Winter In Syria: The Icy Slope

The sirens were loud trying to consume my every breath; not knowing if I would make it to the next one is what worried me. Time froze as my heart pulsated, and the wind spoke to me saying: “keep moving because without you there is nothing”. I kept that message close to my heart and sealed it with a kiss. Forever it remained part of my soul; molding me into a stronger person by amalgamating my bond with the simplicities of nature. Winter was no season to play with and I made sure to remind myself of that everyday. The elements could eliminate my existence in a hot second – so holding onto what was mine constituted my sanity.

Winter days were grueling, demanding, and above all freezing. Dealing with inhumane temperatures that bit pieces of your flesh off for good sport. My thoughts slowly became distorted and I didn’t know what to make of myself. I saw myself taking a turn for the worst, but obstacles provided me admonition to stay on the correct pathway. Menticide wasn’t pretty for anybody in my physical condition. My clothes were torn to shreds, and my wrists bleeding from the cuts the wind gave me. It felt like I was being stabbed all throughout my body; and the pain was an unrelenting force ruled by the elite.

Spending days in the tent wasn’t my ideal way to experience my first camping trip – but sometimes things are preordained to help you grow, learn, build, and ultimately make you a stronger person. Never would I truly understand these instruments of divine nature. Spirits kept whispering to me, and telling me to carry on with my life. Why? I honestly didn’t know. Earlier in the year I watched loved ones get taken away from me. My family will never be together again. Never will our hands touch; or will our faces envision a new dimension together.

Here I lie: confused out in the cold with no way out. Thankfully I have the key to life and I locked it down way before the winter of 2013 came my way.


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