The Trumpet Sounded

I remember this night like it was yesterday. The weather was mild with little to no wind, and the moon was shining brighter than usual. Maybe the fact that the moon was full should have been a signal, but ignorant I remained. I was at my cousins house having a few drinks with him because it was a Saturday night and it was a long week for me. We had a few very serious discussions and for the most part we were having a good time. What happened next was completely devastating. I didn’t see it coming in the slightest.

I was mildly intoxicated. After drinking for a few hours it begins to alter your mind and slowly affect your judgement, but this night was different and I wasn’t caught under the spell of alcohol. Everything from what I remember seemed to be coming in clearly to me and this within itself should have been a sign something changed. Purposefully my mind kicked into overdrive and decided to ignore what was really clear to me.

My phone started ringing and I assumed it was a friend of mine asking me what the plans were going to be for that night; unfortunately, it was a close friend of mine calling. She usually never calls me so before I picked up the phone I knew something was wrong. Being very hesitant to answer there wasn’t a thought that wasn’t going through my mind. Finally, I decided to pick up the phone after it went through about 6-7 ring cycles.

Me: Hello

Friend: Yeah, I have something to tell you.

Me: Okay, go ahead. What’s happening?

Friend: Mitchell was found dead in his apartment with dry blood coming out of his nose earlier tonight. He overdosed from cocaine.

Me: Are you serious?

Friend: Yeah, he’s gone.

Me: Okay, thanks for telling me. I gotta go.


The pain that shot through my body was indescribable. It was like lying on a bed of nails and feeling every nail pinch each nerve in your body until there was nothing left of you. Maybe one of the hardest things I ever had to face in my life because he was like a brother to me. For that one moment when I had gotten off the phone it felt like time froze, and it was the longest second I endured in my life. Truly I was in a state of shock. Being somewhat inebriated didn’t help either but this is life and I choose to roll with the punches. I haven’t shed a tear for him but he is constantly in my thoughts everyday, and is a source of motivation for me to live my life accordingly. When the trumpet sounds for you or a loved one you feel a power unlike no other. I choose to just call it divine.


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