Springtime is on its way to being sprung

not too hot in temperature or too strong like rum

the snow melts slowly from the ground

soil is now being seen minusing all the frowns

seasons change every year during different times

always appointed during a solstice period, just read these rhymes

this is certain individuals favorite season

not mine, and I could give you an infinite amount of reasons

I appreciate all seasons because it’s a gift from our maker

some don’t appreciate, and when they look in the mirror they think they see nothing greater

remember that the mirror never lies unless you choose to refuse it

when winter begins nobody appreciates it like being stuck in a square that’s congruent

cinematic horizons are memorable for the sheer purpose of spring

I’m a living legend like Tyson, Mayweather, and Silva who laid their tracks down in the ring

The False Reality Of Martin is evidence to my acclaimed entitlement

the next novel and the 3rd will be my rise to the top as I’m left without a dent  


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