2014: Attention Span

The human attention span is becoming a less frequented issue now that a new year has commenced. I guarantee a lot of people won’t have the proper attention span to even read through this entire post. A new year has now come and another has gone. What does this mean? 2013 called for a real change according to the Mayans, and Nelson Mandela passing away was one of the many changes. He was the first black president who had a natural capacity for leadership and real change. We are now living in a new world of fake embellishments and silly accolades that distract us from what is really happening. Dollar bills have changed into fake pieces of plastic that give us no means to survive. Certain individuals are taking note but few really understand what events have been transpiring over the past couple decades.

This is a mission to destroy nations and erase parts of history that still remain untold stories to this day. The constant promotion of unhealthy food products, electronics, and lust has formed a unit comprised of lies, slander, and gossip to ruin our mentality. Don’t let the undercover leaders who live in another colony bring you down to their level. They are a group of weak people who teach others to be weaker than their own blood so there are no repercussions to their crimes committed. Omitting evils and negative situations is a constant uphill battle that we as a population face on a daily basis. Nothing brings us closer to ourselves than involving good people and deeds in our lives that will let us attain peace.

We lie flaccid in a supine position letting the bullets and harpoons nail us that the government chooses to push onto the people. It is an agenda of wrongdoing that is slowly coming to its bitter end. Work on your attention span before they decide to take you out with the trash they are cleaning up. Don’t be a mechanical drone to suppositions the government throws out there for media attention. 2014 is time for unity to be established and the righteous to rise above the oppressors


2 thoughts on “2014: Attention Span

  1. I agree that attention spans seem to be dwindling, and that we need to wake up and pay attention before we’re lulled into the demise of the masses.

    (I did read the entire post, so I’m still hangin’ on 🙂 )


    1. Yes, I think dietary habits play a huge factor apart from many other small attributes. People will wake up if they want to, and stop listening to the lies the media throws around. Thank you a lot for your support. I’m glad to hear you read the entire post.


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