Environmental Catastrophe

Environmental Catastrophe

Fossil fuels are a means to make the rich become richer and the poor become poorer, it has been a consistent trend throughout history. It is a catalyst for natural disasters as well, which fluctuates the economy drastically because corporations aren’t supporting the clean up – they are capitalizing from the disaster. Shareholders for these big corporations don’t care about the people who are effected, they just care about the bottom line, which is making more money to swim in their pit of self-loathing and cigar smoke.

“Science is in the second, scared camp – that’s the meaning of the IPCC report issued last month, which showed that our planet is already undergoing climatic shifts far greater than any experienced in human civilisation, with far worse to come.” – Bill McKibben

Science is valued in society but not as some may perceive it to be. It isn’t the priority for privatized business conglomerates because science doesn’t contribute to their business platform to increase annual reported revenue. They purposefully ignore these environmental impacts and let things slide so they don’t have to change the economic structure we endure on a daily basis. In reported history there has never been this much concern for fossil fuels. It is contaminating the air that we breathe in and it is predicted to become worse as years pass. There needs to be a change of business practices globally, that is what scares CEO’s, board of directors, executive’s, and employees who work for these companies hoping to have the opportunity for advancement.

Changing the structure of businesses, and trying to bankrupt privatized corporations is not going to be an easy task; it won’t just happen overnight. It is a commitment scientists, environmentalists, politicians, entrepreneurs, and civilians need to make for a better tomorrow. Making this commitment is crucial to mankind and its impending survival on planet earth. Anyone out there who believes human life could be sustained on Mars needs to wake up and do some research. It is physically impossible for human life to be sustained there.

“Everyone involved in this campaign understands that divestment won’t in fact bankrupt Exxon or BP or Shell, but they also understand how important it is to politically bankrupt them. These are now rogue industries, committed to burning more carbon than any government on earth thinks would be safe to burn. Their irresponsibility belongs to their executives and boards of directors – but it also belongs to anyone who holds their shares. If you think that climate change is a true crisis, then the time has come to sever your ties.” – Bill McKibben

These gas and oil companies keep burning up fuels because they are trying to fill a void that will never be fulfilled. It is an insecurity on their behalf, and it is simply appalling to say the least. What I find funny is they know there will be severe consequences for their actions pertaining to the planet earth. Do they think they will have somewhere to live after the earth is destroyed? This is something I have been trying to ascertain for years now and I never found an answer. It makes me wonder if they have an answer for all of this frivolous nonsense.  These companies are shrouded in lies and wouldn’t know what the truth was if their mansions fell into a crater created from global warming.

Much respect and love for everyone out there fighting the good fight and trying to change the economic system as we know it. I commend all of you for your efforts. I too have some solutions to this problem but I will share those ideas at a later date. Until then, do your research, be informed, and don’t think for a second that oil and gas is benefiting you or your loved ones. Tesla provided us with all the energy sources humanity needs but the problem is that it wouldn’t be a money making scheme.

I wish for everyone to have a wonderful hump day and if you are having a bad day try to keep your head up and remain positive.


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