Alcohol Consumption

Drinking alcohol can be a healthy alternative to your dietary habits if you know how to monitor your consumption habits. Daily consumption is perfectly fine as long as you decide not to overdue it. People have been known to live longer healthier lives who had a glass or two of wine each day; or a few pints of beer to end your day on a frosty note. If you are an alcohol enthusiast maybe the harder stuff is for you like: whiskey, scotch, vodka, or even gin for the martini drinkers out there.

I personally like the harder stuff depending on my mood, but it is about easing into it and not letting alcohol become one of your vices. It is important to not overdue it because it may lead you down a path of no return. I am sure all of you want to return after a night of drinking and not have it be your last. Making sure not to destroy idiosyncrasies during the process, which are vital to any humans survival whether we would like to face reality or not; this is the inconvenient truth.

Knowing your tolerance level and being responsible will lead you to making smart informative decisions when it comes to alcohol consumption. There will be absolutely no doubts. Remaining and retaining your sanity while consuming is one of the most important aspects to controlling levels of consumption. If you can appreciate this art and practice it there will be no liver failures impending. The future will be bright and illuminated not just for you but for the people who truly love you as well.

I admit I like to participate in the occasional debauchery, and by doing so I am adding gasoline to the fire. The difference between you and I is that when I add gasoline I stand there to watch the fire burn out. I would never be a person to back down from any fire that I am faced with due to my own behest. Anyone who plans on participating in a night of debauchery should plan ahead, and expect the unexpected because without those thoughts on your mind it could create a slippery slope. Never let the beast get you.

Let me be clear by stating that when I do get debauched I always make sure to have a solidified reason behind the commotion. Sometimes I admit it isn’t for the right reasons but we all make mistakes. It is what we do after these mistakes that makes us real men and women. I always redeem myself and so do all the people who keep it real with me that are on my team.


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