Fame and Fortune

The road to fame and fortune is usually a long pathway of sacrifices, missed opportunities, and overcoming obstacles. It isn’t something that should be taken lightly or looked at as easily obtainable. Some people are born famous because of affiliations; others tend to work away and try to become deserving of their fame.

In order to be famous fortune isn’t a prerequisite, but with fortune comes fame. The biggest mistake any homo sapien could make is letting both fame and fortune dictate their behavior. This is a tragedy that happens more than we might think, and it tears through peoples lives like the cutting of a velvet cloth. Resulting in creating one of your worst enemies: greed. It is a form of control that needs to be put to its bitter end before it manifests itself within each and every one of us.

Capitalism breeds greed and greed breeds capitalism, and the causality is making it a cyclical dungeon of torture for us to endure. Chasing after these dreams that were sought out, planned, and executed before the thought even crossed our minds. An extremely sad state of affairs that hinders real development to become a more well rounded humble person. The catalyst is a group of people who control the world banking system, world trade organization, and I mentioned in a previous post the international monetary fund. Economically speaking this creates reinvestment for the people in control by earning the money back that we as taxpayers work for.

Many people look at these issues as being non-existent, and they wouldn’t be wrong in certain circumstances – but the problem is that more times than not it becomes a serious issue. Scandals arise with the unrelenting ridicule of social scrutiny, scorn, and locker room gossip while the people in control live in a completely different colony. They stay detached from these immoral quandaries and live with the guilt of another road not taken. True violators that will never stop their reign of terror until forced otherwise.

Let this be a brief and steady warning to pay attention to what is going on in the world. I would suggest keeping close tabs on the trade agreement happening currently with the UK and China. Fame and fortune is completely overrated just like royalty. They all operate on their own behest and will never cooperate with us. Never become a sucker for the unwarranted because it will disappear in the blink of an eye. 


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