Mental Soul Food: Stay Capacitated

Dividing us to keep classicism alive

why can’t we understand their lies?

nothing complex ever uttered

yet we buy into the violence and put pain on our mothers

stress builds up without a doubt

society becomes cyclical

time to break out the cycle

my wisdom goes so deep I see them with a rifle

pointed at our heads to control thoughts

why do you think nobody knows themselves?

this is exactly what we were taught

just some mental soul food to revitalize

stay capacitated to protect yourself from the disturbing lies

now it is time to open your eyes and realize


2 thoughts on “Mental Soul Food: Stay Capacitated

    1. Indeed, it is. Nobody is taught to dictate, but they ignorantly choose to be dictated. Brainwashing techniques that subliminally control mental slavery; infecting and poisoning our minds.


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