Stop Snitching

Hasn’t your mother ever told you to never tattle? To those less fortunate who don’t have parents hasn’t anyone close to you ever told you not to open your mouth? Sharing information is essential during this post-digital era – but it’s the type of information you share and with who that defines whether or not you can be trusted. I personally keep everything to myself and anybody who knows me can vouch for that. If I ever were to divulge all of the information I was blessed with my body would be six feet deep. Gossip gets you nowhere, it leads to relationships becoming weaker, loved ones will turn on you, and ultimately it presents an ugly scenario for everybody involved.

Snitches do get stitches; and sometimes their life is taken because they exposed too many people for no reason. We now live in a world of information where every detail counts. I think it is a completely frivolous notion to participate in snitching or anything of the like. We can build together without having to exploit each other. Too bad this is what the government teaches us, and it is shown to be effective in the public eye. Do not be a bandwagon junkie and let the government dictate your behavior.

We need to stand together and try to mediate something that has a proper discourse. No need to let our egos, personalities, emotions, or pride get the best of us. This type of segregation has been proven effective throughout history and it needs to be put to its bitter end. Discrimination is the weak mans road, and not for those who are truly strong. Adversity builds for a better tomorrow, and education builds for a better today.


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