Head Shots

The media has been trying to give me head shots

trying to fill my mind with delusional pot

they would be happy seeing me rot

too bad I rise above because this is what I was taught

assassinating my character living in fear

been higher than the staircase on the next stair

philosophy, no lobotomy is how I build my lair

caring about everyone even when the rest don’t care

my heart pumps blood, definitely not batteries

stronger than a horse with a million calvaries

2014 has been my year just ask the zodiac

I don’t technically believe in it, along with those corny tracks

the industry doesn’t want my rise to be triumphant

I know it will be because I made a covenant

don’t let these fools try to enter your mind

once they do, they will start controlling the time

I never let them so all I do is shine

lesson and a blessing synthesized in my rhymes


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