Knowledge Itself

Nobody wants to talk about anything that will benefit the young minds

if they did, it would be like a convicted felon because they would be seeing dumb time

young lies manifest and grow old to leave us tongue tied

I was already here, gone, and away like a ghost – you could call me sublime

everything in this world needs to be constantly watered down

that’s why you never see that little girl happy – she has to walk around with a frown

they want to leave us speechless with no real sounds

better yet, they would be happier if we were left for dead to drown

I’m not saying that everything has to be as real as me

we need to have a balance like that TV show we call Glee

sometimes what I write is on a different degree

that’s why I only show you what’s on the back of my mind, and leave you at the start of the course like a golfer with a tee

many people want to hate and argue now to follow suit

never have they opened a book or studied their roots

when they throw out a belief they never provide any proof

their utterances and speech is tainted so badly they don’t even know their uncouth

this writing and poetic flare is too easy for my being

if you want to speak politics then you need to come at me with a whole different regime

certain topics I presented could be called saccharine

but really I ain’t thinking about that – I’m just thinking if you cross me I’ll cut out your spleen

I just showed you a sneak peak of what I possess, and it’s knowledge itself

always incognito while never writing to gain wealth

my presence and accolades always remain stealth

I’m not the oblivious ignorant kid off the Simpsons known as Ralph

The False Reality Of Martin:

The False Reality Of Martin: (Kindle, PDF, etc)

The False Reality Of Martin:




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