Liars Never Win

Lie to a liar and get burned

expose the truth with no concern

government doesn’t shake the ground, just moves through the dirt like a worm

you follow them and took a misturn

I’m just stating the facts to replace the dusty trail

mind resides in a different solar system, while you remain slower than a snail

sanded wood so smooth it belongs in a pail

beaches, nature, and water so beautiful if you can’t see this you are destined to fail

loyalty is priceless

disloyal people will get you indicted

saw the crime before it was commited – yeah, I’m excited

took an oath with the words I recited

fools follow a path that will lose you a limb

the path ain’t lit, it will be always be dim

these people persist in calling you a friend

viruses and parasites is why liars never win


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