Growing Pains by Ludacris takes me back to elementary school when I was growing up. I knew life was going to become tougher each and everyday I grew. The real world that I envisioned was slowly becoming a reality for my new found lifestyle. It was somewhat of a scary moment in my life to have the realization that there was no turning back, and that growing up was a necessity to my existence.

I didn’t know what would come out of it but I always expected greatness. I knew that being great required a lot of tenacity and responsibilities. Was I willing to handle it? I really wasn’t sure at the time – but what I did know is that I had to face growth no matter what. I was always forcing myself to grow everyday, whether it be: mentally, physically, or spiritually. I didn’t lose any of my close friends yet and that was a blessing. I would have never imagined I would be here today without them, but here I am in one piece.

When you are youthful sometimes your vision is blinded to what may lie on the road ahead, but just know that facing the problems head on is the best solution. Avoiding what is real is a foolish trait to have; it won’t commensurate growth. You can avoid whats real but it will still remain because the truth never dies.


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