Brushes With Death

I’ve had many brushes with death in this life you should call me the painter

I’m honestly surprised I’ve made it this far without meeting my maker

hitting on the judges daughter is a path to your judgement day

I ain’t talkin’ about the one that god gives to every soul – I’m talking about a real lesson learned, so I’m here to stay

won’t know until I die if I’ll make it to the glorious afterlife

what I do know, is when I die I’ll be sitting down with god to kick it and talk about my pain, pleasures, and strife

had men and women both try to come at me with all kinds of weapons

it’s just a shame they didn’t know who they were testing

credibility on the streets for me has never been a big thing

but my vitality painted a reality that turned platinum, I choose to only rock the biggest rings

killers took my side from day one, and were willing to kill for me

a real man does his own work pleasantly and sinfully

not saying that I ever took a life

but backing me down in that situation will cause you to float above me as I steal your wife

trust me when I say I’m a lover and not a fighter

never think I would back down from a fight just because I’m one of the worlds best writers

never been your typical residual criminally induced chemical

splitting your blood cells from red to white to leave you cynical

writing a whole novel about my near death experiences would be easy

I decided to rewrite in a new way with a twist to the south like Young Jeezy

poetry in motion isn’t anything to struggle with on this side

if it was then quite frankly I’d be living the truest lie

sometimes my blog will scare you

however, this isn’t real writing, it only directs you to steer fools

real writing can be found in my novel The False Reality Of Martin

the ones who decide to sleep on it are too busy wasting their days farting

time to end this short poem with a real homicide

I’m tired of seeing you fake ass boys putting out 45 minute albums calling it bona fide

The Dark Knight Ascends His Horse is the poetry collection of the year. Go pre-order it now:

The Dark Knight Ascends His Horse is the poetry collection of the year. Go pre-order it now:




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