Great Literature

Books, spoken words and written

dividing us with power before the premonition

I saw this as a fetus

nothing can stop my growth, born to achieve this

the crown has been mine

natural born king producing work before my time

participating solemnly, not erotically

honestly hypnotic, no comedies

serious and standing tall

plotting on me, no one catches me slipping or ready to fall

literature and poetry taught sequentially

frequencies representing environmentally

the planet spins on its axis

water, food, plants should be labelled fantastic

knowledge acquired to inspire

acquisitions made because I’m the driver

great literature created without tire

learned from the best – free from liars

hate, greed, lust, power, control – the five fingers

iron fist formulated behind the ringer

hitting high notes like an r&b singer

they tricking you with impairments that linger

educating street cats with my hand

no iron fist, I’m a human being derived from sand

wasting time spent with a coward man

get caught slippin’ I’ll murk you like killa cam

understanding the balance call me sinner sam

I stay united and close knit, yeah that’s my fam

never back me down in a corner or you’ll get a tan

I’m going to talk to the people for a quick minute. Power, control, and the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer is no coincidence. Planned way before my time in the womb. All these faculties are meant to consume the population. Real power is obtaining knowledge itself to overcome. Control is wisdom that is never on the run. And knowing the economic system is true understanding. If you walk with that remembrance you will never fail.


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