10 Reasons Not To Drink Soda

1) Soda is full of refined sugar. Nothing good will come out of this heavy consumption.  It may give you a short burst of energy, but in the end it will end up being more detrimental to your health and well being. Overload of sugar consumption can lead to laziness, depression, and anxiety. Sugar is causing a rapid growth in childhood obesity. This isn’t just an issue occurring in the United States, but it is slowly spreading to be worldwide. Don’t follow the herd and be sold out by business conglomerates that only care about the bottom line: cash money.


2) The carbonation can cause unwanted gas. Now your body has to work that much harder to push the beverage through your digestive tract. Having this gas could also lead to embarrassing social encounters because it’s an uncontrollable urge. Excessive amounts of gas can steer you down the path to destruction. Numerous health problems may all start occurring at once because your digestive tract is slowly being lead to its demise. Always remember that too much gas is never a good thing. Just look at what happened during the holocaust.


3) Labeling and colors used to market soda. I understand that they look appealing, but that is the whole point to swoon the consumer in to buying a can of soda. Instead, learn from the labels and implement their marketing tactics into the next product you want to sell. Never let the big business conglomerates dictate your behavior. If you do let them, then it is best to join forces with them; that way there will be no doubts in your grueling future.


4) There is absolutely no real nutritional value to drinking soda. Of course with anything that you eat, whether it is good or bad, will have some kind of nutritional value. Vitamins and minerals are non-existent with soda. Most of the ingredients added to soda; especially diet, are full of chemicals and toxins that haven’t been disclosed to the public.  If the ingredient added is below 0.02% they aren’t legally inclined to disclose what was actually added to the product. Next time when you get the chance to pick up a can or bottle of soda read the list of ingredients. I can assure you that there will be nothing appealing to your eyes except the can itself. Don’t let them fool you into thinking it is full of nutritional value that will in return enhance your life.


5) Drinking soda causes constant skin problems. The pigmentation will be dim, and not as bright as it should be if you were eating healthy. Acne is a common skin condition that occurs with the consumption of too much soda. Your skin will have breakouts consistently and never seem to clear up properly. Pimples will appear in many different areas of your body excluding the face, and they will be difficult to get rid of quickly. Lingering around with an unrelenting force to stick to your skin. Nothing good can happen to your skin from soda consumption.


6) To obtain the amount of sugar that needs to be produced for the market share that soda creates is almost insurmountable. Exploitation of humans in many different third world countries happens everyday due to the consumption of soda. Child slave labor is a common theme associated with soda companies. Paying kids next to nothing to make them rich. Soda companies thrive off ostensible means to control the global economy.  Without any of these tools there would be no profit accumulated, and the world may very well be in another state of mind.


7) Soda is mass-produced and distributed throughout the world. It also has a notoriously bad reputation for sponsoring many different world sports events. Do not think for a moment that this wasn’t a setup because you would be wrong. This mass production and distribution conglomerates power and control. Executives and owners remain in power because of this well-known “phenomenon”.  Supporting people who are this insecure should be condemned. It is causing society to digress and leaves pathways unfinished. Building on elevation is a beautiful thing, but being stifled like this makes growth seem unfeasible and unobtainable.  Power is a hunger game that needs to meet its just desserts.


8) The stock market is dictated by the rising and falling prices of the ingredients used for soda. Also, the soda itself is a product as well making the percentages lean towards one parties favor. Soda has become a commodity for certain countries in the world manifesting as a “big ticket” item in the stock market. Investors who are in the private sector get to share stock tips on how to capitalize off these well known commodities.  This needs to be stopped and shouldn’t be allowed as a business practice.


9) Soda can literally dictate who receives allotments of money. Certain information about the soda industry is only released to a select number of investors who are part of the business. They can then decide where to invest their money to reap the highest reward possible, which would be a greater return.  The fact that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is because of the soda industry amongst other factors, corporations, and industries.  If there weren’t as many consumers in place from the publicity stunts, gimmicks, and marketing promotions then the wealth of the world would be more evenly distributed.


10) Oil companies and soda companies are one in the same. They are also run by the same people because the marketing tactics are the exact same. Cars don’t have to be run by oil but we choose to use oil because we are told it’s the easiest way for our car to operate efficiently. Environmentally speaking it destroys the atmosphere and creates more fossil fuels. Soda doesn’t have to be consumed by anyone either, but somehow it is in almost every restaurant, cafe, convenience store, and gas station. If soda wasn’t consumed religiously the state of the world in every aspect would have a more positive outlook.


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