Pimpin’ Was Never Easy

For those who want to front and say pimpin’ is easy

they live a life far off from reality like the tv

my humble opinion is they are the definition of sleazy

I knew a girl named Kim who tried to live a life that was destined to win

she grew up in the schoolyard not having many friends

soaking her sorrows under a warm bottle of gin

as soon as the first man approached her

he sold her body parts, and thought he was giving her the last shot to win the championship like Steve Kerr

the money didn’t come in on time, so he beat her down out in the cold on a winter night as he ripped her coat off the flesh and bones that kept her body warm with the fur

Kim was now stuck in a brutal situation, not knowing which way she could turn

she felt like this was her last meeting with life while everything seemed adjourned

this is just a tale of one woman’s life that is the true definition of you live and you learn

the police pulled up and interrogated the scenario like a broken stereo, not hearing what she had to say

little did they know that she lived the life off blood money trying to get a lay

it was hard for her to picture a better day

she was entrapped under a grip

lived her life under the biggest risk

now, can you honestly picture this?

makeup running down her face as the cops threw her in the police car

independence, liberty, and a normal life was now distanced too far

she was just another number thrown away in a hermetic jar

what do you think happened to the man on the other side of the story

he kept repeating the same process going by the name of Corey

the life path he chose was his definition of morning glory

if you were to ask my opinion, he better not meet me because I’ll leave him feeling sorry

make his life a living purgatory

then bury the hatchet as his soul floated above my mind labelled the conservatory

listen to this story to realize the politicized jargon isn’t so breezy

in actual reality, it will always remain cheesy

I just presented real facts on why pimpin’ was never easy


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