I recently lost my grandfather to a stroke. He was suffering from dementia for roughly five years. I know that now he is in a better place, and that motivates me to become a better person. I didn’t get to attend the funeral because of financial issues. Traveling within Canada is expensive, even during the worst of times. Knowing that I couldn’t be at the funeral of a man who paved the way for me to be successful really hurts, but it was something that was meant to be. In the grand scheme of things: I know that it will turn out to be beneficial.

The death was expected so it wasn’t as bad as losing a friend at a young age. I had to say goodbye and bury a lot of close friends, and family members in these last few years. A part of me left with them, and I don’t know how they feel about me after passing on to the hereafter. I will never be the same person ever again in this life. I have evolved and grown stronger because of the losses.

Nothing can stop me from accomplishing my goals now. I have an unlimited pool of motivation to swim in, and I’m slowly reaping all of the rewards. I haven’t yet gotten to the deep end, but I hope to be there sometime in 2014. For all of y’all who let losses get them down, it is good to hold onto to grief–but it is bad to let that grief dictate what you do. Rise above your own emotions and grow because of the realization.

Never let anyone stop you from growing whether they are dead or alive.



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