I particularly enjoy the cold damp crisp air of the winter months. I know a lot of people who would say otherwise but I choose to differ. Most people are resistant to cold temperatures and usually prefer the heat. I love all elements and the winter is no different. Looking out the window and seeing a fresh blanket of snow is always a beautiful picturesque moment to be shared with family and loved ones. Winter is not ideal for me, but it has become almost habitual over the years. Living in Canada I get to enjoy all four seasons. What a real blessing it is.

There doesn’t seem to be any point in my opinion to complain about the snow. It isn’t all of a suddenly going to disappear by your own free will so how about you embrace it while it’s still here. The winter is dark, long, and grueling but the reward of summer months is the most enjoyable. Winter really makes me appreciate summer more.

We have the Olympic Winter Games that is based off of this season and some people choose to still show it no respect. I’m not saying you need to follow the Olympics, but the fact that we have a global sports event based off this wondrous season deems adequate respect. I’m sure there are many people out there who are excited that participate, practice, and harness their skills in winter sports.

Associating the cold air, ice sculptures, and fluffy white snow with the holiday season has been occurring for decades. It brings out an entirely new perspective for artists and the like. Winter can be very inspirational if perceived in the right manner. Let the season enable you to do better not hinder the creative process. We need to all embrace the season as one and let the simplistic nature of snowfall motivate us to produce a serious body of work. I know I already have and will continue doing so each season. 


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