Book Sales

I know this sounds like two magic words to any writer who has put out a serious body of work. I am here to define to the world what book sales really means in contemporary society. It sounds like a big feat when you really think about it, but haven’t you been told before that looks can be deceiving? Sometimes people dream for this opportunity to present itself and it doesn’t seem like a horrible idea in theory. However, in practice it is utterly atrocious and maybe even somewhat delusional according to various therapists. Sales do not happen unless you make them happen. In order to make something happen your product needs to be known.

Making your product known can be done on a simplistic marketing platform or even an intricate dynamic of webs intertwined to rise you above all other competitors. Whatever you decide to choose just make sure to be consistent and let nobody get in your way. As soon as somebody presents a road block, and the first notion is to give up there is no way to turn it back around. Having a strong mentality with a courageous spirit is needed to launch a serious marketing platform to advertise your product. This is what entrepreneurs do best.

The money attached to book sales causes envy, jealousy, hate, and above all transparent relationships will begin to form. Watch out for the trickery associated with success. Real success means happiness, but there will always be the root of all evil attached: money. Don’t fall into the trap and let it dictate your behavior because it will only lead to a dead end road. Stay vigilant and remember who was real with you from the beginning because without that you lose every damn thing. The heart you once knew and loved so effortlessly now seems impossible to bare.

This is what book sales can bring to the table; or any sales of any product. Keep a clear mind and practice humility – there will be no mistakes made.


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