Voluptuous Goddess

I never met a woman who radiated with such a profound beauty. It enveloped all of my senses to become heightened, and envision situations so vivid that I even surprised myself. Completely astounded by everything that was around me because her beauty was deeply poetic. I never quite understood why it captivated me so easily, but there I was, lost in the essence of her soul.

Being attracted to the woman’s mind before her body is usually a prerequisite that I require to begin a relationship with someone. However, on this instance, there was no time or room to have a conversation. I still found myself devoted to her every word. We said no more than a few words to each other, but our eyes were locked together, and no key was about to unlock our bond. It was an extraordinary form of intervention I thought.

Sometimes you meet people who will change your life forever when you least expect it. Whether it be from a basic “hello” to a full fledged conversation when two parties talk stories–this is a constant reminder to never count anyone out. If you were to start counting people out, you may miss the biggest window of opportunity in your life.

Remember to keep a steady head and constantly show appreciation towards those who are sincere with you. I know this now for certain after encountering the voluptuous goddess.


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