Playing The Hand Your Dealt

There will be many situations in your life when you need to stop and think of what to do before you proceed. Being cautious is a good attribute to withhold because it may strengthen your worst enemy. It’s always good to be cautious, its part of self-preservation, and that will help you on this quest that we call life. Remember to know your enemy as well as yourself. Most importantly, always have one ear to the streets so you can hear what is going on through the grapevine.

People talk a lot more than they produce so you should never let any talk scare you. It is just used for intimidation, and not for any beneficial means. The laws of the jungle won’t save you, but it is something that everyone should be well acquainted with. If you can acquire the knowledge of others and of yourself it may be the turning point in your life to do something better. Never let a bad hand hinder the results you know you are capable of; if you do let it hinder your creativity then grabbing the shovel and digging your own grave is the next step.

Let the bad hands you get dealt effect your cognitive ability, it will only be for the better in the long term scheme of things. It is a way of learning, growing, being, and achieving to be a better person and make the others around you feel loved. Who doesn’t want to be loved sincerely?

Never back down from anyone; or take no for an answer because being consistent is how you win. Everybody loves a winner that’s exactly why the jocks are popular in almost every high school across the country. People are infatuated with winners because it represents dominance and pride. Put your poker face on and roll with the punches. I guarantee you will be thankful and gracious.


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