Who Am I?

authenticity, never reducing your liberty

reading this will make you feel a loss of virginity

demonstrating skills and talent acquired from my memories memory

drowning you with knowledge is my destined affinity

unstoppable nature is what was given to me

using my gift to present the truest divinity

politicians play fear to straddle the line

another cheap trick invented and refined

generation y was the name given to my birth era

spending x amounts of years looking in the mirror

thinking there’s nothing clearer,

but really your ass is backwards, that’s why you continue to live in terror

an aneurism just entered your mind

what I recite is scary, and thought out before my time

rehearsals are for fakers, not the real

left you like bad meat – redder than veal

these kids are in the state of shock saying yes, yes

taught by the education systems devil marked on the back of their neck

shaking it off like Mariah Carey is the test

if not, everything will be demolished leaving nothing left

plantations are an irreversible part of our history

mentally prepared predicting the future that is rough and blistery

walking you into the first step of my brain

what lies ahead is beyond exciting, nothing mundane

The False Reality Of Martin is nothing to sleep on or take lightly. Walk into my world and realize the illusions being placed on our dinner tables. The socially redeeming value and life lessons will change your life irrevocably.

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-false-reality-of-martin-kyle-bell/1118931415?ean=2940045768313

iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/book/the-false-reality-of-martin/id840897588?mt=11


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