Photographs philosophically sound

under the impression as you get around

deepened ocean, quaking commotion

real lies epitomize weed that your smoking

caught between the cement, are you joking?

you couldn’t survive a day on the streets

heart palpitations off the grid being discrete

charted rights controlling the obsolete

paying for dentures before you lose your teeth

honorable philological being

moving business like it was a figment of your dreams

what I spit is saccharine

even though bodies need to be redeemed

nothing can break the spirit of my team

we leave you out of place like Charlie Sheen

pursuing goals by any means

replacing the root of all evil with new genes

untouchable phenomenal political regime

look at the flash I’ve written as a brief biography

camera shutter needs change like a lobotomy

aperture concise is my kind of photography


I just painted an extraordinary picture. That’s why I remain a sharp shooter like Derek Fisher. He may be retired, but my mind, body, and soul is so old you couldn’t see the flyer. So high on this wordsmith route, that was destined to inspire.

The False Reality Of Martin will be out in stores tomorrow. Watch the sediment of the soil change, and the structure of the clouds form into new meteorological patterns.


2 thoughts on “Photography

  1. your mind must be swirling all the time! in a good way. these writings touch so many points in the misjudgements of humanity. they’re very thought-provoking, and evoke a lot of abstract imagery. i bet your books will inspire many. good luck.


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