Real Friends

They know you and can prove it

not like these fuck boys who shake your hand, and act foolish

knowing your thoughts without speaking

a form of telepathy is what I’m preaching

moments are cherished before they perish

not windy and gusting through you like an air vent

real friends will always stand tall

being close to try and catch you when you fall

missions will always be brought to the table

snakes live under a deluded sky causing a fable

illusions are always pushed to their favor

thinking they are supreme and ultimate like a light saber

pinpointing the schemes while exposing your drams

my mind resides above a whole new regime

envisioning visions of the book before it’s read

snakes have one covenant – the passion for greed

real friends would never mislead

they will never bark like dogs or leave you to grieve

The False Reality Of Martin will teach you who is real, and who isn’t. Be patient, and stay tuned for the major retailer links.


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