The Iron Fist

Current events that have transpired should really get people thinking on what is going on across the globe today. It is appalling to see such travesties manifest, and spread throughout the world like some flesh eating virus. Honestly, it should just be called a flesh eating virus due to the death toll rising at a constant rate. I haven’t quite figured out why majority of the population hasn’t figured out that these are all mind games. Sometimes I feel like things were maybe meant to be this way to make room and space for bigger things to happen.

The world has been a complete mess since the Bush administration was inaugurated. Don’t sit back for a minute and think this is a coincidence because you are sadly mistaken. Trains have been derailing, wars are fought for oil and greed, and poverty remains on the rise. When will we come together and realize that the people who are responsible for these horrors are the minority. They cannot and will not be the majority ever on this planet. Eventually, everything comes to an end and it’s up to us to make the ending as smooth as silk for the next generations to come.

We see countries getting poorer, the rich becoming richer, and the middle class is left out in the cold lost in the wind that ravels through the behemoth of our visions. The poor will always be poor if they don’t plan on doing something about it, and will continue to stay poor if they don’t work hard for a proper life that provides all of their necessities.

The divide that classicism and elitism bring to the table trick people into thinking they should strive for certain material things to separate themselves from the masses. Divide and conquer was a tactic in the art of war which prevailed successfully to control the hands of time. We need to look beyond this vile treachery and see the truth for what it really is: insecurities constricting humans from having a clear mind to perform good deeds. Don’t fall under the spell and let them trap you because it may be a hole you cannot dig out of with a shovel.

All of these issues boil down to population control. Geography has taught us throughout the history but some of us remain blind to see that so let me make that clear for you. These crooks are out to kill us, and it is completely in your hands to not fall out with the trash their compiling.




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