Respect The Homemakers


The independent women are definitely a blessing, and appealing to this world. I have definitely fallen for some in my life, at many different times. They demand respect, love, and fair judgment. All of these attributes can be irresistible to a mans libido, making these women very hard to turn down. Many times: independent women crossed my path in astonishment, without my knowledge, and I’m thankful for each and everyone of you who did. Gracing me with your presence showed me true power, humility, and restraint.

I know that as a man it can be hard not to be attracted to that independent woman who is running her own life in all spheres and sectors. Remain strong and develop patience, then the right woman will eventually cross paths with you. All of these instances happen because the ordainment of your life is set somewhat in stone whether you choose to know it or not.

Never count out the homemakers who hang your clothes out to dry, provide hot home cooked meals, and demonstrate unconditional love towards anyone who decides to walk through those doors, to grace you with their presence. To all the homemakers out there keep your head up, and never stop growing. Without you, there would be no us. Homemakers are one in the same, and just as independent as those women who catch your eyes on the streets.

I have personally learned to love unconditionally from many different homemakers who taught me valuable life lessons. This is a lesson I will take the grave with me. I constantly remind myself to keep it close to my heart; in due remembrance of their souls, because without them, I would have met my maker at an early age.

Whenever a homemaker crosses your path, give it up and show your respect. This may be the difference between you having a horrific day that is near catastrophic, as opposed to having a beautiful day of growth and acceptance. Listen to them, and heighten your wisdom. The advice that will be received may change your life, irrevocably.

I hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend. All my best wishes to those who read this or who have already acknowledged this fact of life.


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