Winter Months

It is a new year and the winter months will only get rougher in Canada. Leading to clinical depression and tampered dreams. Pursuing dreams is impossible with a clouded mind – clarity is needed to reach your dreams with nothing else that matters or affects you. Many writers tend to complain about the lack of motivation they have during the winter months. The early nights, constant darkness, cold embittered weather, and deafening winds are no help either. Using your energy to convert all of that negative energy into positive takes a strong mind with sufficient control.

I’m going to make this a short post because there isn’t much to say on the topic. I could talk about the meteorological phenomenons that take place but it wouldn’t be much different from any other winter. The grace of god allows the seasons to happen at an appointed time every year and I am truly thankful for that. Keep warm and stay motivated by opening another neurological pathway. I assure you that your writing will become better because of it. The winter months are a gift with intricate wrapping that require love and care to open. Always keep that thought on the back burner during the coldest season and writing will become an easy feat.


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