Materialism & Capitalism

I never quite understood why some people feel the need to purchase a luxury vehicle, imported gold jewelry and designer clothes to fill a void. Do they not realize that they could own all of these things and still not feel whole? Material items don’t replace genuine relationships that have occurred in your life, and they never will. Chasing down items that end up effecting your sanity is not a good road to go down – it is detrimental to your health and well being. Eventually, as time passes, it will only take away from who you are and leave you in a pit of despair. Does this sound like an appealing consequence to your actions?

I understand that these things are definitely eye catching, but what benefit does it have in the long run? It isn’t a smart thing to waste your money on material items that depreciate over time because if you threw your money into the trash the same outcome arises from both scenarios. Why is that? The reason why the same consequences occur is because there is no value accredited to the money you spent. The money you once had, and cherished so much, disappears in the blink of an eye.

Money is slowly becoming fake just like the people who value it. People may value money but money doesn’t value people and that’s why we are all equal. There is no gold on the stock market to back any of the money that is being produced. Now a lot of us walk around with bills that acquire nothing but the consumers needs and wants. The representation has been skewed and destroyed from what it was in the past. Electronic money transfers are definitely convenient, but the fact that money can be moved in a matter of seconds now internationally will cause the economic system to crash as we know it. The recessions in the United States that have happened is a perfect example to use.

I ask people to do their research on this impending topic. Watch where you are investing your money and where it’s going to go in the long run. If you value it so much then I would hope you have the time to be intelligent about what you end up doing with it. Lets get back to caring about people and attempting more humanitarian efforts to benefit our society we live in – this will cultivate a stronger economic system because if people show compassion it will truly dictate how money is distributed globally.


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