Subconscious Thoughts

Subconsciously speaking been following my thoughts for more than a weekend

people out here listening to the whispers, they don’t even realize their cheating

my subconscious thoughts are the pinnacle, required to be a critical individual

smooth sailing with no mistakes, no replies or statements that are hypocritical

I’m pleasant, peaceful and would never mislead you, don’t listen to the others who are deceitful

they are just trying to put you on a path that is clever and feeble, a real divine evil

these thoughts I concocted are my revival

nothing suicidal, just pure breed reliable simply undeniable

subconsciously my thoughts have been so far on top they became my idol

if you are intelligent, you hit that law library when you got to take it to trial

the attorney isn’t going to save your ass

they just in the legal system trying to burn through their cash

just a few thoughts that were burning on the back of my mind

so far ahead of my time I reinvented the times


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