Presumably my first assumption is that people think of the financial institution in the UK. The image and name fails in comparison to the city I am referring to. As I mentioned in a previous post Halifax (Nova Scotia) would be considered to be a small town in America. I am soon to be the king of my city and for all of y’all haters who think otherwise you need to man up. Stop complaining about who you spend your time with and build on elevation. There ain’t no need for the incessant whining, bickering, and arguing to take place because that’s what the colonizers taught you. Mentally enslaved for no reason and can’t even realize how sweet freedom tastes. Keep on that path and the fork in the road will eventually present itself to be useless.

Whether you are speaking of north end or south end we should all be supportive of each other. Color shouldn’t be a factor in determining whether or not a relationship can form, and it definitely shouldn’t be a means of avoidance either. Unity is a powerful tool, and with knowledge and wisdom to aid its grace nothing will tear us apart. We need to all come together collectively and start realizing the truth before it’s irreversible. I’m not saying we all need to get along and be friends, but we should at least try to be cooperative with each other. Halifax is at a complete stand still right now just like New York.

Is it coincidental that New York and Nova Scotia (also known as New Scotland) both fell off around the same time? No, it wasn’t a coincidence it was planned before my time. Papoose has been digging New York out of the hole his city was wallowing in, and I intend to do the same with Halifax. Big shoutout to DJ Kay Slay, Papoose, and the whole nation of thug-a-cation. The city will no longer be paused and local growth will finally be a flourishing backbone to the economy.


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