Halifax Is My Heart

I remember when I used to run around with them old school thugs

felt like I was decapitated because my jugular vein couldn’t reach my heart – embodied with no love

kept things heavy on the darkside

was never heavily involved with the street life cuz I saw the lies

had street credibility with the right people on the block

that’s why I’m here writing this poem to leave you in the state of shock

didn’t think I would be breathing through my lungs this long

dry snitching, drop dime snitching, y’all are just uncle toms

Nova Scotia isn’t ready for my big return

they were happy when I left, didn’t want to see me earn

now I’m rewriting the history books to make a better start

I told y’all before, and I’ll tell y’all again Halifax is my heart

The False Reality Of Martin is on the rise. Purchase a copy to avoid invasion of your family ties.





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