10 Ways To Be Successful

1) Remain consistent with the work you are producing. Keep the drive and determination high and you won’t fail.

2) Have persistence be your best friend. A lot of people in your life including the ones you love may try to talk you out of doing something for their own benefit. Do not fall into the trap of being told otherwise. Remain true to yourself and you will win.

3) Respect the craft of what you are doing. I understand it can be a hobby or even fun to you, but if the craft isn’t respected then you will never succeed. Keep on learning and adding to your flare.

4) Make sacrifices that you wouldn’t otherwise. If there aren’t any real sacrifices made then success will remain a closed door.

5) Take risks even if you know it could blow up in your face. Without taking risks in this life you will never obtain greatness so don’t be afraid to get your feet wet.

6) Learn how to endure constructive criticism and grow from it. Many people will bash what you do – but it is the real sincere people that need to be listened to. If you cannot take a critique then a brick wall will be in your impending future.

7) Show a sense of pride with what you do. Know what attracts your audience, and be bold while doing so. Without pride all that’s left is prejudice.

8) Learn how to include others and incorporate them with your work. Show them that you care and appreciate their support. Don’t be ungrateful to someone who literally fed you your success.

9) Never let anybody get in your way. Be aware that obstacles will need to be faced sometime down the road, and slowly prepare for every possible contingency.

10) This is the most important aspect to any success. Be truly happy and compassionate with what you do. People will realize if you are just doing things for material means. To be truly successful means that you are in a mind state of happiness. Show the fans, critics, haters, and your own family that nobody can knock you off your pedestal. Happiness will keep you there to stay.


3 thoughts on “10 Ways To Be Successful

  1. I like the general applicability of this post because it’s not limited to a particular walk of life. Could be applied to personal life also.

    And thank you for following my blog. I’ll see what I can do to make it worth it. Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks a lot for the read and comment. I was aiming to hit every type of individual with this post whether it be professional or personal.

      Don’t give up so early in the game. I know you will make it worthwhile just stay motivated.


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