I’m Back

I took a quick break from the blogosphere to focus more on my business platform for my upcoming novel release. The False Reality Of Martin will change the world. It will be available January 31st, 2014 so get ready for your mind to be blown. I will be releasing a poetry collection for black history month entitled: The Dark Knight Who Ascends His Horse. Keep a close eye out for that as well because it touches on many subjects that a lot of writers are afraid to speak about.

I hope everyone has been enjoying January and the new year. This year marks a turning point in my life on many different levels and I hope all of my supporters can share the experience with me. I won’t be posting much until February hits because there are other aspects of my life that I need to focus on; ensuring my seat on the throne. You can expect a wide array of material to be showcased on my blog come February. It will be coming at the readers with full force and my respect will double as the words slowly graze your cortex.

I can’t wait to be back posting on a daily basis come February, so until then everybody stay safe and keep your loved ones close.


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