appearance,

Insecurities are created, self-loathing is the adherence.

Wise, but I’m foolish everyday, there’s always room for mistakes,

Praying for all of the genuine, locked up inmates.

The philosophy you eloquently prepare has been fake,

Gain knowledge-of-self before you reach your wake.

Filling out paperwork is how you make the paper work for you,

Read a book for a couple hours everyday, I implore you.

Planting seeds in the soil, growing a crop that’s royal,

Lowest profile in the city, hotter than a boil.

Mobbing directive, commanding a rare perspective,

The general’s general; all of my soldiers are protected.

I laugh in the face of death, never been afraid to breathe my last breath,

Outliving all of y’all is what I attest to confess.

Eradicating stress, never living to impress,

The only day I’ll settle is when God puts me to rest.



Crafting poetry and narratives; completely ubiquitous,

The function is serendipitous, salacious and promiscuous.

Verbal transitions, implanting empathetic positions,

Purely listening, glistening; absorbing positive energy defines my prepositions.

Reading body language is like opening a classic novel,

It truly pays to read the body, just look at models.

Changing conditions inside yourself guarantees wealth,

Disciplines build on elevation, the pillars of health.

Praying my words brighten your days, igniting the night sky,

If you want to become a star, you must fly.

Every person has leadership qualities, stop choosing to embody monotony,

Hypocrisy is a backwards philosophy, served psychologically.

Sending me to an early grave is like a performance without a stage,

Your hatred is useless, the harassment locks you in a cage.

Believing facts is the only method to stay intact,

Gaining momentum, increasing my stamina; I’ll never crack, remember that.

Scotian Breeze Apparel will start from ground zero,

Surpassing the label of hometown hero; million dollar moves like Dinero.

Organized, investing into my own enterprise,

Surrounded by the greatest experts, I’m not surprised.

People who doubted me are giving me too much to prove,

Before you think about catching me off guard, I already made my next move.

Nothing can be taken from me, this was already written,

Suffered horribly, when I decided to disobey my intuition.

Learning the hard way isn’t correct, but it gains respect,

Now I’m working harder, taking time to reflect.

The number one spot will be mine; this is what I expect,

Precisely, there’s nobody like me, cut from a cloth of supreme intellect.

Mastermind: who cherishes the grind, don’t waste my time;

Currently, the days are dark, but I’m strategizing to shine.

Feeling so spectacular, harnessing a witty vernacular,

Advocating peace, light, and love, the antithesis of Dracula.



Legendary status doesn’t come easy,

Soon I’ll be soaking up the sun, letting the waves splash my body in Fiji.

Hard work is all I know, leaving the blank page unsatisfied,

Satiating voracious reader’s, leaving everyone gratified.

Signing contracts, the deals are getting ratified,

Skipping stages wasn’t part of the plan, I’m never satisfied.

When success seemed unreachable I extended my reach,

Started growing faster, practicing everything I preach.

Watching the sunrise, smoking the finest kush,

I pay no mind to the corrupt, continuing to push.

Deciphering the bullshit is a long journey like getting full and fit,

The only books I know how to write are hits.

I’m accurate, pinpointing every target, I won’t miss,

Come at me and you’ll meet a fish, I’m not talking about a dish.

Multiplying generosity and ambition is the sublime transition,

Diet, exercise, hygiene, reading and relaxation are the keys to nutrition.

Developer, effective communicator, never was an insecure foolish hater,

Still making plenty of mistakes, serving food like a waiter.

Diamonds are the jewels I drop to stay on top,

Even during my worst days, I’m happy and thankful for what I’ve got.

Powerful direction is about a refined sense of expression,

Reveal your hand, the cards become like bombs of depression.

Discipline is listening to what’s beneficial,

Remaining official is using your mind before drawing a pistol.

Nobody can complete their dreams alone,

Build a team with the same visions; construct a home.

Poetry deeper than six feet, dangerously cold and unique,

Overpowering defeat, ensuring all of my enemies retreat.

Elevation like clouds full of wondrous precipitation,

Innovation sparks minds, leading a fearless generation.

I’m sending out invitations, complete the registration,

There’s no need for degradation; unmitigated situations.


Beginnings And Endings

The cycle of life and death starts and ends with a breath,

The only thought on my mind is to become the best.

The streets are getting strange, snitching is accepted,

Loyalty doesn’t entice relationships, it’s brutally neglected.

Every time my pen touches the blank page; Nova Scotia is resurrected,

Success only comes to those who don’t care about getting rejected.

I never feared failure or defeat; no need to retreat,

Production company by 2021; videos, documentaries, and philosophical beats.

A plethora of business ideas that will be executed,

Shocking the world, waking them up like they were electrocuted.

Crafting poetry, writing stories, composing words like music,

Presenting facts, backing it up with the evidence to prove it.

Love and peace is how I enter and they way I return,

Pushing my body beyond its limits, feeling the burn.

Daily goals are the only method to grow exponentially,

Apply knowledge, speak less, you won’t see me in the penitentiary.

Hatred, jealousy, and envy are weak emotions to harbor,

Everything isn’t based around money, learn how to barter.

Line for line I’m destined to shine sublime,

Time after time, the only elements of life that nourish me are hustle and grind.

Worrying doesn’t cross my mind, God made my faith too strong,

Open mind, curiosity to learn, correct me if I’m wrong.

Deeper than hieroglyphics, pinpointing historical lies; remarkably specific,

The illuminati murders mankind, advertising and brainwashing the masses to be sadistic.

All of this propaganda is addictive, it leaves you conflicted,

Understand the picture being painted, prevent becoming inflicted.

Progression is always in session, learning from every lesson,

The blessings eradicate depression, obliterating the devils suggestions.

I saw myself on top way before the struggle ended,

Rising up like early mornings; my spirituality has ascended.

Writing the script to my life is beyond nice,

The feeling is hotter than fire, colder than ice–a staple like rice.




Most authors have a nine-to-five after their books see success,

I’m making writing my career, pushing hard to be the best.

When The False Reality Of Martin and Ladies Prism launch they will explode,

International bestsellers is the truth that is told.

As time progresses they will only become more authentic,

An indelible mark on the world that will be reprinted.

Reaching above the stars, clinching the moon tightly,

The only methodology for my words to shine brightly.

I never let the devil fool me, so he can ignite me,

Low profile on these streets; watching your moves, you better tread lightly.

There’s nobody quite like me, I’ll knock you out if you fight me,

It’s all love, keeping my spirit down is highly unlikely.

You can feel the pain depicted in these words,

Haunted days turned into dreadful nights out on the curb.

The top is the only place I’m working towards, that’s my word,

Most people think that I’m absurd; they chirp like birds.

Caring what someone thinks about you is a weak road,

Disloyalty is snitching in all forms, I follow the street code.

Laugh at the people who stress about what doesn’t matter,

I’m the next up, outside the box like a batter.

Recharging energies like batteries, penetrating mental cavities,

Creating witty analogies, learning from my fallacies.

The first thing I do in the morning is write down something supreme,

The blank page revewals all of my wildest dreams.

Building writers up, then breaking them down is the regime,

Going hard, even when the negative energy tries to intervene.

Worrying is useless; all it does is cause a major sickness,

Moving with the swiftness, gaining muscle mass is the definition of fitness.

If you aren’t inspiring others, then I won’t spend time with you,

The only way to build with me is to keep it official.

Blessings only appear from the work you put in daily,

Naps increase productivity, they never fail me.