I remember a few years ago I was living a dangerous lifestyle and it was the first time I ever experienced raw deceitful lust. It crept up on me quicker than a locomotive falling off the train tracks. I admit that I wasn’t happy with what events were transpiring, but the bills were piling up and they needed to be paid somehow. Having a gainful means of employment has always been something I take pride in, but unfortunately, it doesn’t always pay for your living expenses. I made sure to monitor my spending and keep one ear in the grape vine at all times because you never know who could be plotting to end your life. The street life is truly a ticking time bomb so managing your time is of the essence.

Not knowing when my next meal was going to be really messed with my mind, and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to escape the streets alive. All I knew at the time was to keep striving for a better tomorrow, and to try to encompass myself with loyal people. Sometimes it can be hard to read who is truly loyal and that is when lust comes into play. Mistakes will be made, but never making the same mistake twice is the answer to the beautiful struggle I saw myself lost in. If you do make the same mistake twice it most likely means your life. A lot of people like to play checkers on the streets by jumping over the next man or obstacle to get ahead, and that may benefit you in the short term, however, in the long term you will be destroyed along with your team.

I play chess and strategize every move I make. Especially back then when I needed to be particularly cautious not to step on anybodies toes inadvertently, which would cause a chain reaction of debauched violence. When you have your paper up and carry yourself with confidence everybody wants to see you fall. They know you are too crafty and intelligent to get caught up by a crew on the streets so they take the “back door exit”. The reason why I call it the back door is because it is the door you least expect to be opened to end your life. It is a mysterious entry to the afterlife if that be your fate, but god protects those who do good onto others. I truly believe that’s the only reason why I’m still breathing today.

I was approached by this girl in a nightclub and she began to dance with me. I didn’t think anything of it because its a common occurrence when you decide to stick on the dance floor the majority of the night. She had lustful eyes and that’s something I can read a mile away like a good book. I assumed it was from her inebriation and the promiscuity emotion was beginning to kick in. She grabbed me quickly and started to kiss me profusely and as soon as our lips touched I felt a cold chill surge through my entire body. It was mystifying, enticing, and eerie all in one lustful body of falsified sexual desire. I knew something fishy was going on because my intuition never lies to me.

I took a look around and saw a car outside that was parked across the street and it had pulled up as soon as she started dancing with me. I knew this was a setup and I warned her to tell whoever was trying to set me up to leave the premises. If not I would make sure it would get ugly for everyone involved. She left and I literally got to dodge a bullet and see another day.

Black widows are the spawn of the devil. Rosemary has many babies on this planet so be very aware.

Let this be a lesson to anyone who intends to fall for lust – it is a trap. Not a gift and a curse; just a single trap to hold you down forever. Never mistake lust for something you can trust because in the end someone will have to leave you in the dust.



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