5 Reasons To Drink More Water

1) Daily water consumption is very important to pursuing a healthy diet. Having a few extra glasses of water a day can really maintain sanity and focus.

2) Increased cognitive ability making daily tasks less strenuous and demanding.

3) Proper daily hydration techniques ensure firmer muscle tone; sending positive brain waves releasing chemicals and stimulants for physical development.

4) Detoxification of red blood cells occurs when water is consumed at a steady rate.

5) The lack of inebriation and thoughtlessness will be less prevalent in daily interactions.


Water is a form of sustenance given to us by the one and only supreme being. We should be thankful for the generosity and reap the rewards of what was given to us. I hope anyone who reads this can use this as a quick guide to setting their life a little bit more on track. A new sense of redirection is important when death could be imminently awaiting your defeat.


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