Success Is Imminent

When I say: “success is imminent” I am referring to your state of mind. Everything in life takes time, patience, and virtue to blossom into something great. Even people who claim to have success overnight have worked up to that accolade, and are usually well deserving of the rewards that come with the hard work they demonstrated. Cherishing hard work is very important to being successful at anything you choose to do because without it you are nothing. Respecting the craft of your selected discipline can go a long way as well, and should be a key element to add to the equation. People will constantly say negative things to keep you from pursuing your dreams – do not let the words or pressure get to you, it will only lead to bad things happening down the road.

Sticking to one thing and working at it can be good, but you don’t want to limit yourself. Versatility is an important factor to persevere through all of the given obstacles and hidden motives. Sometimes there will be forces going against you that aren’t visible to the naked eye, or to any of your competitors. When this happens it is important to stay positive and keep the work ethic alive.

I understand that success may seem unobtainable, but if you aren’t willing to put in any work then it will remain just that.

Figuring out what you want to do is only half the battle. Sticking to your idea is where the true test is, and this is what separates the weak from the strong, the boring people to the entertainers, and the lames from the greats. Motivation can be hard to find, and may almost seem non-existent 364 days of the year. Always keep the little man or woman on your horse and motivation will flow to you like a waterfall. I guarantee once your mind is truly focused nothing will stop you from growing. And once instantaneous growth occurs the only way to go is up.

Remember that after you obtain this success don’t let it go to your head. You were only successful because of the work you put in – now it’s time to give back. Taking is one side of the coin that you already experienced, so now it’s time to flip the coin.

Many opportunities always lie around the corner, but the question is are you willing to go around that corner. Never let fear stop you from growing or becoming a better person. Without fear the only burden standing in your way is you. Keep on a path of advancement and don’t look back. Once something is looked at it from the past it can be constantly dwelling on your mind, and that is a fatal flaw that will continue to hold you back time and time again. Success is for those who are hungry and not for those who have no appetite.

I laid down a path that is clear, accessible, and inviting so the only thing to do now is accept it.


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