Media Assassin

My presidential campaign is just beginning

where’s my first lady, she’s on her way with amendments

exposing lames for the fun of it

speaking truths as solid as an oven mitt

protecting me from heat, naw that’s your other friend

I don’t need to call security because I made a covenant

protected with no help piling up new accolades on the shelf

the only reason people are hating is because I’m about to gain wealth

call me the media assassin

words can’t tear me apart – don’t you see what’s happening?

media outlets will try to slaughter me

nothing bothers me, those lames are trying to give me a hypnotic apology

no slipping or robbing me – but the media tries to play the role of my father

how can the media be a father without producing any daughters?

they running out of answers, filled with cancer

I laugh in their face, leave without a trace they making up fairy tales like rudolph and prancer

just a quick lesson produced in less than fifty seconds

creating so rapidly fast without resting



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