Sustenance (Sustainable Growth)

It is a given gift from the lord above that allows human life to sustain itself on this planet that we call earth. I believe sustainable growth is a beautiful thing, unless, of course, you are talking about a vicious malignant cancer. We are provided with great cuisine from past to present and it envelops our souls to want more, to know more, and ultimately to become more. And even in some rare cases certain places on this planet provide gastronomical discrepancies that are an allusion to the naked eye.

I feel that sustenance needs to be given more respect because without it the human race would go completely extinct, just like the dinosaurs in prehistoric times. I know there are a lot of people who are afraid to die on this planet and they choose to disrespect sustenance that we are given by buying into the gimmick of malnutrition. Wake up and realize that all of these doritos, chocolate, pop, and processed food will eventually be the death of you. Would you rather die old and at peace with yourself; or be young and die a painful grueling death?

Remember that all food isn’t good food, just like all money you “earn” isn’t always necessarily good money. I ask anyone who is shoveling trash into their body to make a minor adjustment to their dietary habits by replacing their favorite guilty pleasure with a piece of fruit. Choose a piece of fruit that is most appealing and appetizing to you. It will be all that much easier to implement into your diet if you use your own intuition instead of following the herd of: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

I can guarantee that you will notice a shift in your energy and its movements. You will have a longer lasting memory and your level of concentration will have skyrocketed as opposed to your prior dietary habits. It is important to make this step because it will slowly lead you to bigger and better things. Healthy eating will maximize your potential as a human being. It will open doors that you thought were closed for your entire life. Dreams that seemed unreachable will be within reach on the doorstep, but it is up to you to challenge yourself to open that door.

May everyone realize the importance of a consistent daily intake of fruit – especially as they age. Enhanced senses will be essential as you age. When you truly reap the rewards of what fruit can do for your body you will realize why it is referred to as “natures candy“. It will taste so sweet you won’t know how to react, I can assure you that.


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