Practicing Survival

To live and exist as a being in this world practicing survival is the key component to live successfully. If you don’t know how to survive then the future may be very bleak for you. And who wants to experience a bleak future? I’m sure there are some self-loathing sadistic people out there who may view a bleak future as a positive, but rest assured that doesn’t have to be you. Surviving is a common element every living specimen on this planet can relate to – it is what makes us one with nature.

I understand that survival can be tough, and some may say only the most fit truly survive. Don’t let that Darwinian jargon scare you because it is only halfway truthful. Open up your mind and allow yourself to understand the art of what survival really is – that is the true key to survival of the fittest. Your mind body and soul will be connected as one and run like a well-oiled machine. It may be a shocking turn of events to get there, but just keep in mind that the journey is all part of the battle.

You will see everything through one clear scope and it will represent the essence of your physicality, mental capacity, and spirituality. Nothing will be able to chain you down or stop you from achieving what you set out to do. In return there will be great things that happen to you with little to no effort. If you know yourself better than anyone else then you have already won. We all are our own worst enemies – ridding ourselves of negative habitual tendencies will be the difference between living and dying.

Live everyday accordingly and don’t take anything in your life that happens for granted because if you do, that may be the one thing that destroys you in the end. Be aware, informed, and know the terrain in which you live. Never live outside of your own confines and always listen to those who are willing to talk to you. It will be the ultimate learning experience, and bring you one step closer to comprehending the wondrous art of survival.

A wise man once told me when you harbor stress you aren’t far from death. Don’t let your ship sail out of the harbor with no purpose of accomplishing anything. It will only lead to you losing your sanity, and that is one of the hardest things to keep consistent in this world.


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