Only god can judge me. For all of you non-believers out there keep judging yourself and see how far it gets you at the end of the day. Angry and frustrated because of things you could never control. I guarantee you won’t be any farther along the path of enlightenment than you were before you started. It may seem that things have changed, but really all that happened is the same situations chose to take a different form. If there is no faith or hope, then what do you have left? I personally don’t think it will amount to much, it might even get you stuck.

There will be numerous situations in your life when the element of judgement is non-existent; this could happen for many reasons, but usually because it is outside the scope of your knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Something higher has ordained the event to occur and let that be an admonishment of your faith.

Being part of the streets in my past condemned and altered personal growth for everyone involved. The only reason this happened was because of the constant scrutiny endured on the daily grind by everyone we had to deal with from professional to minor. Always having a means to build and become financially inclined left us right where we started. The cycle was vicious and it struck us like harpoons on the coldest of winters. Some of us are still here, and others have passed on to the hereafter.

Don’t get it twisted and think there wasn’t love involved in our daily interactions. Hatred fogged our minds and sometimes left us in the dark with no light to guide us down the pathway of life. We stood together and did what we could for each other, but that is never enough to sustain lives in this world. Even with all the haters doubting us some still prevailed and others remained lackadaisical.

All the opportunities weren’t captured but the opportunities that made us real men and women were. Remember, that nothing happens before its time. Hatred is a way to masquerade your true feelings of love that cannot be deserving. Don’t let it guide you or effect you because eventually there will be no return.


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