Alphabetical Slaughter (Dedicated To Papoose)


Alpha Assassins Are Always Alert As Aerodynamically Apprehensive Airplanes Angiogenesis Acts Abrasively Abusing Attitudes Aiding Accolades Airing Automated Annoyances Awesomely


Bell Been Banging Bodies Before Birth By Bashing Business Blissfully Blinking Bashfully Bubbling Bodacious Babes Bottling Beds Beyond Belief Briskly Bounding Bodegas Blaming Bitches Bouncing Beasts Blatantly Bringing Beautiful Bonds Building Bearable Babies


Criminals Can’t Coexist Cohesively Cuz Cops Crack Chemically Concerting Concerns Candidly Credibility Contacts Cringes Calling Conniving Creatures Courageously Clinging Cold Cash


Dead Dogs Don’t Deceive Danger Dopeheads Dodge Demeanours Delicately Diving Deeper Digging Dirt Dampening Degenerates Decisively Dealing Deceitful Demands Diligently


Energetic Enigmatic Entity Enveloping Environment Effortlessly Easily Enormous Epistemic Evocative Ecology Every Economist Envies Endeavours Emancipated Eerily Equivocal Erogenous Energy


Fuckery Fools Fakes Filed Facetiously Forwarding Figures Fictitiously Forming Failed Facts For Founding Fathers Farming Forbidden Fruit Fiercely Feeling Free


Government Gives Ghettos Genocides Graciously Getting Gwap Grabbing Gentlemen Gossiping Gaps Growing Greed Gets Graphs Going Gorgeously Groping Gems Gradually


Havoc Has Hills Hanging Hopelessly Hitting Hammers Holds Hypocrisy Heavily Hauling Hate Having History Hermetic Happening Horrifically Hoarding Holes Heeding His Hoax


Illmatic Intriguing Individual Isolating Interests Integrating Icy Institutions Illuminating Issues Idioms Is Information I Indulged Indispensable Independence Interview Ionic Input


Jueveniles Jeux Justify Jubilant Juries Judiciously Jamming Johnny Jumping Joints Joining Jackasses Jokingly Jeopardizing Jealously Jails Jack Jeans Jingling Jaded Jargon


Kyle Kicks Keen Knowledge Killing Klu Klux Klans Keelhauling Keepers


Loving Logically Living Lavishly Levering Large Loads Leaking Locks Leaving Lotus Eaters Lapped Lush Lives Lead Losses Linking Longitudes Leaving Lookers Lost


Muhammad Made Me Miraculously Measurable Moving Molecular Modes Ministering Majorities Minorities Murder Most Men Majestically Messing More Masses Mastering Malicious Mishaps


Negotiating Nights Never Nesting Napping Nor Nestling Notions Need Needles Naked Necessities Nauseate Nicotine Notes Nailing Nameless Naive Narcissistic Nobodies


Overcoming Obscenities Obtaining Overlord Opulent Occupancy Of Ontological Oneness Only Organic Organs Opening Oppositions Ostensible Oasis Octaves Outing Opponents Ounces


Papoose Produces Predicates Paragraphs Proposing Phenomenal Propositions Placing Philosophical Precision Powering Pilgrims Pushing Pounds Pleasantly Positing Penmanship Pouring Philological Platforms Perishing Peoples Presence Politely Please Park Protoplasm Properly


Quaking Quotients Quizzically Quoting Quacks Quality Questioning Quests Qualified Quantities


Revenue Runs Recidivists Rapidly Reproducing Rancour Resisting Roars Recollected Rage Ruins Rituals Realism Respects Roots Routed Relevantly Rushing Rates Realize Reprimand Recklessly Ruling Rent Relentlessly Resting Ranking Reconciled Racists


Scotian Skills Sequentially Scribble Superior Sounds So Structured Setting Secret Schematics Scouring Stages Strategically Spacing Spots Selling Songs Soulfully Starting Schemes Stellar Supposing Solar System Stars Storing Stoicism Still Steadily


Triggers Take Totals Tenaciously Tilting Time To Trouble Thresholds Turned Terribly Telling Tomb Tales Trapping Thugs Therefore Tarnishing The Truest Truth


Underlying Unequivocal Unified Underdog Using Unobtainable Unique Utterances Underrated Undiscovered Ubiquitous Ultradian Ultrasonic Umbilically Umpteen Unaltered Unanalyzable Unabated Ultimacy


Violent Vigilantisms Vow Vengeance Vividly Voting Viciously Verifying Vapid Vicinities Vocational Vacations Vent Very Vandalized Visions Valuing Vast Vindictive Victories


War Was Watchful Whisking Waking Whims Without Worrying Wildly Wasting White Wine Whisky Weed Willingly Wandering Woes While Wearing Wilted Wishes


X-acto Knives X Chromosome X Men X Height X Rays X-Radiation Xenology Xenotransplant Xylem


Ying Yang Yields Your Youthfulness Yeast Yells Yo-Yo Yamming Yelping You Yankee Years Yellowback Young Yeezus Yo’s Yet Yearn Yesmen


Zodiac Zips Zaps Zeal Zest Zaftig Zoologist Zulu-Tribe Zimbabwe Zoe-Pound Zillionaire

Welcome to Alphabetical Slaughter (Dedicated 2 Papoose)



Q1: How long did it take you to produce this scripture?

A1: I mentally prepared for two days, and it took me a little under two days to write it. I’m the 3rd person to do it, and the best next to the creator himself known as Papoose.

Q2: Did you use the Dictionary for references?

A2: I only used the dictionary for the x section of the onslaught. I wrote most of this at work and I fine-tuned the rest at home.

Q3: Will you do Z-A?

A3: I definitely will start writing Z-A very soon. I’m just mentally preparing myself for it now. I won’t publish it anywhere unless I get the go ahead from Papoose because he only challenged anyone to do A-Z, and not Z-A. Z-A will be a level higher than A-Z, and there won’t be any reduplication of words from A-Z.

Big shout out to the king of New York, and the best lyricist alive – Papoose. He inspires many, and paved the way for me to produce this scripture. The entire nation of Thugacation is a legacy, movement, and dynasty that won’t die. Long live Thugacation!

The False Reality Of Martin:

The False Reality Of Martin: (Kindle Edition, PDF)

The False Reality Of Martin:



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