Count Your Blessings

Life can be a difficult road of twists, turns, spirals, and misleading signs that reshape the structure. It can be overwhelming and mentally drain your brain into becoming a thoughtless drone. Stress causes these experiences but at the same time it helps us grow. Spirits can be crushed easily from tragedies that occur frequently throughout your life, and retaining your sanity is the most important aspect while all of this is happening. Feeling so upset and melancholic that your life purpose masquerades as being non-existent.

Perseverance is key when dealing with a curve ball that life decides to throw at you. Mastering the art of perseverance is a crucial life lesson that could make or break certain opportunities that arise. Being absolutely certain would assure a pathway for greater success and ultimately lead you to succeed at reaching your dreams and goals. Perseverance within itself is a nugget of wisdom that teaches you these attributes and furthers your scope of fruitful knowledge.

The other side to this equation is being thankful for what you have by counting your blessings. If you were to count your blessings at the end of each week they may be subject to change – but what you will notice is by doing so your mind tends to focus more on the positive than the negative. I personally believe everybody has a 180 degree of positivity and negativity, but it is your outlook and perception that will be a bright beginning or bitter end. Never let life get the best of you because by opening those doors it creates negative connotations that may end up being irreversible in the grand scheme of things.

When I count my blessings it makes me a stronger person who appreciates the state of living and being. I thrive well in any environment because of it, and become wiser during the process. I have brain cells stronger than any jail cell, war zone, impoverished land, or torture chamber due to the constant reminder of being thankful for what god gave me. Charge the battery fully by counting your blessings, not by purposefully digressing on a path of debauchery.


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