Scotia Livin’ (R.I.P)

I woke up with the sun shining on my left cheek. The birds were chirping, dogs barking, and my mind was racing. I had no idea where I was stationed; never seen this place before in my life. It was a rough night for me, I found out my friend had overdosed and met his demise, but it was no surprise. I predicted this way before it happened so it didn’t shock me. I felt like outkast when they said sorry to Ms. Jackson.

The pain of loss is one hard emotion to describe, but it will make you recognize lies to conceptualize the real picture. It can be an extremely difficult situation to tend to, eventually you will realize it was just gods way of opening another venue. Life should be built on elevation after a loss because if its not you wasted all of the pain you crossed. Pain should never go to waste, it should be converted into positive energy instead of creating more negative synergy. Contributing negative vibes after a loss makes you a weaker person. I truly feel that loss should be a catalyst to make you a stronger person.

I am a big seafood lover so I tried to eat my pain away with some smoked salmon. It didn’t give me any relief and the pain cut deeper into my soul. I wasn’t sure what to expect anymore. My friend was gone hopefully watching over me. He could have been happy, sad, angry, disgusted or dissatisfied with what I was doing but I kept my composure. I made sure to become a better person for him, and since he didn’t get the chance to succeed I needed to fulfill his dreams.

The thought of his intrepid spirit never escapes my mind, body, or soul. It keeps me in control and ready to fight for what I believe in. I didn’t thank him enough for gracing me with his presence when he was breathing, but now he has gone into the next world so I guess were even. It was a horrible way to meet our maker but it put everything out on the table for me like a salt shaker.


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