Stacking numbers on numbers to identify us

A’s, b’s, and c’s ain’t the roman alphabet, it’s the epitome of biased

how dare they try this?

separating and chemically inducing physical compounds producing a virus

they labelled it ill science

ozone layer won’t fall, they taught you to live under their compliance

spoke to the kings of the past with no defiance

now defiance co-exists with peace, and is a choice of reliance

we in the state of apoplectic silence

no denying the anger and violence

breeding a war torn supremacy of tryants

attention span so weak its a struggle to follow your consignments

grades add hate for a futile mistake

subtract powers to form debate

multiply dividends feeding fakes

dividing us so we can drive across the interstate

school doesn’t complete me because I complete it

left the education system deflated and defeated

vicious cycle positioned and concreted

listen closely for prevention of the system to be repeated

dignity prestigiously coinciding becoming depleted

predictions – leaving government officials washed up so bad they retreated

carrying the torch, but ideologically speaking it’s cheated

flames left the people under the fire staying heated

historically ensured pathologically, committing lobotomies being mistreated

sickness runs through the exoskeleton making fools bulimic

thinking you the rock on the path staying conceited

grades are a cheap trick, falsified magic and you chose to believe it


I follow the beat of my own drum and play by my rules. An outlaw with deadly weapons of the mind I like to call fun tools. Spitting the truth with no excuse. Been deadly to this industry before I even stepped into the booth. I’m just a writer on the coming up. I promise The False Reality Of Martin will be a short splash in the water for my 1st novel. I’m already writing a 2nd novel that is completely unrelated, and creating an idea for the 3rd. I create so rapidly fast and the wealth is on its way. I’m a true king that deserves to see better days.






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