Celery Regime

I’ve made numerous jokes with a co-worker and friend of mine about starting a new health movement to promote the daily consumption of celery. There are numerous health problems across the globe due to business conglomerates like Monsanto and many others who advertise processed food with hormones and chemicals. It is a shame to see such a monstrosity captivate the attention of peoples minds illuminating ignorance and stupidity. Humans have a natural component neurologically to divert their attention to “negative” or “bad” things because publicity stunts have slowly become a way of life throughout our history. It is a product of insecurity and completely foul play in my humble opinion.

Perhaps we could combine a stalk of celery with some rich dark chocolate and top it with a caramel coating for a nice holiday season treat. I have a lot of other alternative ideas that would be thought provoking and delicious but there doesn’t seem to be any promotion as of yet. What are your thoughts? I would love to hear readers opinions whether it be good or bad.


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