Gender Confusion

We live in an era where industries confuse men and women on their roles, place, and space in the world. The music industry has been becoming worse and turning into a realm of hatred for humans, I call it misanthropic debauchery. This type of behavior needs to be decimated thoroughly by means of education and communication. I know by doing so it could create a lot of social scrutiny but its something you should be prepared to live with day to day because I’m sorry to inform you its not all of a suddenly going to disappear into thin air.

Its very interesting to me to hear women address each other as “bro“. They constantly try to convince themselves that acting like the y chromosome is a means of conforming; but in actual reality that is the furthest thing from the truth. Many women may use this expression for an array of different reasons. The bottom line to it all is to strengthen their connection with the opposite sex, and to gain a dominating prowess over men.

Again, I’m sorry to inform all of y’all ladies but what you are doing won’t work. You may attract a man who you can have some fun with, but you will never attract a man that you can build a real solid relationship with over time. If you realize that before its too late you won’t lose yourself to the autocracy of manhood. Unless, you want to live like a man, then by all means go about living your life accordingly; I’m not here to choose your lifestyle for you because that’s ultimately your decision at the end of the day.

This type of social behavior is completely ass backwards and insensible. Do you ladies who do this want to look at each other as men so it prevents competition and jealousy? Perhaps that could be the case for some, but definitely not for all. What I cannot seem to comprehend is the fact that they feel the need to use male dominating roles to feel dominant. Just be your own woman, respect yourself, and stand up for what you believe in and you will get more attention from the men you desire. All of those weapons in your arsenal are deadly and will not just amalgamate a strong bond with your male counterparts but will make the relationships with your girls that much stronger.

I haven’t quite figured out why men choose to strip themselves of their manhood. Once the manhood is gone the man cannot become a king because in order to be a king you need a strong woman behind you to strengthen your intrepid endeavors. And any real queen won’t take the time to be with you because its a waste of her time. Sometimes it could be for money, the root of all evil because they feel the immense pressure to provide not just for themselves, but for their families and loved ones. Regardless, there is no need to act like a coward because you are too scared to be a real man.

Men are now talking about fashion like its a religion. I personally find it disgusting because they waste their time on material items and choose not to focus it on bettering themselves and the people around them. The men who decide to talk about their designer jeans, shirts, jackets, and sweaters need to wake up. The more you keep talking about fashion the deeper your grave is becoming; talk about digging your own grave for a $500 pair of true religion jeans. A lot of men like to recite the phrase “I can sleep when I’m dead” but in reality you have been sleeping your entire life, that’s exactly why you keep telling yourself that on a daily basis.

As a man it’s good to be in touch with fashion and your feminine side but the sights I witness everyday are completely unacceptable. They are acting worse than women at a 80% off sale on every item in the store. I swear that these men would go to war over someone scuffing up their new shoes and that’s morally reprehensible. That’s just how it is when you feel like an hermaphroditic blob. I apologize to any hermaphrodites who may end up reading this because there is truly no comparison. These “boys” have been below you long ago because they have no idea what they are representing.

This isn’t a figurative terminology when I say man up. It is a literal meaning to you lames who are so insecure who feel the need to hide behind your designer fashion as a way to exemplify your masculinity. You might need to go back to preschool and learn how to develop skills and grow up all over again because you definitely got it wrong the first time. I feel sorry for y’all I really do.

I know what it takes to be a real man and you can doubt me all you want, but I’m my own man and always will be. No one is taking that away from me but myself, and anyone who dares to try is stepping on my toes. Real men do not step on toes that’s a publicity stunt for cowards to gain recognition. If you choose to step on my toes you better be prepared for what may or may not come your way because I won’t back down from anyone. A real man is a true gentleman by being courteous, communicative, and respectful. They also understand the divinity of women, and anyone who tries to call me out by being lost in some pussy or a woman’s eyes you better ask yourself why there aren’t any quality women around you. Without women there would be no me and I would have never published this blog post.

I don’t care what comes out of my mouth and I expect the haters to keep hating. Ironically, I heard through the grape vine some of you haters were quoting and trying to coin terms I’ve said throughout the years. Keep living with that logic and see how far it gets you. To conclude, a real man is always faithful to his wife and makes sacrifices for her. If you cannot live up to that promise then you shouldn’t have gotten married for all of the wrong reasons. No self-respecting women deserves to be put through a torturous marriage because of your self-loathing and despair.


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