The False Reality Of Martin

I finally got the book accepted into the premium catalog. I will post the links for all of the major retailers as soon as the book appears in stores. Amazon, iTunes store, Barnes & Noble, Oyster, etc. I thank everyone for the continued support, and I hope the book inspires you to be a better person. Here is the Smashwords link for the time being:

If you read the entire book write a review, and if you like the book tell your friends. If you don’t like it you can tell me. I’m always open to criticism. The False Reality Of Martin will change the world.


2 thoughts on “The False Reality Of Martin

  1. I read your smashwords interview. Can’t believe anyone would spew hate towards your work. What have you encountered? Time memoir is one if my favorite genres and even though False Reality is a novel, knowing it is based on your life will make it that much more interesting. Thanks for your follow of my blog. Gail at


    1. I appreciate the kind words. That humbles me a lot. In the writing world, or in any discipline there will always be haters. They never die, but they don’t prevail either. I’ll definitely be visiting your blog on a frequent basis. I hope you enjoy the novel. Leave me a review when you finish it, and let your friends know if you like it. If you dislike the novel I’m always open to any form of criticism.


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