The Holiday Season

I hope that everyone is enjoying their holidays to the best of their ability. This is a time to embrace unity, difference, and change to be all gathered together as one people: the human race. Many people across the globe celebrate a variety of different holidays, and I’m happy to be part of a world that has this type of diversity. A real beautiful number of events that should bring us closer together as a people and not segregate us to be further apart. Make the best of this holiday cheer and try to do a good deed for someone you love. Keep your head high and never forget who paved the way for you.

Holidays are a tradition of remembrance that needs to be embraced annually, and continue to be everlasting for everybody who decides to get involved. Keep that thought in your mind and never let go of it. In the end you will be truly thankful for everything that has been provided to you.


May all my readers and ones I love cherish the holiday season.


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